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For the third year in a row, we’re celebrating the Ladies of our favorite Shonen!

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As we kick off the fest, make sure you’re in the know with games, works, contests and all that goodness by following @cdzladiesfest and be sure to track/use the following tags!

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If you prefer to use another language for your posts, check out the following tags-some of them have been updated from last year!

#sin máscaras
#amazonas de saint seiya

#levons les masques
#chevalières du zodiaque

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#festival das garotas de saint seiya

#via le maschere
#festival delle donne in saint seiya

Feel free to begin posting your art, fics, headcanons, whatever you like about the Ladies! We’ll be posting the 30 day challenge and the daily prompts from last year for you to get some inspiration!

In case you’re interested/looking for discussion topics for this week, we’ve unofficially given it the theme of Canon Week!

This week, feel free to talk about the canon ladies of Saint Seiya! What you liked, don’t like, what you wish would have happened to them, etc.

If you’d like to partake in the fanart, graphics or brand new aesthetic contests,check out the link here to learn the themes! We’ll be posting soon regarding prizes for the fest along with how to submit your pieces and vote! Just be sure if you’re contributing to a contest (1 contest per person please!), you have your work ready to submit by 23/6! 

We’ll be reblogging posts from previous fests as well as keep an eye out for what you post/discuss, so we look forward to seeing what you’ve got!

anonymous asked:

mask de masque and ron delite (are they considered two people?? fuck it im considering them two people)

i can’t punch mask de masque bc i don’t know who he is??? ????????? a mystery??????????? nobody knows this?????????????? wen wil gonvmt tel us trut

but ron delite who is a separate person!! DON’T PUNCH HIIIIIIIIIIIMM!! unless, of course, you wanted to in which case i couldn’t st