mask by aqua timez

I don’t need a time machine. I only need to treasure my present time.
But, but, unable to let go of my regrets,
I became alone while trying to find someone else, became pieces while trying to become whole.
Yes, that’s right,
I hope I can make it in time within my lifetime.

Even if there are no pretty names for the thoughts you gave me,
those thoughts will still dance nimbly in the sky of memories.

“I want you to live without any dark cloud, so don’t hate this temporary rain.”
“I want you to live without having to lie; loneliness is nothing to fret about.”

You found and embraced the loneliness within me when I had lost my way,
and told me that it would be fine for me to cry now.
I trained myself to hold in my tears no matter how sad I might feel.
But for all this time, I have always wanted to cry.

I have always wanted to smile freely, without having to put a mask over my heart.

—  Mask by Aqua Timez (English Translation)