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So I was reading angsty fanfic last night and that got me wondering, what would've happened if Reiji had let Yui die instead of saving her like he promised Reina he would and Karlheinz's punishment for letting Yui die had been forcing Reina and Shuu to get married? How would that affected all of them as people? I'm really curious what you think they would've done in that situation.

Ok, first of all, *screams* because no one has talked to me about Masks in like years. Second of all, this is a great fucking question for a bunch of reasons. It totally fucks up all the dynamics and I absolutely love it. It also becomes super interesting when you consider Pyres of Arcadia cuz that’d end up all fucked up too, but especially so with Champagne and Chicanery, which naturally ties in even though we haven’t gotten to these particular parts there yet. Anyway. This answer is gonna be long and maybe I put too much thought into this alternate ending so I apologize in advance lol.

So the first reason this is so awesome is because after Reina “dies” then Reiji goes and grabs the sword but instead of slicing his own arm he’d just stab it right through her heart. Which is obviously awesome like fuck yeah, go Reiji take your revenge! Naturally, everything happens rather quickly after that. Shu would have like war flashbacks since now he’s lost two people who are close to him and he couldn’t do anything, Reina will wake up and Ayato will be freaking out and the moment Reiji sees her awake he’s like caught between elation and dread. 

Cuz he fucked up and he knows it. 

But then best of all Daddy shows up, clicking his tongue and being all condescending af. I will say this though despite everything Karlheinz has a bit of a soft spot for Reina. Daughter he never had or whatnot. Plus she’s his best friend’s (arguably only friend’s) kid. And he’s nothing if not a gentleman. So he’d help her up, probably, push Ayato away and help her stand. Reiji standing frozen, still holding onto the sword that’s leaking Yui’s blood and Shu curled up in a corner somewhere having a mini meltdown. 

Still though, this fucks up Karlheinz’s plans. And he ain’t happy about that. Plus Shu is all broken right now so he’s essentially useless. Everything from this point on would basically be driven by Karlheinz, since everyone else is sorta too shell-shocked to do anything else. We all know whatever Karlheinz says goes but that’s especially true for Reina since she feels so indebted to him and all of that. Plus her sense of duty is like wayyyy high. And as much as Karlheinz likes her, she really doesn’t have anything special about her, other than she comes from a strong bloodline. 

At this point I think Yui’s body would be too far gone to be resurrected in any way. But demon hearts are sort of resilient. So. Reina gets herself a new heart. 

“You mother will get her wish after all, my dear.” 

Ok so this is where it gets sort of interesting because after that then like everyone will just be beyond detached. Like Reina will have essentially lost herself because she’s not even really a vampire anymore, since she’ll have this new demon blood flowing through her. Shu will be as distant as ever, if not more, despite the fact that now they’re still supposed to get married according to Karlheinz. Reiji can’t get his head out of his own ass–really just a mess. I don’t think his relationship with Reina would really be a possibility given the time frames of everything. So he’d just be beyond a broken man. Which is super depressing. And they’d just all be…yeah. 

The Tsukinamis would probably never show up and if they did that means they’d kidnap Reina instead. Which is super trippy because she’d actually have demon blood so Carla would have been cured right away. Idk how that’d work out. Karlheinz maybe would step in again. 

Also with this timeline, Karlheinz never dies. Like that’s insane. Not by Shu’s hand, anyway. Ayato might do it. Or maybe he finally convinces Reina to run away with him, I’m not sure. That’d be kind of fun. But I feel like Karlheinz would always find her. And like he’s super into the whole “continuing the race” or whatever right? So I feel like if Shu didn’t give her a child then he’d just do it himself. 

She’d finally be a Queen. Henrietta’s actions (which we haven’t gotten to) would finally have come full circle. But I really don’t think that’s what was in anyone’s best interest. 

I think though (since I love happy endings) given enough development and all, Reiji could be the knight in shining armor again. He’s got a strong sense of duty just like Reina so I feel like he’d definitely want to atone for what he did, after coming to terms with it, and after seeing how absolutely fucking depressed and broken Reina is. So with the strength that comes from rage, devotion and a one-sided love, Reiji would kill Karlheinz, become King, take Reina as his wife and keep the child since if he got rid of it Reina might just kill herself. So he accepts his half-brother/son and he and Reina rule the demon world together. 

Sort of fucked up but hey–that’s DL for you~

Things I learned from Sailor Moon

• Always be a loyal friend

• Love will always trump over evil

• Boys are usually evil beings that will break your heart but some boys are really cool and come with roses.

• Nothing should come in the way of friendship.

• Always help empower other women

• Be yourself and people will love you: even if you’re clumsy and cry a lot