OoT/MM Link Headcanons

Ok, so a little while ago, some anon sent me this:

And they didn’t specify which Link SO! I’m going to do a mini-series of analysis-like posts, as suggested by doodlebonez UuU (I will not be doing every Link, only a few of them)

So without further ado, first up is Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask Link!!

In regards to talking:

- He doesn’t talk often, only really to Saria and the Great Deku Tree (though not anymore after the tree died and Saria became a Sage) and then to Navi as well
- Speaks quietly because the idea of saying understandable words loudly makes him feel uncomfortable (shouting when he fights does not weird him out though, and it helps him concentrate better)
- After becoming older, he talked even less because his voice was so much deeper and freaked him out quite a bit. He’d still talk to Navi, but usually only in whispers because he could pretend his voice was higher pitched
- When he became a kid again after being sent back for good, his voice freaked him out again and he didn’t know what he was supposed to sound like so he talked even less - especially with the fact that Navi wasn’t around anymore
- In Majora’s Mask, talking was a bit easier because he could pretend that when he was wearing the masks, he wasn’t really himself (and everyone reacting as though he was different people helped reinforce that) His voices fit the image he was giving off, so he just disconnects his mind from whichever body he is being, and it makes it easier
- He’ll talk to Epona, because she’ll never judge him and he relies a lot on her after Navi is gone
-Never talks more than necessary, and some days he can’t bring himself to talk at all

In regards to physical appearance:

- Has freckles, gaining more while on his travels (during his 7 year sleep, they mostly faded away but returned when he continued on his quest)
- Lets his hair grow out because cutting it would be too much of a bother. Plus, he can just put it in a ponytail and stick it in his hat
- Doesn’t really ever brush his hair, and doesn’t wash it often either
- Never really loses the “baby face” though he does get progressively more tired looking as time passes

In regards to other things:

- Doesn’t know how to read or write much past the bare minimum (he can read signs, gravestones, simple books and stuff like that - nothing too complicated)
- Riding on Epona, or even just being near her calms him down because he feels like she’s his only true friend left
- Music also calms him down, but he usually only plays his Ocarina when he’s alone
- Tries to give himself positive affirmation and encouragement (and it works part of the time)
- Is loyal to and trusts Zelda, but is not extremely close with her
-Goes off wandering for a few years after the events of Majora’s Mask, still under the pretense of finding Navi but really he knows he’s probably never going to see her again
- Feels disconnected quite a bit of the time and tends to tug at his ears or hair, or pinch/scratch at himself to feel real again
- Doesn’t really know what to do in any social situation
- Has body dysphoria due to changing forms so often, and gets confused about how he’s supposed to look sometimes. Will occasionally wake up believing himself to be taller/shorter than how he actually is and it disorients him
- Has a habit of watching the moon (even though he knows nothing is going to happen)
- Having to grow up again (the proper way) leaves him feeling restless and irritated a lot, and he shuts out everybody except maybe Zelda (he trusts her completely)
- Finds it hard to smile genuinely, but does still get satisfaction from helping people. It helps him feel like he still has purpose
- Doesn’t really take care of himself that well though
- He’s aromantic 

This isn’t everything I’ve ever thought about him but this has gotten pretty long anyway (sorry if it’s a little scattered haha)

But yeah! Here’s some of my OoT/MM Link headcanons ;u;