masjid al kufa


Masjid Al Sahla; Kufa, Iraq.


This mosque is revered for the following reasons from narrations according to Twelver Shī‘ah belief:

  • This mosque is where the twelfth Imām, Muhammad al-Māhdi, will reside upon his return.
  • This mosque served as a home for the Prophets: Abraham (Ibrāhīm), Enoch (Idrīs), and Khidr.
  • Every Prophet is said to have established prayers within this mosque.
  • Establishing 2 units of prayers in this mosque can grant a person safety and protection for an entire year.
  • The trumpet announcing the Day of Judgement will be blown from this mosque.
  • Seventy thousand people will be resurrected here according to narrations, and enter paradise without questioning.
  • The first Shī‘ah Imām, ‘Alī ibn Abī Tālib has also stated that, “No anguished person goes to this mosque, prays in it, and supplicates to God, without God relieving him of his grief and granting him his request.”