The Chinese Art of the Crowd

After viewing news photographs from China for years, one of my favorite visual themes is “large crowd formations.”  Whether the subject is military parades or world-record attempts, mass exercises or enormous performances, the images are frequently remarkable. The masses of people can look beautiful or intimidating, projecting a sense of strength and abundance. Individuals can become pixels in a huge painting, or points on a grid, or echoes of each other in identical uniforms or costumes. I’ve gathered some of these images below, taken around China over the past several years. (Note: A few of these images can create a dizzying effect when viewed while scrolling, which is fun, but could be surprising.)

If Alain get's arrested together with team Flare would that mean Ash could still become champion after all?

I mean the Pokemon League competition is a qualification for challenging the elite 4 and then challenging the Champion, so what would happen if the qualified person get’s involved in illegal activities? Would they simply be disqualified and it would be waited until next year for someone else to get the chance? Or would the qualification fall onto the second place winner? I just think it’s suspicious how the first time Ash get’s into the final his opponent is involved with the criminal organization of the region, combined that with the masive amount of forshadowing of Ash actually becoming the champ this time around? It just seems a bit too much like a coincidence.

#JeudiNostalgie: voilà un sketch assez vieux d'Oliver et Jennifer, fait en 2007 (pas longtemps après que Jennifer subisse un gros redesign, et que j'aie décidé que les persos principaux portaient l'uniforme à l'école). Je l'ai refait en 2016 pour la page titre (pas la couverture) de l'album. Je trouve la comparaison intéressante.
Aussi, wooow, 9 ans déjà…

#ThrowbackThursday: here’s a very early sketch of Oliver and Jennifer, done in 2007 (not long after Jennifer had gotten a masive design overhaul, and that I decided that main characters would wear school uniforms). I redid it in 2016 for the title page (i.e.: not the cover) of the printed album. I thought it’d be interesting to compare them.
Also, maaan, 9 years already…

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hey, i was checking all those bts blogs out, from your post..i hope you know what post i mean? anyway, i think that "unspokenhope" is a masive yoongi stan and not a hobi one. but i'm sure she loves hobi too.^^ i thought i should let you know😊

yeah i based it off on their urls only so i’ve made many mistakes on there my bad 😅