my future apartment will be messy. it will have unfinished sketches and film camera photos, and pressed flowers and train tickets all over the walls. each cup, each spoon will look different, each will have it’s own story. there will be potted plants all over the place, i will grow lemongrass and thyme myself. the windows will be huge and opened most of the time, there will be tiny drops of paint everywhere. i will have loads of pillows and masive knitted blankets laying around, just in case. i will have a huge bookshelf and big white candles, and a record player, and i will listen to old songs, sing and dance along. i will bake banana bread and poppyseed buns and give them to my neighbors. i will have a big, warm dog to cuddle up to when i begin to feel lonely. the air will smell like rain, honey, books and jasmine tea


..osztálytárssal ne járj
..idősebb fiúval/lánnyal ne járj
..fiatalabbal se
..távkapcsolatban se legyél az se jó ha minden nap találkoztok járj túl menő masival/lánnyal mert az másoknak is kell a barátnőd/barátod volt barátjával/csajával se jár az exed legjobb barátjával se
..a szomszéddal se
..tesód haverjával se.

I come from a long line of hitchhikers, all with bleedin’ masive thumbs. You see the thumb its a tremendous boom to the hitchhiker, helps with work. Ya know what I mean? Only problem was, when I was a nipper, my thumb was tiny. Not just tiny like a single sugar puff, Disgusting! Even my own mother would reel back in horror, like an anaconda, ‘Aagh! What is it!? Get it out of here! It’s tiny! It’s horrible, it’s revolting! Take your tiny thumb and get out of here and never darken my door again!’ she’d say. I had to leave the family unit, in search of a miracle.

Late with my Boosh Art Club submission again. I started this thing weeks ago, then it became a bit controversial, after the recent events, drawing a boy who, after being rejected by a woman, turned into a mass rapist and murderer…

I love you -Raph

Your leg’s felt like lead as you dragged your way through the apartment. Between Raphael’s heat and your insane work schedule you were fatigued to say the least.  Your forehead resting on the refrigerator while you contemplated dinner. The smell of pizza wafting through your apartment.

“Raphael?” You inquired as you contemplated whether or not you could physically handle another round of mating heat pounding.

Straightening your shoulder’s you walked the small gap to your living room. Raphael standing awkwardly with your pajama’s in hand, a pizza to his right.

“Raph? What’s going on babe?” You asked walking towards the large turtle. Finger’s resting on his masive bicep’s as your brows furrowed. His hand setting down the pizza on your speaker.

“I uh, I realized after the mating haze. Well I sort of *ahem* ignored your needs. Soooo.” His hands hitting his side while he said everything. Fingers coming up to remove your jacket. His lips working together in focus. Sure you had made love but love in service was different. He just didn’t want to fuck it up.

When he moved to unbutton your blouse he blushed. Usually he would pop them off or just thrust your top up. In the haze of his mating frenzy he had forgotten his love for you.  The love in your eye’s he never imagined would exist, swell of your breast when you inhaled deeply, or the tender swell in his chest when you touched him gently. Your action’s making him feel like the man he wanted to be rather than the monster the rest of the world thought him to be.

When you were standing in your jean’s and bra he blushed. His head turning slightly away, mouth trying to catch up with his thoughts.

“You’re beautiful.” He finally said staring you in the eye’s. When you went to hug him, he lifted you tenderly laying you on the couch. His thumb’s working the front button’s of your jean’s down.

“Raphael, I love you.” Lightly pecking his lips while he removed your panties replacing them with your fuzzy Captain America shorts. His thumb rubbing over your extended stomach. Your 3 moth bump just starting to show.

He grabbed a slice of pizza onto a paper plate putting it in your lap. Then sitting down he placed your feet in his lap, rubbing the soles of your feet in slow motion.

Raph watched you enjoy your pizza. After two slices accompanied by a 15 minute foot massage your eye’s began to close.

“Raph….” You mustered out before your eye’s closed for the next 8 hours. Raph cradled your sleeping form staring down at you.

He never thought anyone would love him. Now here he was with a beautiful woman in a 2 year relationship. A child on the way that he still couldn’t believe was real. His life was perfect.

“I love you so much. Someday we’ll be married.” Raph said to your prone form his lips grazing your temple.