Takeaways from Rockford Icehogs vs. Chicago Wolves (4.9.17)
1. I love the baby hawks
2. Mash is a BIG BOY
3. Latts is also a very big, thiccc boy
4. Latts deserves to be called up
5. The Auston Matthews love is world wide
6. The Wolves pregame is EXTRA AS HELL and they set off so many fireworks that there was smoke in the air for the whole game (smart move, ya’ll)
7. Tyler Motte’s eyelashes are so long you can see them from across the rink (also he has a little flow rn and I dig it)
8. The Wolves roster was extremely attractive, I felt attacked.

i dont think that us hockey fans appreciate action shots enough

i mean, they’re a blessing in disguise, and there’s always someone making a really dumb face 


(okay, this isnt an action shot, but still…) 

artemi bread

psycho artemi bread


mutt barking at god only knows who??

kaner doin’ his thang

trevor daley 

tiki holding his breath

a very angry desi

brandon mashinter freaking out

tazer mid-punch

a very happy desi

brandon mashinter mid-fight

seabs doing….idek

more seabs

what even, jonny…?

kaner mid-celly

shawzy and his flow

and if all else fails, there’s always q

and guy who i dont know but is wearing a suit so he’s probably important

and the fans….

Back Row: Tahnee Mashinter, Dayna Seabrook, Mandy Desjardins, Ashley Hinton, and Martha Buckley 

Front Row: Elina Hjalmarsson, Kristy Muscolino, Annie Shields, Hannah Callenbo, Lindsey Vecchione, and Malin Molander 

Tonight @krissyfolk and I went to the Hawks game and were on the glass right next to the Hawks bench during warm ups. There was maybe a little 5 year old girl (wearing the cutest bedazzled Kane jersey) and her maybe 2 year old brother that we let in front of us. Patrick saw the little girl and his face lit up. He skated in front of us and tapped the glass at her then a few minutes later skated over and motioned to Kristin and I that he wanted to get her the puck. After a back and forth pointing and facial expressions conversation through the glass he tried to toss us the puck to give to her. Then Mashinter hit into Kane and knocked the puck away, he skated over to get another and right back to us. It went wide to the girl next to us who also had seen the exchange and passed it on over to the little girl and she was so happy. It was so cute to see him try so hard to make sure it got into her hands. A few minutes after Rasmussen did the same but for the little boy. It was adorable and made me so glad to be not only a Hawks fan but a Patrick Kane fan. Also side note the little boys name was Bickell so there’s that…

Didn’t see this here…

Nikola Kochanova’s bachlorette party:

Back Row: Elina Hjalmarsson, Ashley Hinton, Jana Hossa, Alexandra Stewart, Malin Molander, Amanda Grahovec, Tahnee Mashinter, Ksenia Anisimova, and Dayna Seabrook 

Middle Row: Martha Buckley, Hannah Callenbo, Mandy Desjardins, Annie Shields, and Jana Rozsival

Bottom Row: Nikola Kochanova, Chaunette Boulerice, Kristy Muscolino, and Lindsey Vecchione 


2015-16 Goals Game 60/82 (vs Toronto Maple Leafs)

Goal 1: Mashinter
Goal 2: Shaw (Powerplay)
Goal 3: Seabrook (Powerplay)
Goal 4: Panarin (Powerplay)
Goal 5: Kane
Goal 6: Teravainen (Powerplay)
Goal 7: Svedberg
Bonus Gif: Darling’s AMAZING save on Spaling