mashed red potatoes

Meal Planning Week of 8-6-17

It has been far, far too long since I’ve done a proper ingredient-to-plate meal prep. Many of the convenience items I buy aren’t complete Satan, but there’s just so much more enthusiasm about my food when I created it!  

Items purchased during this trip are bolded.


This is an experiment long coming, but I’ve finally bought some coconut flour and I’m going to make coconut bread and just spread some peanut butter on top. I find fat in the morning very satisfying but an influx of AM carbohydrates seems to not satisfy me (the opposite even), so I’m making the coconut bread to provide me my favorite vehicle for the peanut butter. I’ll be curious to see how long it keeps me full! At home, I already have flax meal (to make the egg), baking powder, grape seed oil, and salt.


The soup I’m making is a twist on a classic. I love tomato bisque but wasn’t really feeling like Italian flavors this week. I really liked the idea of putting some fruit into this and thought cherries would be a natural pairing. So. Cherry Tomato Bisque. Literally cherries and cherry tomatoes. I already have crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, olive oil, salt, black pepper, paprika, and I’m going to use some pomegranate molasses instead of sugar to balance the acidity. Yes. I’m getting pretty fancy here! 

I picked up carrotsoniongarlicvegetable stock, and coconut milk. I’m; once again, making tofu salad as my protein. It’s going to be a bit repetitive at lunch here until I collect some pantry items for some other experimentations I’m cooking up in my head. You don’t need to hear about this one again, pfft.


OK. Time to start working through the backlog of ground turkey in my freezer. This probably doesn’t have a “name” but it’s pretty much a spiced turkey. It’s not picadillo, but it’s in that vein. It’s going to share the carrots, onion, and garlic the soup is using. Then I picked up bell peppers, chilies, spinach, lemons, and diced tomatoes. From the pantry, I’m going to use olive oil, salt, black pepper, cumin, ground coriander, cardamom, clove, and nutmeg. All you really do is sort of stir fry that. I’m going to serve that with mashed potatoes. Picked up red potatoes. I’ll borrow a little of that coconut milk to get the richness right and finish it off with salt, pepper, and some olive oil. I have almond milk if it needs more liquid. I like to keep it simple!


Peaches, bananas, hard boiled eggs, and protein shakes (almond milk).

After coupons, bottle returns and sales this cart came out to $64.82. Not my best job, but there are a couple pantry items I had to pick up so it will even out soon.

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Bellatrix & Harry

Brainwashing is, under present circumstances, rather simple.

Isolate the victim. Expose them to inconsistent messages. Mix with sleep deprivation. Add some form of abuse. Get the person to doubt what they know and feel. Keep them on their toes.

Bellatrix has heard it a dozen times in military school. 

But instead of pain or metallic torture instruments, Harry Potter enters the room with a plate full of mashed potatoes and red cabbage that smells like her mother’s favorite dish and the vegetables her grandfather used to grow in his garden. She looks at the food with wary eyes.

“You need to eat,“ Harry says, long body drawn to full height when he loosens the handcuff on her left wrist so she can grab the spoon he had brought with him. He sits down across from her. He doesn’t say another word. She wishes he would.

So I was tinkering around in the kitchen and made these amaaazing mashed potatoes, I’m obsessed! 400 grams steamed Yukon gold and red potatoes mashed with garlic powder, ½ cup almond milk, 1 tbsp oil free hummus, ½ avocado, basil, oregano, 1 tbsp nutritional yeast, and frozen peas! So creamy and yummy

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Siblings War

I have a lot of experience with this one, so hopefully this helps out!

• “They touched me!”

• There were piles of pillows and mattresses laid out in the doorways of their respective rooms.

• The scratch marks were visible all the way down their face, but YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE OTHER GUY.

• The arms race consisted of increasingly more complicated arrangements of toys and rubber bands.

• The rule was: when the parents got home, they called a truce.

• “EW, stop spitting in my ear!”

• “No fighting at the table.”

• And so, World War III started at that table in a flurry of mashed potatoes and red spaghetti sauce. 

• A pillow in the face is a lot less fun when you’re not expecting it. 

• It’s all fun and games until someone decides to bring the parents into it.

Please let me know if you need anything else!

Questionnaire Thing (Get to Know Me)

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Discerning a life of chaste celibacy


Roman Purple, because of its associations with Lent and Advent, my favorite seasons of the liturgical year


Chapstick, I suppose, because I’d have more of a reason to use it, but really, I don’t use either


It used to be buffalo wings at the top, but I recently switched to a vegetarian diet, so I’ll have to find something to replace that. The other top two are mashed red potatoes and cubed watermelon


“Background (feat. C-Lite)” by Lecrae. Christian rap. I mean, some people think it’s cheesy, but I like it.


The Darkest Hour, about Winston Churchill’s role in World War II. Not my pick, but I got to see it with a friend, so it was worth it.


Avatar: The Last Airbender (the only one that’s 100% in the top three), The Good Place (lately, at least – I binged the first season in one day last semester), and… Lost? I don’t know. It’s hard to think of TV shows that were good enough to bear rewatching and that aren’t problematic.


"La Force du Silence” by Robert Cardinal Sarah and “Los Ejercicios Espirituales” by St. Ignatius of Loyola (for spiritual reading); 

“Language Diversity: Problem or Resource” by Sandra Lee McKay & Say-ling Cynthia Wong and “Multicultural Theology and New Evangelization” by Fr. Van Nam Kim (for my senior project); 

and “The Changing Face of the Priesthood” by Fr. Donald Cozzens and “The Ethics of Ambiguity” by Simone de Beauvoir (for personal enjoyment)


“Romanae Sedis Antistis Pius V,” an Apostolic Exhortation granting Jesuit missionaries in China in the 16th Century the permission to translate the Roman Missal into Chinese for use by the local clergy — the first time and one of only a handful that such a permission had been given after the Council of Trent. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the original text, only commentaries.


5’11” (Although I like to stand on my tip-toes and pretend it’s an even 6’0”)


10:06PM EST


A classmate reminded me today that during our convocation last month I kept humming and singing “There’s a Girl” by Trent Harmon.


Black slacks and a white tee.




Lately I’ve been thinking that I’d really like to join my rector one of these times he goes home to the Philippines for Christmas. He has a tradition of saying Mass for the people of the Payatas “Smokey Mountain” on Christmas Eve, and I would love to participate in such a noble and humbling act. I firmly believe that being there in person would confirm the power in his stories and change my life for the better.

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That don't help but I got chicken and pork. Ill cook both with some red mashed potatoes and corn and string beans on the side and some garlic bread. That sound alright? And there's some peanut clusters in the fridge if yall want. -bunny

Bonnie: Peanut cluster! Oh my lord, this are my favorite!


Yesterday emptied me out in the best way possible, through purposeful physical activity. I was already fairly well drained from the previous day’s migraine fiasco, and that night’s sleep debacle. By the time I got home from work, I could only think of watching the clock for when I would be able to get into my side sleeping position on my new <strike>boyfriend</strike> mattress and hopefully wake in the same position eight hours later. 

I love working in a restaurant kitchen. I mean, I truly find it satisfying on almost every level (cash flow is a problem, but whatever, I’ll figure that out as I go along). With any job I’ve had there’s always a list of things that has to be accomplished, but with any other job I’ve fallen quickly into a state of boredom and procrastination, leaving things to the very last minute because they became such odious tasks due to the chain of command approval system that allowed idiots to revise my work to the point I wouldn’t want anyone to know it originated with me.

I spent all of my time in a cubicle under fluorescent lights with a constant river of unhappy people flowing into my space to complain because I’m a good listener and reflector. I made such good money doing that work, but at the cost of my self-worth and creative energy. I now realize just how very depressed I became.

Here I haven’t found myself wanting to procrastinate anything, even with the repetitive nature of the tasks. Make two buckets of pico, a bucket of corn salsa, slice open and scoop a case of avocados to make one bucket  of guacamole with enough for the line and portions, a small bucket of pineapple salsa, fajita veggies, fresh jalapeños and cilantro chopped for the line. Prep specials for the week - slice brussels sprouts, cube the roasted winter veggie mix, sauté the coriander onions for the sweet potatoes, peel the skins off of the steaming hot sweets, mash the red skinned potatoes with salt and pepper, portion out both, along with the pinto and black beans. Then it’s sauces and I’m at the VitaMix for a bit - citrus cilantro, habanero, cilantro juice for the rice and other dishes, chipotle mayo, Diane sauce, blended garlic for whatever. In between do dishes, at the end scrub out all of the coolers. 

Every Monday is similar, and I know that once I am in there daily, it will be the same and maybe I will get a little bored, but not in the same way. I love  having this pile of materials to work with, break it down, turn it into something delicious and move on to the next task. The day goes so quickly. We listen to great music, talk about anything and everything, or just work in silence. Run up and down the basement steps with heavy boxes. Suddenly it’s time to clock out, and I can go home and shower the garlic stank off of me. 

Meanwhile, I get to converse about the operations aspects and think about that in terms of opening my cafe. I’m still not 100% sure this is what I want to bite off in likely my 50th year, when most people are thinking about easing out of the work force, but I’m very interested the idea and the lifestyle. We shall see. Meanwhile, I’m learning a lot, and enjoying the process. And sleeping so very deeply on Monday nights.