masha paseka


Had to much time on my hands and decided to make a medal count infographic for Russia at the major international competitions this quad

Team USA



Can we please note the improvement? The fact that she kept working on this vault and even got a new, highly difficult vault (Cheng) while having like a thousand ankle and back injuries is mind blowing. Also she wasn’t even selected to the Euros team in the first place and came here a day before quals to replace Alla so this makes her victory even more important. Congrats, Masha!!!

I honestly can’t get over Russia winning silver!!! I’m so happy!

So happy for Aliya Mustafina, who fought so hard to keep the team together and handle the pressure of being the star of the team this quad!

So happy for Maria Paseka who constantly improved throughout the quad and showed up at the Rio, 4 years later, with a massively improved Amanar and a Cheng!

So happy for Daria Spiridonova, who came out of nowhere, to become European and World champion this quad!

So happy for Seda Tutkhalian, who showed her strength and overcame her inconsistency right at the very most important meet of her career!

So happy for Angelina Melnikova who was simply amazing on her first year as a senior!



So impressed with how much she improved after her bronze in London.Could have settled for that, but she showed up four years latter with a much better amanar and a new, harder second vault. Also, props to her for hitting under pressure!

You go, Bee Farm!