masha and medved

Movies To Watch

Thank you all who responded on my question about what movies you would suggest to watch! Your cooperation is most precious!

Here is what you’ve sugested so far:

Sovietpic: 17 Moments of Spring is a classic, so you can get a good insight into Soviet culture, and since its about WW2 an American would understand a lot of it and pick up on stuff quick.

thepsiioniic: i’ve watched sections of Solaris, and it was both interesting and had some pretty simple dialogue at parts. C:h

rukino: Try to start with Soviet films from the 30s-50s (and a little bit of the 60s). The diction tends to be quite clear and there is enough written about most films of that era online that if you miss something you can find it out easily. Also there tend to be subtitles available. Many such films are on youtube, via the Mosfilm, Lenfilm etc. youtube channels. The language, although not exactly simple, is certainly going to be easier to understand than the naturalistic/slurred (depends on your point of view!) Russian we see in more modern films. I personally enjoy watching short Soviet propaganda films because they tend to be very simple with clear and straightforward ideas. The terms will be familiar to any student of history, even casual ones. My favourite films for learning Russian were Moscow doesn’t believe in tears (Москва слезам не верит) (on youtube with English subs) and The Irony of Fate-May your steam be light (Ирония судьбы - с лёгком паром) I would also suggest The Fall of Berlin (Падение Берлина) But the first Russian language things I watched were cheburashka and nu pagodi! And also Masha i medved’ Маша и медведь! Kids cartoons! :)

hyacinta: День радио was a fun movie. We watched it with our russian teacher once.

social-slutterfly: A favorite of mine is 9th Company. It’s on Netflix. I’ve also found Russian versions of Frozen and Paranorman online. Gotta do a little digging, but they’re all there.

igorisme: I know this is not what you asked, but moved to NYC from St. Petersburg when I was 11 and learned English by watching cartoons with subtitles. Watching the same ones over and over was key. Try “Ну погоди” и “Винни-Пух”, but there are many more.

Victor Svec on Twitter also suggested Баллада о солдате.

Thank you everybody! You were extremely helpful!