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Team russia news from VRod : she says that Mustafina rejected medical treatment in Germany , about her operated knee, which bothers her :( and Paseka will skip next training champ at Round Lake bcz doctors will try to fix her back :/ tass(.)ru/sport/4649936 tass(.)ru/sport/4650047

‘Mustafina will not go to the medical examination in Germany, because she wants to recover faster’ *nervous laughter* Basically Aliya doesn’t want to go to Germany for a planned medical chekup for her knee so she won’t have to miss training hours. The first competition for Aliya should be Russian Nats next spring, while Komova will come back at Voronin in December.

Paseka will miss the next training camp because she is currently seeing several doctors in order to figure out what to do about her back injury. After that they’ll think about where they’ll send her for treatment.

*(Is there anyone else concerned about Paseka’s back injury and her health in the long run? It seems a recurring thing for years now. And at one point last year they said she needed spine surgery, which she did not get after all)

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I mean no offense but the first thought that comes to mind when I think of protector heavy is the big daddies of Bioshock... (it doesnt help that the little sisters often cheer them on to kill you in game when you're fighting them) -_-""" BUT IN ANY CASE I REALLY LOVE YOUR ART AND IDEAS :D they are fantastic and I hope you have a good day ahead!

xD sound interesting my friend, :u sorry if i  ruined bioshock :,u it’s a really good game….

heavy now it’s a big DADDY [choke me daddy okno]


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