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so a post with a bunch of little mix covers was going around, but i wanted to post this one in particular because. can we talk about how this is the mash-up of my dreams. can we talk about the “i wanna rock with somebody” bit at the end. can we talk about how i wanna dance with somebody is a perfect song and you could basically do anything with it and i’d be on board but ESPECIALLY THIS

Getting to know the Mun!

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NAME: Alexandra

BIRTHDAY: October 23rd


STAR SIGN: Scorpio

HEIGHT: 5′4″

FAVORITE COLOR(S): Pink and Blue



LAST THING I GOOGLED: Revolution tv show



FAVORITE BOOKS: The Twelve Kingdoms Trilogy

FAVORITE BANDS/GROUPS: Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Randler Music, and a mish mash of others.

DREAM JOB: Lets Player/Artist of some kind

WEARING: Doctor who shirt, Tardis hoodie, Sweat pants

WHEN DID I MAKE THIS BLOG: Pfffft..uhm..6 months ago?


POSTS: 3,671

ANY OTHER BLOGS: My Zack blog (Bones), Michael blog (Achievement Hunter), and two group blogs, one for disney as Flynn Rider, and one for Until dawn as Sam :3



WHY MAKE A BLOG: Because i love to rp and to write, and i’ve already met so many lovely people here. Sam is the character that seemed to pop out most to me so i chose her, and i find it easier to write as her as I kinda act like her? XD

ASKS: I have no idea what to put here

WHY YOUR URL: Because i’m not creative? XD I originally had sam as a side blog so it was untildawnsam but i didnt like how that was working out, so i made this one xxuntildawnsam then deleted the other. I might change it soon 

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I am just apologizing a head of the time.

[I’m going to hell for this.]

[So I’m such a freaking history nerd. And I love AUs. And I’m just a nerd in general.]

[I, like everyone else in the Flash and Arrow fandoms, have been watching the Legends of Tomorrow premiere on repeat.]

[The other night I had mash up dreams with LoT and Egyptian Mythology. Let’s be real here. It’s not that big of a jump.]


[My dream was a real trip, but it was wonderful and got be thinking.]

[What if Vandal Savage fucked with time (bc he’s a douche like that) and messed up the story of Isis, Osiris, and Set. (I should also mention that I’m polyamorous and I ship trios and quads at random a lot) What if in the original timeline they were (obviously) powerful gods that were still strongly active throughout the world when he was born. And in order to gain what he wanted he would have to abuse their power. Which, haha, tricking or forcing Isis to abuse her power. Hahahahaha. Anyways. What if they weren’t husband and wife and weird jealous brother god, but a trio that was bound together by so much more then just emotion and lust? But in order to weaken them he wheedled his way into the minds of Osiris and Set and pretty much everyone around them that knew about their relationship. But he couldn’t get into Isis’s mind because her will was too strong. He was able to subdue her, but she managed to fight free just in time to watch as Set killed Osiris. The story progresses from there in the usual fashion with Osiris’s body getting chopped up and Isis searching for him until she can put him back together.]

[Anyways, in my dream there was AUing going on. Like more then I’ve already messed with. Isis, in a last attempt to save them, uses her magic to ‘curse’ herself, Osiris, and Set until she can break the spell that Vandal Savage put on her boys. Her memories return with every one of her lives, but Osiris and Set are still clueless and get to live their own lives as per usual every life time.]

[Here’s my view on the characters:

Osiris: Warrior, king, powers consist over death.
Set: Wise, clever, 'science’, alchemic
Isis: Warrior yet peacekeeper, powers over life, nature, humanity (this list can literally go on forever. Isis is rather OP)

My dream also confused genders because my brain is weird and makes connection between things I don’t usually think of. Sooooo….

Osiris: Oliver Queen
Set: Leonard Snart

(If this wasn’t bad enough, I’m probably going to get hate anons for this last one)

Isis: Barry Allen.]

[In my defense, reincarnation doesn’t necessarily mean that genders or really anything will stay the same. Aaaaaand I was playing with some 'what ifs’ of Isis’s gender. I also feel that Isis and Barry have similar personality traits. Both are caring, nurturing even, yet strong and powerful, warrior-like people.]

[This is mostly me rambling. But if anyone would be interested in in playing Len or Ollie in this verse I would just…. well I would die. there would be happy flailing and my roommate would come in and investigate and find me dead.

So I’m just going to leave this hear and run away now.]

Mash-Up Monday – Recommendations

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Ooo, what will I be recommending this week? In honor of The 5th Wave coming out and the X Files Revival (Did you watch it? I was kind of disappointed. But it was still pretty good! I’m really looking forward to “Scully and Mulder Meet the Were-Monster,” since that’s by the same director of “Humbug,” which is my favorite episode…anyway…)

I thought I’d do my favorite books that feature aliens. I’m…

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I had a dream that mashed all the worst qualities of my roommate, my step father, and my best friend into one terrifying person that I was supposedly forcibly going on a road trip four hours up north to catch a flight to some far off place with him and someone else idk who. Anyway, I was being super duper rushed and I wasn’t prepared and the hybrid just started yelling at me like my step dad and then started yelling at me like my roommate and then finally I started punching him because I was pissed off and the other person with us like freaked out and the hybrid was like “no! Its okay, we’re brother’s, were allowed to wail on each other” and I say “yeah, cuz apparently we’re brothers” and essentially that was when I woke up but yeah the worst qualities of those three together are terrifying.