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Number 49 - MSR with william

No real plot, sorry. Just some dad!Mulder and fluff. 

“Eew, don’t do that.” 

With a force Mulder didn’t expect his 9 month old son to possess, a pea hits him right in the eye.

“Wheeee!” Will exclaims upon his victory, continuing to throw peas at a crouching Mulder who is trying to clean up the mashed potatoes Will hurled at him two minutes ago.

“Will, this really isn’t funny.” His son, perched like a prince in his high chair, giggles loudly, spit bubbles coming out of his mouth. He scratches his tiny head and smears mashed up peas into his reddish hair. At least the colors match, Mulder thinks.

“You know that means a bath after we’re finished here.” Mulder tells him solemnly; as much as the boy loves water, baths are a definite no-go. Will’s answer is to smash his pudgy arms on the table, splattering peas everywhere. His feet kick at the air and Mulder knows he’s about to throw a real tantrum.

“Come on, buddy,” he picks up his son, who quiets immediately, “You know, if it were me, I’d feed you something tastier than this. It’s your mom who insists on the vegetables. She’s right of course, but you know. I get it.” Will offers his father his tiny hand covered in green and yellow goo.

“No thanks, Will.” So instead Will stuffs his fingers into his own mouth, chewing loudly.

“Now you eat it?” The boy just stares at him, his fingers still in his mouth. “We better clean this up before we try and wash you. Your mom might love green, Will, but I don’t think she wants her floor all covered in it. I hope you didn’t get any on the wall.” Carefully, Mulder puts the baby down on the floor, hoping he’ll stay there a moment.

“She’s going to be so mad at you. Well, no, you’re too cute so she’s gonna be mad at me, Will. I hope you’re happy.” Mulder wipes and scratches at the floor, some of the mess already sticking firmly to it. Then he feels small hands on his head, warm and wet, rubbing at his hair.

“Will, what are you doing?” His son giggles and when a half mashed pea rolls off his head, Mulder knows exactly what his son is doing.  

“Eew, don’t do that!” Will’s hands stop immediately upon hearing his mother’s voice. His hands, still now, remain in Mulder’s hair, though. “I know you’re just trying to make your daddy more beautiful, but I think it’s enough now.” Scully tries to put authority into her voice, but Mulder can tell that what she really wants to do is laugh.

“Eek!” Will not so gently pounds on Mulder’s head, splattering more of the greenish mass everywhere, before his fingers become still again. Mulder quickly takes him into his arms and stands.  

“You’re covered in some kind of goo,” Scully tells him evenly, now unable to suppress her smile, “It suits you.”

“Very funny, Scully. Junior here wasn’t impressed with the peas.”

“He never is. He hates peas.”

“You could have told me that before I tried to make him eat them.”

“You managed to make him eat the sweet potatoes, too, and you know how much he hated those.”

“Because they taste like crap.” Mulder nods at his son, who grins at him in return.

“Mulder, language.”

“Sorry. Junior and I need to take a bath. Get the peas off and just so you know, I’ll never feed him peas again.”

“No, I’m going to bathe him,” Scully holds out her arms and Will reaches for her, “You clean up this mess before it gets dry.”

“But Scully, my hair.”

“Your hair will have to wait.” She kisses Will’s cheek and tries to keep his dirty hands off her sweater. She’s not successful and Mulder bites the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling.

“Yeah and what if I can’t get it out? We can always get new floor covering, but this is all the hair I’ve got.” He points to his head.

“How about… I give Will a bath, put him down for his nap and then I’ll help you get the mashed peas off your head and any other place they might have gotten?”

“Is that a promise?”

“If you promise to clean up the floor.”

“Go on, Scully, give Will a bath. I’ve got his covered.”

He can still hear her laugh moments later.

Okay, so absolutely loved the double episode mash up of Supergirl and The Flash this week. I mean, seriously, one of the best musical episodes I’ve seen since ‘Once More with Feeling’ - I also have this sinking feeling that Once Upon a Time’s musical extravaganza will not be this good.

But, because I only watch The Flash episode because I’m total Karamel Trash, I now feel the need to just write about these two from this weeks episodes.

Now, we all knew that Mon-El was going to turn out to be the Prince of Daxam. I mean, it was there in one of his earliest exchanges with Kara when he defended himself as the Prince not being all that bad. And we knew the lie would backfire on him. But I have to say I was so utterly stressed by the way Kara responded to the situation. She let all her prejudice for Daxamites pour out once again - something we’ve seen her do a few times over instead of giving Mon-El the chance he deserved to explain.

But then I suppose I really liked that in 'Duets’ when Kara becomes self-aware of the concept.

I don’t blame Mon-El for not telling her he was the Prince of Daxam. Look at how she responds to him just being from Daxam, let alone the Prince. You know he got this chance; his planet was gone, parents dead (who he has said were not nice people) to make something new of his life and to put it all far behind him.

He wants to be a better person. I honestly think Kara really threw that in his face at the end of 'Star Crossed’. There is plenty of evidence that the Prince of Daxam has shed his old skin - the alleged womaniser has settled into a one girl guy, he’s a frickin’ bartender which must be the furthest from being a Prince as you can get, he’s a hero.

He refuses to let his heartbreak get in the way of helping Kara. Despite everything she said,  Mon-El was still ready to fight for her and doesn’t leave her side throughout 'Duets’. No doubt the anti’s were all like 'well he refused to give her the space she wanted because she broke up with him’ but you know, had he left her, they’d be doing a victory lap and pulling out the 'and this proves he’s abusive’, and to be honest I find their earnest teeth grinding far more entertaining as they aren’t getting what they want.

And I think that fight, that refusal makes him a better man and the right one for Kara. It’s a powerful relationship and it seems to empower them both.

But they are back together now, so am happy.

As ever, any criticism should be put in the form of a haiku or I won’t answer.

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Why did you reblog that fancast with Alfie as naveen? People of colour aren't interchangeable. They may not have been 100% certain on Naveen's background and ethnicity but Naveen is an Indian name and his home country is most likely a mash up that includes Malaysia. He's not black he's most likely a dark skinned south Asian man which is great rep and doesn't need to be given to anyone who looks the right skin tone.

(same anon regarding naveen) there’s also another fandom suggestion that because tiana’s voice actress was black and tiana is black, Naveen’s voice actor being Brazilian makes naveen latino. Still not black. I love Alfie and want him to have roles but not this one.

I definitely thought that Naveen was Black as in like it was confirmed which is why I reblogged it. We know PoC aren’t interchangeable and didn’t mean to imply they were.

Also the voice actor being Brazilian thus Naveen is Latino doesn’t stop the character from being Black. Black Brazilians and Latinx people exist.

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Free! Timeless Medley 絆 (Bonds) focusing on Makoto, Haruka, Rei, and Nagisa, a mash-up of anime and new scenes, released 4/22/17

Free! Timeless Medley 約束 (Promises) focusing on Rin and Sousuke, a mash-up of anime scenes and new scenes, released 7/1/17

Free! Take Your Marks: Completely new full-length feature movie about what happens after Haruka graduates, released this Autumn 2017

Ikuya and Asahi will be in the movies, and they have revealed their older versions AND THEY ARE SO HOT…

If Jane Austen wrote Star Trek:

Spock, the first officer whose advice was always effectual, possessed a strength of understanding, and coolness of judgement, which qualified him to be the counselor of the ship’s captain, and enabled him frequently to counteract, to the advantage of them all, that eagerness of mind in Captain Kirk which must generally have lead to imprudence. Spock had an excellent heart, positioned somewhere near his kidneys; his feelings were strong, but he knew how to govern them: it was a knowledge which his captain had yet to learn, and which one of his fellow crew members had resolved never to learn.

Dr. Leonard McCoy’s abilities were, in many respects, equal to Spock’s. He was sensible and clever; but eager in every thing; his sorrows, his joys, could have no moderation. He was generous, amiably cynical, interesting: he was everything but logical.