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I'm kinda new to writing nsfw stuff, and my story will have sexual scenes, do you have any tips for writing mature stuff?

Hmmm. It’s difficult to give tips on writing sex scenes because everyone’s style is different, but I’ll do my best. 

  • Have a scene in mind. Have a good mental image of what is happening. That way, when someone moves or they want to switch positions, you know how it’s going to happen. You want your readers to know what’s going on, so you need to as well. 
  • Draw on your own experience. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had sexual partners or not - even if you’ve only had sexual experiences with yourself, use that to help inform what you’re writing. What feels good? What do you like?
  • Try to stay away from cliches. That isn’t to say they don’t have their place, but you’ll sacrifice originality if your whole sex scene is just a mash of cliches. ((Side note: As for dirty talk, sure it’s really hot, sure it’s easy to write, but don’t feel like you have to add it just because you want dialogue.))
  • Euphemisms have their place. Don’t be afraid to use euphemisms (eg. hard shaft) when the tone of the sentence demands it. But also, don’t be afraid to use more direct words as well (eg. penis, vagina). 
  • Don’t be afraid to write it. If you’re tentative about it, or are worried how it’ll turn out, then it’ll come across in your writing. Be confident - you’ll do fine.

tldr: Just go for it. Write what you like and readers will like it too. 

tfw you look back at old notes for your stories and see a bunch of acronyms……..that you no longer recognize because said stories have long since changed titles

I’m on my second playthrough of Dishonored, and today I was stalking through Dunwall Tower when I came to the music room. The guards were mostly either out cold or gone to ash, so when I noticed that you could actually play both the musical instruments, I actually tried it.

Immediately, I noticed something odd. When I played the piano, I got a discordant mash of notes. When I played the harp, though? A perfect arpeggio. The kind you just don’t get first try, not unless you know what you’re doing.

Apparently, Corvo plays the harp.

I wonder if that’s a Royal Protector thing, or just a hobby of his own. Did he only play solos, or did he have someone to accompany? Did Jessamine sing?

Did Corvo sing? My headcanon is already that he’s so quiet because some of what they did in Coldridge caused real damage to his throat; suddenly I’m realizing that now he’ll never sing again, either. Half of the duet is dead, the other silenced.

And then I realized that this was the room with Jessamine’s portrait hanging over the fireplace, like this was a room she loved, or maybe just a room that someone who loved her once loved…

Suddenly I have a lot more Corvo feels.

Things I want/expect to see at Quintis home/in the Garage:

a short list by me: 

  • The mash note (”made you look”) Toby gave Happy in 1x05, when she was upset. It’s gotta be in a “keepsakes box” Happy has…among all the other little things that have meaning to her. 
  • The toolbox (set of tools) Toby gave Happy as a gift in S1…for Christmas. It’s gotta be her fave, and stand on her works station (maybe in the Garage, maybe at home) 
  • Toby’s fedora collection Toby has. He’s got extras stashed everywhere in their home, too. And his fedora/hat is always hanging in the hallway, by the door… 
  • A paper airplane (1x19)… that Happy “saved” (or a new one she made in memory of the rooftop moment)… that she also keeps in that “keepsakes box” of hers. 
  • The “box of hexnuts” & the “wrench bouquet” Toby gave her as an apology in 1x20. That she’s kept all along (after salvaging them from the trash bin). - they could be in her “keepsakes box” or just in a drawer somewhere… 
  • The dollhouse Toby gave Happy as a present in 2x04 (to “replace” the one her dad gave her when she was 2. The one they worked on together in season 2 & the one they’re gonna give their child as a present) – it’s gotta be stocked in the extra room in their home..for now 
  • The rocking chair Toby “built” for Happy & gave her as a present in 3x06 - it’s gotta be stocked in the extra room in their home…for now
  • The crib Happy built (and then almost trashed/took apart) in 3x07. Stashed away in the extra room. 
  • The keyfob Happy gave Toby as a gift in 3x11.  – Toby could use it as an actual keychain, and it could be seen in a scene where he is opening the door of their home or putting away his keys, or whatever
  • The “Sparkling Mike” toy robot that Toby gave Happy as a gift in 3x11. – it could just be seen on a shelf or some other surface of their place
  • The framed (whale with a fedora) “Toby Dick” picture – it could be seen just hanging on the wall in one of the rooms at their home. PS. Their kid’s room is gonna be marine-themed, isn’t it? 
  • All the costumes: 1x06 “cat” outfit (updated), 2x05 “Patty Prankestein” & “The Giggler” outfits, 3x06 “Egyptian/Mummy Queen” outfit, 3x11 Elf costume, 3x15 Pirate costume (eyepatch/hat), 3x12 mechanic outfit shirt-rubber boots combo…  that they’ve worn and/or “kept for the honeymoon” 

+ extra: Toby has got to get Happy an “Evil Knievel” lunch box as a gift… for their future baby…or if they adopt then he/they gotta get the kid one. 


Dean Winchester did the most 90s cliche ever and made Cas a mixed tape. It’s not just top Led Zeppelin songs it’s specifically Dean’s Top 13. 

In Sarah Vowell’s “Take the Cannoli” she has a section where she talks at length about mixed tapes and this was all I could think of when it happened: “Long distance love affair by cassette tape: It Happened to Me” and compared making a tape to “Memorex mash notes”


Day 1 - Favourite Season 1 Episode

I cannot choose just one. there are several episodes that deserve this spot. Especially 1x05 (the mash note, the end looks), 1x10 (the honest talks, the end scene), 1x12 (the gift exchange, the dad-plot), 1x16 (Quintis/Ralph, the metaphors talk, the fireworks scene), 1x19 (the little moments, the bookend opening & closing scenes on the roof, the “Question”)… a little more than the other episodes, perhaps. 

But their scenes in 1x01 Pilot with the hight5 and banter, the undercover work + honest talk in 1x02, the encouraging talks in 1x11, the teamwork & deleted end scene in 1x13, the “fighting” and honest talk in 1x20 & the teamwork and “wanna babysit with me” in 1x22 S1 finale… are also favourites of mine… and several other eps include several other amazing Quintis moments (high5s, fistbumps, teamwork, looks, talks…)


source: fyeahquintis 


I love how different chords and notes mashed up together create melodies and full songs that are then categorized into groups based on what they sound like

and with each group/type of music every artist plays a different movie in your head or you get a different feeling when you really listen to the music


in which I feel sad about being too busy to write new clawen lately and resort to posting this old drabble about my headcanon for claire’s family

“And then Owen shot at the Indominus, like, ten times so that he could run back over to his bike. It was the coolest!”

As Gray continues telling the story, his mother’s boyfriend of six months nods eagerly to show he’s keeping up with the thirteen-year-old. “That sounds awesome,” Pete agrees.

“Gray, haven’t you already told Pete this one?” Zach teases his younger brother.

“Even if I have, it’s a great story,” Gray defends. “Anyway,” he says, looking back to Pete, “he doesn’t really do any of that dangerous stuff anymore, now that the park is still being rebuilt. He mostly just oversees the animals, which is still wicked cool.”

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