Teenage Thoughts (Stoizer)

| Stoizer | Words: a lot | I know this is an underrated ship, but let me live | Warning: Homophobia, mention of pills and depression (Stan’s mom), also little angst | They’re Juniors in highschool


Stan was walking home from school, silently counting his steps as he did. He enjoyed walking in the Winter, he liked the feeling of coldness crawling up his spine, how his nose would turn pink after being outside for to long, and how his breath could be seen in the cold air. It was just simple things.
“Yo Stanny! Wait up!” Stanley’s thoughts were interrupted by the and only…Richie Tozier.
Stanley turned to face Rich, his ears turned red. Richie ran up to him with black hair that shined. He was smiling as he ran up to Stan.
Richie had been an old friend of Stan’s, they’ve been friends since the 3rd grade. Before the Loser Club they were inseparable. 
Richie pulled out a cigarette and lit it, “We’re going to the movies later today…care to join Stan the Man?” Stan hated that nickname almost as much and he hated cigarettes.
“You’re basically killing yourself.” Stan said balntly, “..but I’ll to the movies 
“I said you’re going to kill yourself if you keep smoking, these cause cancer you know…” Stanley grabbed the cigarette from him and threw down the storm drain they were passing

you’ll float too

Stanley shook the thought out of his head and went back to listening while Richie rambled about how cigarettes are almost as good as sex, but Stan wouldn’t know that because he’s an innocent virgin.
Eventually, Stan zoned out and went back to his own mind. Until Richie punched him in the shoulder. Instinctively, Stanley punched back and Richie yelped.
“Jesus, do you maserbate with that hand?” He rubbed his arm gently, Stanley watched as Rich’s fingers grazed over his skin, “..I was asking if you wanted to go get some dinner before the movie?”
“With the others?” Stanley ignored the other comment, like always.
“Uh, no…just the two of us?” Richie walked slowly now, Stann did the same. He was surprised by Rich’s reply.
“O-Oh sure. Kinda like the old times in Middle School…” Stanley thought back to middle school and shuddered, “Like when we would go get a milkshake together?”
Richie nodded, “…yeah..” He was more quiet now, he wanted to say something. Yet he couldn’t find the words.
Rich had always had a crush on Stan, in fact…he thinks he loves him, ever since the third grade when Stan fixed his glasses (that Henry Bowers had broken) and placed them on Richie’s face then kissed his forehead. It was just childhood innocence, Stanley didn’t really know what that meant and had probably forgotten about it. Rich never would never admit his feelings out loud though.
Stanley quickly got out some pills and dry swallowed them. He was beginning to have thoughs again, he had stolen the pills from his mother, they were antidepressants and they always helped him.
Rich looked at him and raised an eyebrow, “Is everything ok?” Stanley nodded and looked back at him.
The medicine didn’t help though, Richie was still beautiful as ever maybe even more now. Stanley couldn’t help but to blush profusely.
Once they were at the diner, Stanley and Richie hurried to the back booth by the window, it’s where they always sat as kids.
They shared fries and a chocolate milkshake (Stanley’s favorite) as they talked about meaningless things. Richie’s foot gently grazed over Stanley’s leg. Stanley didn’t think anything of it, until he continued doing it.
Stanley looked up and him, Richie was looking out the window as cars and people passed. He blushed and took sip of their milkshake. Stan hesitantly started doing the same thing back to Rich.
Their eyes met, both had a small blush on their faces.

They noticed how some people staring at them, so Stan insisted on paying and they left. Everyone knows that Derry wasn’t the most ‘accepting’ town to homosexuals. Posters hung on windows and walls that said ‘God hates faggots’ and ‘Gays go to hell’ which didn’t make Rich or Stan feel too hot.

“I never noticed these posters before..” Stan lied, they effected him everyday when he would pass by.

“Yeah same.” Richie lied as well, he knew he was gay and it made him feel…gross, “Are know..”

“Gay?” Stan finished his sentence.

“Y-Yeah, are you gay? Like kissing dudes and stuff…” Rich wiped his sweaty palms on his pants.

“O-Oh, well uh, actually well..” Stanley looked down at his feet, “I mean…yeah..I guess.” He said quietly.

There was an awkward silence. Was Stanley really gay? He’s never had feelings for anyone before, maybe Bill. He’d only felt the feeling of having a crush around Richie. The way when Rich smiled Stan couldn’t help but to smiled back, when he would look at Richie and his ears would turn red, and when Richie touched him he would get butterflies in his stomach.

“…Are you?” Stan said in a low tone that was almost impossible to hear, but Richie did hear.

Rich thought back to 8th grade, Henry Bowers would push him into lockers, calling him faggot. He remembered Henry spiting on Rich’s shoes. He felt like crying when he thought about it, but choked back the tears.

He adjusted his glasses, “Uh..yeah..”

There were silent and cold, it was freezing outside. Eventually, they were at the movies. The gang was already there and had all decided to watch Nightmare on Elem Street, well except Eddie and Mike.

“I’m telling you, there’s too much fucking blood! It’s fucking disgusting, do you know how hard it is to get rid of a blood stain?” They all said yes, “..well you know that it’s super hard to get rid of. Plus the bacteria multiplies every minute..” Eddie continued and eventually no one was listening.

“I bet it’s not as much blood as the blood that comes out of your mom on her period.” Rich grinned.

“Well guys are ok with the movie right?” Bill asked them and Stanley nodded.

Rich hesitantly nodded, “Fuck yeah, I love horror movies!” He put on a smile and followed the others inside.

The truth is, Richie hates scary movies. He had always hate them ever since he was a kid. Yet, he won’t tell anyone because he’ll be called a chicken.

All of them got snacks, Eddie and Mike got M&Ms, Ben and Beverly shared a popcorn, Richie got Twizzlers, Bill got Twix, and Stan got Snickers.

The movie was okay, Stanley wasn’t a huge fan and Richie absolutely hated it even before they sat in the movie theater.

Rich felt like electricity passed through him everytime Stan’s arm would brush against his, so that was nice.

Stan thought about making a move, but before he could there was a jump scare and Richie clutched his hand. Both of their faces turned red and they stared into eachother’s eyes that were faintly visible due to the movie. Beverly, who was sitting next to Richie, snickered and turned her attention back to the movie.

They held hands the rest of the time, even though Richie’s hand was a little sweaty. Afterwards, everyone said goodbye and went their own way, Ben walked Beverly home and Eddie, Mike, and Bill rode away together on their bikes.

That left Stan and Rich. They live rather close together, so Rich offered to walk him home since they were going the same way.

Stanley shrugged, “Sure, why not..”

They walked in utter silence, Richie’s fingers lingered over Stan’s. They’re fingers intertwined like it was meant to be.

“…I didn’t know that you didn’t like horror movies.” Stanley smiled and Richie flushed.

“W-What do you mean? They’re m-m-my favorite!” His favorite cracked.

“Cut the shit trashmouth, you sound like Bill.” Richie wasn’t surprised at this comment, the others might have had an actual stroke if they heard that come out of Stan’s mouth, “It was obvious, your palms were sweaty and you weren’t talking the whole time.”

“Ah the great detective Stanny had solved the case once again! You caught me, I hate horror films.” Stan laughed.

There was a moment when they just stared at each other. Richie studied his pale skin in the moonlight, the way his unruly curly hair covered some of his forehead. Stanley observed Richie’s chocolate eyes as they looked up at him they were big and round because of his glasses which Stanley loved.

They moved closer and closer till they’re lips were so close if they moved anymore their lips would be touching. Quickly, they moved away as a car drove by slowly.

This isn’t normal..Stanley thought to himself. Richie was thinking the same thing. It wasn’t normal to want to kiss other boys.

But Richie did what he usually did before he talked, he told himself “Fuck it, we all die anyway.” He pulled Stan into a deserted ally and kissed him.

Stan put his hands up reflexively before slowly melting into the surprised kiss. Their lips moved together in sync like they were always supposed to be this way. Richie had his arms wrapped around Stan and Stan had his hands in Richie’s hair. They felt as if they could see their future, a first date, smiling together, skin against skin (Stan blushed more at that thought), moving into together, laughter, and maybe even marriage (Of course they both doubted getting married since it was illegal, but the thought made their hearts flutter). Maybe it was okay to like boys, Stan thought to himself.

Richie pulled away, “Oh my god that was so fucking gay.”

“Shut up you’re ruining to moment.” Stanley whispered and quickly kissed him again, “My curfew is in a couple minutes, so if you’re actually going to walk me..we need to hurry up.”

They walked with their hands together, giggling about the face that they actually kissed. Eventually, they were at Stan’s house.

He kissed Richie’s cheek, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He ran inside his house.

Richie’s face was probably as red as a tomato, he slowly touched his lips and smiled brightly. He basically ran home from all the excitement.

Stan ran up to his mother’s bathroom after taking off his shoes at the door and placing the pills where he found them before running to his room and shutting the door. He laid in bed and smiled dumbly.

It was definitely okay to like boys.


The end!

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