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  • Maserati // Abracadabracab

Space rock youngsters Maserati are about to release their new LP Maserati VII (which isn’t actually their seventh album). Part seven brings some good things to mind. Check out Abracadabracab and decide if the sound of it lives up to your high expectations.

“Earth-Like” - Maserati

So… hey there. After two weeks of daily production I’ve fallen off quite a bit, exciting flimsy excuses like school, work, and spotty internet availability.  Words are meaningless, though - I appeal for forgiveness with the latest (and, yet again, late-posted) Maserati single, the still-driving-but-slightly-more-mid-tempo “Earth-Like.” Anticipation remains high for the October 2nd-slated Maserati VII, though it will face fierce competition to be the month’s best from the offerings of such fellow luminaries as The Mountain Goats, Pinback, and Balmorhea. 

- Tyler Hanan

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