maserati hypercar


Hey folks! I have been insanely busy recently with all kinds of fun travel-related stuff, enjoying the peak of summer here in Chicago. I will be back a bit more often on here when things eventually settle down, but until then here are some of the amazing highlights of a recent wander through the Chicago dealerships. It’s not every day that a classic California Spider is casually sharing showroom space with the Nurburgring lap time record-setting 599XX. Got to check out the new Aston Martin DB11 in person for the first time as well. What an aggressive turn of events that is!


Going to an exotic car dealership near a big city can definitely turn up some interesting finds. This one was certainly a first for me: it’s the Enzo-based Maserati MC-12 road car. It’s not too far removed from a full-blown race car, and still looks unbelievably futuristic 10 years after being built. Only 50 road cars were built over 2 years, with a further dozen being made for serious racing