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Your day had been awful, absolutely ghastly. First you had to deal with Lauren Mallory and the general shitstorm that her presence often presented. She was a vile person, a complete and utter bitch, it was like the girl literally lived to make your life hell. Somehow she found a way to crawl under your skin like a parasite and infect everything with her bile turning you into a dilapidated mess inside. That wasn’t anything new, it had been happening for years now. Yet with finals approaching you were almost buckling under the sheer weight of stress as it was let alone having to deal with her too. It was a wonder you didn’t break into hysterics regularly considering you were 99% sure that you hadn’t a bloody clue what your homework required of you. Then to top off the dreadful day, because the powers that be obviously hadn’t punished you enough, the heavens opened and unleashed a torrential rainstorm as you trudged home, shivering, drenched and practically numb from the cold. 

You reached the faded red door of your home and sighed pushing it open with what little force you could muster, wanting nothing more than to curl up in a ball and avoid hypothermia. The second you stepped in however, everything changed. You were pulled into a frigid embrace as the door swung shut behind you and although you were utterly numb a bubble of warmth seemed to spread out from your core and down to your extremities as Edward held you in a long, tight hug. You didn’t bother to ask how he got in, it was pointless, Edward could do practically anything. 

Dropping a soft kiss on your forehead Edward murmured, “Alice called.” Before pulling away and dropping his arms back to his sides taking your school bag with him. If it would have bothered him at all, you’d have felt slightly bad that he was now soaking wet himself. “Go change, I laid your favourite pyjamas out.” Flashing his crooked smile he pushed you towards the stairs until you began making your way up on your own. 

Edward had laid out the thickest, warmest pyjamas you owned and he’d likely had them slung over the radiator too if their warmth was anything to go by. Feeling utterly toasty and grateful you bound down the stairs to thank him. 

Edward was sitting on the old, saggy couch in your living room your school bag at his feet and your homework spread out on the table. “Thank you.” You muttered as you sat down curling up on the couch as he threw a warm blanket over you. 

He flashed his crooked grin once more. “It’s no trouble Y/N.” He replied handing you a steaming mug of hot chocolate with tiny white marshmallows, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles that you took appreciatively. “Now lets see about this homework.” 

“Edward you don’t have to-” 

He cut your protests off short. “I want to Y/N, honestly.” 

What had been arguably one of the worst days of your existence ended in the best possible way. Edward had welcomed you home, cared for you and helped you with your homework calming you down before helping you relax with silly stories of Emmett’s hunting exploits and other such trivial matters. 

You weren’t sure what exactly it was you’d done to deserve Edward Cullen, but you were glad you had him.

BB17 SELFIEGATE TONIGHT (Second Eviction) Win a $25 gift card!

Every week this season we will have a Selfiegate on Eviction Night!! This is a chance for the fandom to come together in a fun way and boost some self-esteems!

These will ALWAYS start ONE HOUR before the show airs, except for Pacific Timezoners, but y’all are so extra honestly (But keep an eye out on the tag for when the Selfiegate begins! Don’t miss out!).. The tags will be BB17 and Selfiegate so make sure you tag both for maximum attention!

Each Selfiegate has a theme (AND A WINNER!) and the theme will be based on a variety of factors from inside the house and on the tag, that way everyone can know something about the theme so they can participate. Also, your selfie doesn’t have to be theme-related if you don’t want it to be, but you won’t be eligible to win that week’s theme.

Each winner up until Finale will have their urls written down, and be eligible to win a $25 giftcard of their choice!!

Tonight’s theme is……………………………………………………………………….

And here’s how it works:

With Meg and Da’vonne on the block this week, some of us are going to lose our Mom no matter who goes home tonight. So, in order to honor our BB17 Moms, find a image of a your BB17 Mom online and imitate that pic or gif using your selfie! Have a denim vest like Meg? A hipster-ensemble like Audrey? A 3-ring binder? A train? Post it to the tag for a chance to win a $25 gift card of your choosing!

Remember: The tags are BB17 and Selfiegate and we begin ONE HOUR before the episode airs (unless you’re extra) and try not to post selfies during the actual liveblogging of the show, they will probably not get as much attention and will interfere with liveblogging!! (below the cut I’m tagging everyone who has participated in a previous selfiegate so that way you all can know the theme and reblog it to invite more people to the fun!)

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Running. You hated when you did it, but loved when you were carried by a running vampire. Your running vampire to be specific. The wind tangled your hair behind you and your face felt like it was being pushed back by gravity, but it was so liberating.

“Come on love, we’re here.”

You opened your eyes once your feet touched concrete ground. Edward brought you to the very top of a building that overlooked the city below you. You looked around, trying to figure out where ‘here’ was. “I told you, it is a surprise.” He chuckled at your curiosity.

You rolled your eyes and flashed him a small smile. “You should really stay out of my head. I would hate for you to see something you weren’t meant to see.” You half warned.

The whole mind reading thing had you on the fence when you and Edward first got together, but you learned to accept it. Every relationship had its problems, right? Yours just so happened to be that your boyfriend could read your mind.

You were brought out of your thoughts at the sight of a blanket being laid on the ground. “What are you doing Edward? Don’t tell me you planned a picnic this late in the evening.” You teased.

He shook his head and took your hand, leading you to sit down on the blanket. Once you were situated he sat next to you, but didn’t say anything.

“What exactly are we do-“ Your sentence was cut off by the sound of a fireworks being shot into the air.

You sucked in a breath of awe as you watched the night sky light up with different splashes of colors. From where you were you could see fireworks from a few different areas, each most likely either an amusement park or some kind of fair.

A cool hand took a hold of yours and you tore your eyes from the sky to look at the vampire next to you.

“Happy Independence day, Y/N.” He murmured with his signature crooked grin.

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