masculine tailoring

I’ve begun purchasing pants from the men’s clearance section and sewing them to fit my body’s more feminine features (i.e. thinner calves and ankles, wider hips, etc). 

The irony and beauty of a traditionally feminine ability bringing me closer to my own tailored masculinity has not surpassed me. 

Masculinity is not the absence of femininity. 


Trend Alert: The Power Suit 

From the office to the streets, we’ve been fan-girling over one of the hottest trends to hit our Instagram feed: The Power Suit. Simple, bold, and SO easy to rock on your own. Masculine tailored suits and minimal accessories are contrasted by the casually cool Sk8-Hi and Old Skool. Style mavens such as Kristen Stewart and Jayne Min have made this look a closet staple, and we can’t wait to get on it. Got a new trend we should try out in our closet? Tag your style shot on Instagram with #VansGirls, and let’s see what you got! 

anonymous asked:

Any style advice for a large breasted person (36DDD/E) ?? I see so many looks I love that look androgynous on flat(ter) chested people that i just can't get to work for me... I'm also cursed w/ a short torso which makes it even worse!

This style tip article actually hits all the right points and is really helpful for peeps that aren’t 6 ft something, flat chested, with no curves (which is most of us really!) And this article is especially catered for that eternal struggle between button-downs and breasts which includes tips on DIY button adjustments, brands that tailor to masculine clothes for women, and buying fitting undergarments. Best of all, you can find all these dapper people mentioned through their social media and see how they rock their style. 


Pinpoint the perfect perfume present with this handy guide.

Gift exquisitely this Valentine’s Day with a fragrance found just for her. Picking out the wrong scent stinks, so if you’re clueless about where to start, visit a Sephora store and try Fragrance IQ, our custom scent-matching technology. Below are some suggestions to help you get started. BECKY PEDERSON

Chloé Love Story
If she swoons for Parisian trends, get her a scent from the brand that’s been forging them since the 1950s. Love Story’s intoxicating bouquet of orange blossom, neroli, and jasmine is packaged in a lock-shaped bottle—a reference to the famous Pont des Arts lovers’ bridge in Paris.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black + Elizabeth and James Nirvana White
If she’s a mix of uptown sophistication and downtown edge, get her a fragrance wardrobe that plays on the Elizabeth and James duality of masculine tailoring and feminine detail. Created by Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen, Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black is an intimate blend of violet, vanilla, and sandalwood, while Elizabeth and James Nirvana White softly mixes musk, peony, and muguet. Worn together, they exude an aura of mystery.

Tory Burch Tory Burch
If she prefers boutiques to big box stores, get her a fragrance from the apparel line that started as a best-kept local secret in Manhattan’s Nolita neighborhood. This scent complements Tory Burch’s girl-meets-boy brand story with its fusion of floral peony and earthy vetiver, all contained in signature fretwork.

Gucci Guilty Diamonds
If she’s impeccably chic, get her a scent that says sexy with authority. This sheer, oriental floral mingles black pepper and citrus for elegance with a sultry edge. Sure to be a classic, the diamond edition bottle will bring an extra sparkle to her vanity.

Prada Candy Florale
If she waits all year for fashion week, get her something from a legend of the runway. Held in a flacon as visionary as the fashion line, notes of cedrat, caramel, and white musk blossom with flirtatious confidence in this latest creation from the Prada House of Candy.


suit allure

She glided down the runway, cruising past a chic border of poised journalists, editors and starlets whose faces were captured by bluffs of bewilderment. She galloped with gamine elegance, cloaked beneath boxy blazers, straight legged trousers and sometimes unforgiving pencil skirts, whilst the soles of her boyish brogues clicked with every step and moved a feminine silhouette, brashly shielded by masculine cuts. She was EVERY single model, in EVERY single a/w 2011 catwalk show and she gradually made the words “masculine tailoring” instigate an unruly gag reflex within my stubborn being, so eruptive and tortuous that my reacting shriek of horror could only be detected by unformed tadpoles.

Needless to say; I hate work-wear. I hate pant-suits, loafers, waistcoats, blazers, pencil skirts and tweed makes me positively shudder, but as a dominating trend successfully conquering collection, after collection is it time for me to just suit the fuck up?

The very notion of  female professional attire supposed itself within the early 1900s imitating the polished figure of uniformed naval officers, derived from the intrinsic desire for gender equality in a modernising society. However it was in 1926, when Coco Chanel finally took hold of the hunger and sharpened the attraction, with a calf-length sheath, rivalling the distinct silhouette of male counterparts.

With confidence and prestige, grew fine modifications from Christian Dior and Andre Courreges in the 1940s and 1960s, respectively, leading to a mustering of stylistic greatness at the creatively blessed mains de Yves Saint Laurent in the year of 1966. “le smoking” tuxedo was a modestly sensual menswear adaptation, flirtatiously suffocating under androgynous mystery. The iconic look was enacted by a black, single breasted jacket with satin lapels and co-ordinating trousers, sculpted by an ivory silk waistcoat whose mandarin collar drew the essence of Yves’ picturesque, eastern influence.

This highly affecting trend has impressed its stamp upon a succession of decades, governed by a number of potent improvisations to reach its current destination. Today she is a power craving femme fatale in leather or latex with restricted movement breathing s&m desires but sometimes she is demure, fitted with tweed or heavy wool, unpretentiously styled from a clean subtle cut but, failing that, she can be soft and romantic too, loosely flowing in pastel shades of washed suede, sumptuous velvet and delicate crepe silks. Unapologetically, she is anything, everything and everywhere.

Masculine tailored suits open a wardrobe of accessible basic, statement pieces, able to be constantly adapted with seasonal flare, effervescently saturated in professional, educated glamour. Regardless of my festering personal distaste, pantsuits will outlive my stay in this world and flourish with each alteration and remodelled outlook, yet remaining unmistakably iconic.

I might not be able to beat it, but my loveable, cantankerous disposition is still reluctant to join in.

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"The Anderson Rose" - Kurt/Blaine (A Preview)

To celebrate breaking 4,000 followers, here is a teaser for my next fic.  4K words, roughly.

The first pair of scenes are ones that refer to Kurt and Blaine deciding to exchange gifts from afar, as they aren’t allowed to meet or even write letters or messages to each other during the stage of their courtship that precedes Kurt moving to Blaine’s family’s compound.

The second pair are the scenes that come just before Kurt makes that move, showing his departure celebration in his village with his father, and then a scene with Blaine and Blaine’s mother just before Kurt arrives on that final moving day.

The exchange of tokens is Blaine’s idea. It’s a compromise that pushes the limits of tradition; strictly speaking, they aren’t allowed to exchange messages directly with each other, and the very nature of gifts is communication in symbolic form, but Blaine’s parents allow it because they can see how eager Blaine is and, with Kurt’s age in mind, they know that Kurt would appreciate the tenderness of the gesture, as well.

The first gift arrives on a cool morning by transport, the usual driver smiling and waving and handing off the package to Finn, who brings in the mail to Burt, Kurt, and Carole at the breakfast table.

The wax seal in the shape of the Anderson rose keeping the package carefully folded shut is the first thing that Kurt sees, and he almost manages to snatch it before his dad does.

“You know the rules, Kurt,” Burt says.

Carole smiles politely. Finn hops on his toes as he shoves half a slice of buttered bread into his mouth. He’s obviously curious, and Kurt casts him a glare that says “traitor; you could’ve just given it to me and then we’d both know what it was”. Finn shrugs. Kurt refocuses his glare.

Burt palms the note that’s attached to the outside of the package and then, to everyone’s surprise, hands the package to Kurt.

“Seems like our Blaine has some new ideas about courtship.”

Kurt bites his lip and bounces in his chair.

“Well,” Carole says, “open it!”

Kurt holds his breath through the unwrapping, and then releases it all in one go as the most beautiful outfit he’s ever seen tumbles from the brown paper.

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Beware of Open Doors (Ch. 3)

Female!Hans AU. Inspired by this post. Full fic: AO3 link.

Anna limped back to Elsa and winced as the duke asked her to let him know when she was ready for another round of dancing. She couldn’t decide whether or not to smile or glare at her sister as Elsa glanced over with amusement.

“Well, he was sprightly,” she said.

Anna winced. “Especially for a man in heels.” His dancing had been torturous to witness, let alone participate in. She’d briefly caught a glance of Hansele (who had been dancing with some far luckier person than Anna), but only enough to flash the beautiful woman a harried smile before the duke yanked her away.

Then her sister leaned closer and all thoughts of the woman with short auburn hair vanished. “Are you okay?” she asked.

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