masculine mystique

Star Wars cast as boyfriends

Adam Driver: Masculine mystique incarnate but also an absolute adorkable sweetheart. The type who will sweep you off your feet and carry you to his bed but will always be worried that he’s hurting you. Will stroke you lovingly afterward. Probably won’t get your jokes or references but still thinks your witty af. Has trouble articulating himself. Very committed.

John Boyega: The bestest friend you can ever have with a 10/10 smile. He’ll get all your niche references to the latest gifs, memes and anime. Charms the pants off you and likes it slow, with lots of chatty pillowtalk afterward. Will debate you unironically on SW theories and trivia. You will bond over turning into five year olds every time you see a cat. 

Domhnall Gleeson: Morbidly funny and distractingly pretty. Says things that will make your dead ancestors blush all while looking like a total cinnamon roll. He’s definitely a bit of a freak and likes to push your boundaries. Jokes about death at inappropriate times. Willing to get into anything your interested in.

Oscar Isaac: Master of the sexy wink. Can have deep conversations about deep topics. Definitely the most wooing type but also with enough awareness to make fun of himself. Classic seduction is his thing and continuous eye contact sets him off. Can talk his way out of anything, including an argument. 

the leo has a racuous sense of humor and even the more introverted types seem to find themselves centre of action. the leo spirit is absolutely here to engage with life, play with the universe, and create a personality to be admired. the leo’s inner world is expressed through artistry, and both leo men and women seem to be satisfied with their masculine firmness and feminine mystique. steven forrest calls leo the soul of the performer

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What is your opinion of Jennifer Lawrence?

*sigh* JLaw was my biggest disappointment.
At first she was so adorable and energetic and down to earth. She liked to eat! She had no shame in her curves! She made adorable mistakes like slipping on her dress on the way up to receive an award! And look how much she loves food! How adorable and down to earth!

Only her curves aren’t actually that ground-breaking, and despite having an eat-like-you-don’t care attitude, she fat-shamed Christian Bale as he played along side her in American Hustle, saying she hoped to kiss “Batman, not Fatman!”

Lawrence is also transphobic and biphobic, and uses homophobic slurs: She named her female cat Chaz Bono because she felt like it acted masculine.
She claimed that Mystique couldn’t have been bisexual but just had a “lesbian phase” when asked about how the character was originally written to be bisexual, and called herself “dykey” as she talked about her childhood tomboy phase.

She’s also pretty racist and disrespectful: She rubbed her butt on a sacred rock in Hawaii, she wore appropriative dreadlocks, and she has never actually said anything about Katniss’s whitewashing, even when asked about it.

She’s also ableist, despite playing characters with mental illnesses. She once said OCD is “quirky.”

Basically, I’m not too fond of her anymore, especially because she keeps on winning awards for average performances of average roles and I’m getting sick of her and all the old white men that keep telling her she’s such an excellent actress.

I really hope someday she educates herself. Maybe then I’ll give her a second glance.

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Ahhh I love your art SO MUCH! Would you maybe draw post-grad Lardo? (Sort of in the same vein as PR!Bitty - what is she doing with her life?)

“Samwell alum, Larissa Duan, will be joining us this month as a guest lecturer for our Professional Art Practice series. 

Mrs. Duan is currently showing a series called “The Masculine Mystique” a critique and subversion of the male gaze, at the MoMa this month. She runs her own independent gallery in downtown Boston which showcases up and coming artists with a focus on the Asian-American experience. The Gallery opened in May of 2018 and expanded into three new spaces in the last five years. 

She will be speaking on grant proposals and maintaining a studio practice after graduation.”