I don’t often take photos of myself in makeup, this one in particular was taken the day I felt beautiful for the first time in my life.

It’s funny when I think about it. Makeup is something so small and insignificant. It really shouldn’t make or break the way I see myself but here I am feeling prettier than I ever have in my life.

I’m sorry for blocking my face, I’m incredibly embarrassed by the fact that I wear makeup. I’m hoping I can some day be proud of it and wear it openly. 💋

To anyone needing it:

You are trans enough. You are nonbinary enough. There’s no “right” way to be trans/nonbinary. 

It’s okay to be nonbinary/transmasculine and to have a feminine gender expression at the same time. 

It’s okay to be nonbinary/transfeminine and to have a masculine gender expression. 

You are valid!

🍃 tea & magic🍃

☕️ white tea:
-‘baby’ tea, least processed
-relates to spring
-masculine with air affinity
-strong lunar connection
-good for purification, protection, clarity, realization, meditation
-colour associations are white, silver, and yellow

☕️ green tea:
-'youthful’ tea
-relates to summer
-masculine with fire affinity
-good for physical healing, passion, sexual health, progress, love, fertility
-colour associations are red, blue, and green

☕️ oolong tea:
-slightly aged
-relates to fall
-feminine with water affinity
-good for reflection, meditation, wisdom, concentration, romance, beauty, friendship
-colour associations are brown, blue, and purple

☕️ black tea:
-elder tea, aged tea
-relates to winter
-feminine with earth affinity
-strong connection to nature
-good for strength, stability, endings, closure, death, removing negative energy
-colour associations are black, green, and orange

☕️ pu'erh tea:
-longest fermenting time, 'mead’ of teas
-embodiment of all teas
-especially good for working with spirit, psychic ability, healing


Thanks everyone who sent their photos ♥ Submissions are now closed!  Calling all NON-BINARY people

I’m asking non-binary people to send me pictures of themselves :
~a portrait (your face) or parts of your body (please no explicit content) or even your clothes, accessories that you link to your gender~ 

Feel free to be creative! 

The pictures will be used for my ART PROJECT that aims to support the community and raise awareness! 

You can either include your name and your story (I’d love to know) or send the pictures anonymously. All participants who include their names (or nicknames) will be credited!

message me or post one and tag me! For more info (or maybe ideas?) message/mail me UNTIL 30 OF DECEMBER :)

Thank you all! Stay amazing!

As a thank you to everyone for their support I will be doing a November binder give away @trans-matters. The rules are simple and easy to follow

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• No Cosplayers

1 Entry per person, winners will be selected at random on December 1st and contacted via tumblr.

Yes, you will be able to choose your size.


I feel this so strongly. I don’t think there is “femininity” and “masculinity” in finite terms. It’s a spectrum.

Women can fall more on the masculine side and men more on the feminine.

That’s okay.

Women can be hyper feminine and men hyper masculine.

That’s okay.

What we really need to do is take the social stigma and charge out of these words. Don’t shame people for falling somewhere on the spectrum that doesn’t meet your expectations. Don’t belittle people for being feminine or masculine any more than you would for someone who has brown hair. It’s how they were born.

This is me in 2nd grade (left), this is me on the first day of 3rd grade (right).  My classmates treated me the same despite my sudden change in appearance and I roamed the playground with the boys and girls as an equal. Strangers often used masculine pronouns for me and I reveled in it! I passed! (And my mom saw nothing wrong with it, and never corrected anyone.)

In 5th grade I had my first period.

In 6th, I could no longer hide my breast development.

In 7th, I sunk into a deep depression.

By 8th grade, I tried to commit suicide.

In 9th I came out to my Mom as bisexual.

My senior year I finally came out to myself and my family as a lesbian.

I am 26, and just NOW realizing that all of this has just been leading up to accepting myself as trans. My unexplained depression and suicidal ideation growing up really stemmed from my loss of trans identity when I was young.

Lately I’ve been battling chest dysphoria, if I had a smaller chest I could pass as more androgynous like I did in high school. All I want is top surgery, HRT can wait! But then I think how I’d be perceived by my family and friends, by coworkers and my boss… By creating this post, I hope to heal myself and help others through this, sometimes, painful transitional period. I am not just a body!

I am grateful for my tumblr fam and all the support and encouragement we give each other. Without it, I honestly don’t know how I would love and accept myself.  


Thank you for sharing your story with us. It’s perfect timing here since many followers have been feeling poorly about the age at which they started transitioning. It’s a different journey for everyone! 

I hope you can overcome your dysphoria soon. I’m proud of how far you’ve come, and I’m glad you are here to share with us <3


@ all dmab/masculine agender/nb people: you matter. You absolutely matter. Your identities are real and valid and nobody but you is allowed to determine your worth. It’s a hard world out there but you are real and loved, and you can make it through.

Feminism isn’t a fight for women to be dominant over men. Or valued above men.

Feminism is a fight for feminine qualities and attributes to be just as valuable as masculine.

We too often think feminism is making all men more feminine or all women more masculine (for lack of better, more detailed terms). But we’re all different. We all have skills and talents and personality traits that can contribute to society. They should be valued equally.

Duality of the Zodiac

The Dualities are a symbolic representation of the Sign, and whether its energy is focused inwards or outwards. This depicts where they pull their strength, and what their general focus is. Depending on the individual, these two groups can be called “Yin/Yang,” “Positive/Negative,” “Passive/Assertive,” “Introverted/Extroverted,” or “Masculine/Feminine.” I use the last. In the Astrological sense, “Masculine” and “Feminine” have less to do with the colloquial implications of “manly” or “girly,” and more to do with expression of impulses or desires. This terminology may be a bit out-dated; if you’re uncomfortable with them, try “Passive/Assertive” or “Introverted/Extroverted”. 

Masculine Signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius) are impulsive, outgoing, and focused on their external environment. These Zodiac Signs are direct and energetic, drawing their strength from direct action and socialization.

Feminine Signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces) are premedative, reserved, and focused on their internal environment. These Zodiac Signs are receptive and magnetic, drawing their strength from time alone, with their own inner reserves.

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