the answer to ‘guys won’t hug their friends cos they don’t wanna seem gay’ isn’t ‘remove the stigma by declaring it Straight’

it’s ‘get straight dudes to give up the homophobia that makes them treat gay people with such repulsion that they’ve built an entire culture around the violent disavowal of anything even tangentially related to gay people’

getting homophobic straight dudes to express affection for one another while leaving intact the homophobia that made them avoid it doesn’t solve the core issue

which is that straight dudes are such violent homophobes that they will literally cut themselves off from necessary emotional support in order to more effectively identify and isolate/attack gay men

the problem here isn’t just that straight guys don’t get enough hugs

darling, you don’t have to alter yourself to fit into your gender identity.

you don’t have to cut your hair short or dye it a funky colour.

you don’t have to wear a binder.

you don’t have to stop wearing dresses or trousers or anything.

you don’t have to feel ‘not trans enough’.

you don’t have to start wearing makeup or stop wearing makeup.

you don’t have to think in a certain way or not think in a certain way.

you don’t have to speak in a certain way or not speak in a certain way.

you don’t have to like certain things or not like certain things.

you don’t have to act in a certain way or not act in a certain way.

if you want to, that’s okay. do whatever you wish to. but if you don’t, then remember that you need not follow the gender identity stereotypes to identify as it. you make your own rules. you are not limited up to a tag. you are your own person. don’t let the mortals get you down.


stranger things meme [3/5 characters]: Mike Wheeler

“I don’t know why I just didn’t tell you. Everyone at school knows. I just didn’t want you to think I was such a wasteoid, you know?”

cis people are really uncomfortable with the idea of masculine trans men because to cis people we have to be uwu soft boys who love make up but like….

shoutout to my dudes who grew up being called “tomboys” and fit in with the lads more and realized it was actually because they were men all along

shoutout to masculine trans men who wanna hang out in sports bars and “men’s” spaces but feel outcased because theyre trans

shoutout to trans men who are into male dominated video games who feel uncomfortable using voice chat in a server full of cis men

and shoutout to trans men in board shorts and baseball caps because 2017 is the year we trans men steal cishet boy culture

What I have to say to girls who are hyper feminine: just try it.

Just try not shaving, going barefaced, wearing comfy clothes, not doing your hair. If you truly tried and prefer to do feminine things then I applaud you and support your decision! I’m only saying that you should try it. The hair can be shaven and plucked, makeup can be applied, tight spandex can be worn; all of these things can be quickly amended in a couple of hours it’s not something you have to do forever. Get to know your body and how she works! How do you know that you truly wouldent appreciate your own natural body, over your augmented one if you haven’t even met her yet? And if you dont like it you can have your money back guaranteed!