mascots on drugs

hello. i’m l & this is niklaus. i’ve been dying to join this for a minute.. i wish i joined earlier before some faceclaims were nabbed by some of you guys *squints at those playing 6+ people* but i’m here now. i don’t have much set out for niklaus but if you’d like to see what i do know and maybe plot a little click that cute lil read more.

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So I went to this Frozen-themed Event with my niece and nephew. This is what happened: an oversized Olaf (forgiven), the uneven fit of Kristoff’s head with his body, seemingly drunk and drugged mascots, a totally unchoreographed performance, the not so combed wigs of Elsa and Anna and the whirlwind dance step of Prince Hans. EPIC FAIL! But this really made my day! 😂

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