“Night of TV Entertainment” with Siwon.

“Night of TV Entertainment” avec Siwon.


I’ve honestly been completely blown away by the reception of this costume!! She was made by my studio for the Texas Renaissance Festival puppeteer group. If you’re going please be sure to check out their events! :) For more information about getting your own costume visit:


Finally get to post this stuff! Braixen WIP photos part 1

I modeled the head shape in a simple japanese program called 3D Ace, then unfolded it for printing in Papercraft Designer 3. I turned off tabs and scaled it up huge! Based off estimations I made. I printed it all onto normal paper and traced the cutouts onto foam, and spent forever gluing it all together into the head! This was all experimental so I was really happy when the shape turned out good! I would suggest using half in foam for small or pointed areas though. With some help from the furry community I was able to get some ear material that worked really well, and spent WAY too long fussing over what kind of yellow to use lol. I don’t have too many pics but I did the exact same process for the tail.

Next stuff in part 2!

How Hufflepuff #51

Badgers, the actual animals, are ruthless and vicious attackers, who will not stop until your mangled corpse stops bleeding and their skin is so thick the only two for sure ways to kill a badger or by machete or a gunshot to the head. That said, Puffs are the personified embodiments of their mascot. You don’t want to mess with a Hufflepuff. You DON’T want to mess with a Hufflepuff.


Braixen WIP photos part 2!

Putting together the head fur took like, a week in itself, seriously. First of all it had been a long time since I was able to work on it and I had lost the tape pattern with detailed descriptions on them, so I basically had to complete a 3D puzzle to know where to put everything!

Honestly for the body, I just blindly winged it. The legs I started with the front and back view in foam on a duct tape dummy, and just kinda went from there. For the “skirt” I just went crazy with newspaper and masking tape until the shape I wanted showed up, then I cut it into a pattern. The inside is lightly stuffed with some foam pieces, I think for later I’ll create a better inner structure. The feets were easy! After all that it was just a matter of doing the face, nose, andgetting the tail finished. The method of tail attachment needs work…

The biggest problem was the red ear tufts. We made a to-scale pair, but in such a hurry, we couldn’t manage to attach them in a way that worked! My sister managed to put together a smaller set just in time for us to go to the con on sunday, thanks momo! Well really, thank you so much for helping like the entire way!

She’s not perfect but I’m glad I was able to finish it! Can’t wait to go back up north to Momo’s (we live far apart now) so we can improve it for next time.

Nice photo at the bottom there is from Sean C on Flickr