Keith Kogane as things I’ve said/thought this week

“I’m going to Hotwire your car and leAVE YOU HeRE”


“You wouldn’t have to pay me to stab you”

“…yes I just want to go to hot topic, fuck off”

“that’s…really gay…I’m really gay”


“I’ll pay you five dollars to go up to our school mascot and say ‘fist me father’”

“I could just… chug this hydrochloric Peroxide and end it all right now”

*looking at self* “what an emo fuck”


College Gothic
  • You wake up. Someone is screaming. Someone is always screaming. “What are they celebrating?” you ask your roommate. They don’t know. No one ever knows.
  • It’s finals week. Your final begins at 8 AM in room 100 of the main hall. You finish your final and stand up, only to find yourself waiting outside of room 100 with other anxious students. It is 7:54 AM. You don’t remember walking here.
  • You buy another Red Bull with the last change in your pocket. “That’ll be $3.57″ the cashier says. You stare at her. She works here all the time. You cannot remember seeing another cashier.
  • It’s time to enroll in classes and the enrollment system is down. You call the school’s IT department. “But it says you’re already enrolled,” they say. You check your account. You are not enrolled. You have never been enrolled.
  • “Try the library,” the girl suggests when the study room is full. Exhausted, you wander around the study room for hours. When you finally find an empty seat, a girl in a lime green sweater rushes over and sits down. The chair creaks. She sat at the last empty desk you found. She’s sat at every empty desk you’ve found.
  • You pose for a picture with the school mascot. “Help me,” he whispers through his mask. You look startled, and the student holding the camera grimaces. The next week, the school unveils a new mascot uniform. It doesn’t have a mouth.
  • You’re shotgunning a beer when someone pushes it away and forces a new beer down your throat. You cannot stop drinking. You wait for dawn to come. You are suddenly 90% beer.
  • me, logging on to tumblr: what are we talking about in the hockey fandom today
  • me: *sees everyone talking about banging the mascots* ah
  • me: *immediately logs off of tumblr*
Blog Mascot Winners!

Gosh I am so sorry this is late, I’ve been busy but I finally sat down and took time going through all the submissions. I truly mean this when I say I loved every single piece submitted to me. Even if you aren’t listed here, I will still be promoing every single person who submitted their mascot to me. I’ll be doing those daily starting tomorrow, because all of you made such wonderful art and I want you to still get something out of this.

Now, on to the winners! I decided to pick five pieces because I seriously couldn’t pick one person. 

In fifth place, @maybefakeplant with their adorable piece that I loved so much:

In fourth place, @lowly-wanderer with their amazing piece with such magical vibes:

In third place, @teawithmonster with their soft and gorgeous design:

In second place, @rockformed drew such a colorful and radiant piece with a palette I loved so much:

And in first place, I chose @capn-oli‘s piece, I just loved it so much and the character was so adorable (I can’t get over those overalls omg):

Guys, please check these artists out and give them your support! It was so sweet of them to participate and show off their amazing talent, a big reason why I did this was to support artists here on this site because they really deserve it.

And again, those who weren’t mentioned will each be getting promos starting tomorrow. Please also support their art, they all did so amazing!

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riles I'm gonna be honest with you I've never seen ok ko and I'm very confused who the FUCK is that Phineas Presley guy who loves the boo berry mascot

this ask confused me so much i googled who the people you said and agshdskfjgkfh ANYWAYS

this is RAYMOND. he’s one of the villain’s hench-robots/sons who likes to be dramatic and cause trouble for the main characters. he’s also really into sports. he’s only appeared in two episodes but in both of them he’s blushed at “the boo berry mascot’s” body and/or actions, and his actions have seemed a little flirtatious. also i think he’s part chicken/his design was inspired by a chicken but idk. 

NOW THIS IS MY BOY RAD RIGHT HERE. he’s a blue alien from planet X and he’s training to be a hero under the great hero gar (aka he works as a stockboy in gar’s store). he tries so hard to be a macho man, but he’s a big softie underneath. he’s one of the main characters and is best friends with k.o. and enid. he and raymond seem to be more irked by each other than the rest of them, and he likes going head-to-head with raymond. they even had a very feelsy dance off in the most recent episode. 

do i ship them? well….

…actually i do feel as though all of lord boxman’s (the main villain) robots/kids will rebel against him and turn to the good side at some point, especially considering how he treats them and how all of them could be foils for the main trio, so i very honestly can see the two of them becoming the good ol’ trope of enemies to awkward friends to boyfriends

College Part 1

Title: College Part 1

Summary: You’ve been keeping a secret from your brothers in the hope that you could surprise them. When a hunt gets delayed Lucifer fills in for Sam and Dean.

Pairing: Little Sister!Winchester (maybe future Reader x Lucifer)

Word Count: 2104

Warnings: General angst, Lucifer fluff

A/N: I thought of this after getting accepted and I was in a Lucifer mood. Please like, comment, and share what you think! Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Tags below the cut. 

     I was in the bunker library working on my laptop when my phone rang.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Hey, Y/N.” Sam answered.

“Hey, Sammy.” I grinned.

“We just stopped for the night.” He said. “What are you doing?”

“Just some stuff on my laptop.” I told him. “Are you guys going to be back tomorrow?”

He hesitated. “That’s why I called. We can’t figure this case out. It might take us a few more days.”

“Oh.” I whispered.

“Sorry, Y/N.” He said. “We’ll be back as soon as we can.”

“There’s no rush.” I joked. “I’m capable of staying by myself.”

“I know.” He laughed. “We’ll call you tomorrow. Night, Y/N/N.”

“Night, Sammy.” I said before hanging up.

     I sighed and closed my laptop and started towards my room.

“Why so sad?” Lucifer said as he appeared.

“I’m fine.” I said while brushing past him.

“No, you’re not.” He countered.

“Leave me alone.” I told him.

“Talk to me, Y/N.” Lucifer called while following me down the hallway.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” I said before closing my door in his face.

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the dogg is now ur mascot for me idk why it just feels like u so much

i hav no idea how many times i have drawn this young man. it’s upto you whether this is annoying dog from undrtl or not, becos for ages i was like isnt AD supposed to represent toby? but i draw it so much so maybe i am toby. in conclusion: i am toby

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Hello! I came across your blog while browsing the final fantasy xv tag and I just want to say that your writing is absolutely wonderful! I was wondering, how would the Chocobros react when they learned that their S/O's one of the mascot wearers in the Moogle Chocobo Carnival?

OH LMAO that’s so cute!! thank you for your compliment also <3

Noctis: He first bites his lip to try to keep from laughing when they take off the giant mascot head, but he can’t help it and ends up laughing anyway. “What the hell?! You look ridiculous! How the heck’d you fit into that thing, isn’t it hot?” He’ll feel a little bad for them having to wear the costume for so long, but it’s too amusing to see them have fun with it, so he buys them an ice cream and pulls them away for a break in the shade for a while. also a kiss

Ignis: All he can do is stare at them in a mixture of confusion and awe. Of all places to find his partner, he… was not expecting it to be inside a giant mascot suit. Still, he can’t help but smile at the ridiculousness of it all. “…I reckon you’re having a good day,” he comments half-teasingly. “Must be a bit stuffy, is it not?” He’ll go and buy them a cold drink and maybe redo their hair if they had it back while in the suit. But he absolutely will not dance with them or take a picture, even if it’s his partner. 

Gladio: He can’t help but laugh out loud at them and give them a slap on the back. “Looks like someone’s having fun,” he teases. “Y’know, if you’re getting tired, you could always hand off mascot duty to me.” (…Or so he says, but he’d be too big for the costume anyway.) Before he leaves them to it, he makes sure to get a stupid picture with them in various poses in the full-body suit. Then he makes them take off the head one more time to give them a quick kiss on the lips before ruffling their hair. “Keep at it.”

Prompto: He screams, for two main reasons. One, he had no idea his partner was going to be a mascot and they scared him. Two, they are too goshdarn adorable in that cute mascot suit and oh my god he must take a picture immediately. He totally plays it up, hugging them, screeching, dancing, taking pictures, then buys them an ice cream too and kisses them on the cheek. “Man, am I the luckiest guy alive! To date the best person ever… and to see them in a mascot suit! I’ve been blessed!”


So I joined by Uni’s korfball team (look it up) last September, and guess what our team name/mascot was (unbeknownst to me at the time)? Needless to say I quickly picked up a particular nickname… 


You don’t get to find voice actors cosplaying their characters everyday, do you?

EDIT: Added Kira Buckland and Tara Strong. So Yuri is the only male voice actor cosplayer here? XD

  • brother: i'd love to be a hockey mascot
  • me: you have really high career aspirations
  • brother: tell me you wouldn't dress up as a giant penguin so you could ogle sidney crosby's ass on the regular
  • me: ...fair