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Youre the best Sonic cosplayer i have ever seen! Do you have any tips on making Sonic fursuits?

I got two:

1: Proportions are key. The reason why the typical Sonic character tends to be more difficult to make a mascot styled cosplay out of, compared to the average fursuit, is that Sonic and most other characters from the franchise are highly dependent on getting the proportions of them right enough. The head for my Sonic cosplay is the biggest head for a cosplay of mine to date, and for good reason. If you want a better idea of just how big the head is for my Sonic cosplay, due to the need of fitting his proportions better, here is shot of it and the head for my Toriel(Undertale) cosplay together for comparison.

And that’s only a frontal view, too. Sonic has six quills sticking out from the back of his head, unlike the Toriel head! But if you want another idea for how big the head is: I am around 5'3" tall.(Yeah, I’m pretty short.) When I am wearing the Sonic head, it adds a good full foot in height onto me, maybe even a little more.

Then there’s also the need to have the feet and hands be bigger than what your own hands and feet actually are.

It may not look like it in the photo, but the gloves are half as times bigger than my own hands, and the shoes are actually massive in person. The shoes are so big that the “socks” on them reach halfway up to my ankles.

This video can also help explain the need for proportions in cosplay like for Sonic characters.

2: Since the head for Sonic characters have to be so big, this is a very important piece of advice that I am going to stress the hell out of:

Please, please, for the love of whatever deity you want to use as a figure speech, make not only the base of the head hollow, but also the quills if you’re cosplaying as a hedgehog character like Sonic, Shadow, Silver, etc! I am dead fucking serious about this! Not only will it give the head allot of room to allow ventilation and air to pass in and out, but your neck will thank you for it! When you make a head that is so massive and bulky, you need to make sure it’s as lightweight as possible. I don’t care if you have to carve the quills out in foam and then hollow them out afterward, or assemble them from sheet foam using patterns and then further shape things out after attaching them to the head- Do not make the mistake of making the quills solid!(Though I would suggest you make the quills by use of the pattern method. It keeps the quills shapes more consistent, and it saves you money on the cost of foam, or whatever material you’re using, in the long run.)

Make sure the head mostly rests on your shoulders, and comfortably so, too. Not only for the sake of proportions, but so your neck isn’t strained to hell from handling more weight than it should. Also, make sure you attach a good helmet on the inside of the head, as well. A quality bicycle helmet, or a hard hat safety helmet, normally does the trick. Just make sure that it’s the type of hemlet where you can adjust it for different different head sizes.

I hope these tips will be helpful for you, or anyone else, looking to make bulky ass mascots type cosplay for not only Sonic characters, but other characters with big ass heads or weird proportions.

Animefest 2017 Top YoI Moments #3: MAKKACHIN!!!

So, during the hour preceding the last Yamamoto / Kubo / Hiramatsu panel, we were all tense waiting in the line, hoping we’d make it in, and then who should walk up but our favourite puppy, larger than life! Amazing!!

He was immediately swarmed by everyone wanting to hug him and take pictures, which he graciously allowed. The most adorable visitor award goes to a real life doggie, who looked like a real-life poodle Makkachin! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to take a good picture of them together orz

I really (really really) wanted to hug him too, but I was too scared to step away from the queue >_< But I waved, and he waved back and posed for me!


Smoke - Full Suit and Character

Due to some financial reasons I need to part with Smoke. He’s a year old and was only worn a handful of times!

Suit by Tacofreedom

You get full rights to the character, ref sheets and two badges!

Can be delivered to BLFC!


• Following eyes
• UV sparkel fur
• Minky pawpads/ spikes/ tongue / wings
• Attached tail
• UV claws

I only wore him for 3-4 cons.

Head size: 23-24"
Shoe size: fits 7-8 womans
I’m 5'2 around 93lbs

Asking: no offers less than $2,000

More images here:


So this cheap ass, totally not a Chinese knock-off, yellow Sonic costume that I ordered is currently on it’s way to me. So in the mean time, I went and did a mock-up on what I’m going to modify it into once it arrives.

(And because I know that I have to say this: No, I’m not making this to mock Sonichu or Chris-Chan. I am genuinely doing this all in good fun, with no snark or irony involved.)




“Shimasako-nyan”, “Ishida Mitsu-nyan” and “Ohtani Nyambu” Hikone city, Shiga prefecture, Japan.