“we met right here. i took this man’s hand and we ran down that hallway. and those of you that know me know i’m not in the habit of taking people’s hands that i’ve never met before but i think my soul knew something that my body and my mind didn’t know yet. it knew that our hands were meant to hold each other. fearlessly and forever. which is why its never really felt like i’ve been getting to know you, its always felt like i’m remembering you from somewhere. as if in every lifetime you and i have ever lived we’ve chosen to come back and find each other and fall in love, over and over, for all eternity. and i just feel so lucky that i found you so soon in this lifetime because all i want to do, all i’ve ever wanted to do, is spend my life loving you. so kurt hummel My amazing friend, my one true love, will you marry me….”

3 Years of the Klaine proposal Happy anniversary


All You Need Is Love (with proposal)

Three years ago today - September 26, 2013

When Mom Knows

Blaine comes home from school giddy and with a wrinkled uniform.  It doesn’t take long at all for Pam to find out exactly what happened.

842 words.  Rated: PG

It was late on a Friday afternoon when Blaine finally arrived home after “practicing” with Kurt.  He walked into his house, goofy smile plastered onto his face, and went off in search of his mother.  

“Hey Mom,” he said as he walked into the living room and found her sitting on the sofa, typing away on her laptop.  

At the sound of her son’s voice, Pam’s head lifted and her eyes left whatever was on her screen in favor of looking up at her son.  She placed the laptop on top of the coffee table and turned all of her attention towards her son.  “Hey Blaine!  Come on over here!”  She patted the empty space on the sofa next to her, which Blaine quickly filled.

“What are you working on?”

“Oh just responding to your aunt’s email.  Your cousin got into medical school, and she’s all excited about out.  Has every right to be too.  But enough about them.  What’s got you giddy like this?”

Blaine ducked his head and blushed.  He could feel his face grow warm as he turned a shade of red.  “It may or may not have something to do with Kurt,” Blaine admitted.  

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Um, guys? We got a mascot now. *shifty eyes*

This is Hunter, and he is a Canadian Lynx.

“Why, after all these years, would the Oilers decide they needed to have a mascot? Why would they decide to make him a Canadian Lynx? And why would they name him Hunter?

If there’s going to be controversy about this, it probably won’t come from the answer to the third question.

Hunter was named as a tribute to Wild Bill Hunter, the legendary hockey promoter, organizer, general manager and coach who founded the franchise in the World Hockey Association in 1972. Thus, Hunter will wear No. 72 on his orange Oilers jersey. “

anonymous asked:

" I'm remember so little of this fanfic. Kurt and Blaine have break up and Kurt and Sebastian are best friends . They all live in NY... i think that maybe Kurt have need Blaine help for something.." i think your anon is talking about Waiting For The Dawn, where Kurt looses his memory and Blaine is called to help and Kurt and Sebastain are friends

You may be right, anon!  It’s a great (yet angsty) fic!  Thanks!

Waiting For The Dawn by framby

It wasn’t suppose to be like that, Kurt and Blaine were supposed to stay together. But they didn’t. Kurt was laying in this hospital bed,not remembering his past nor their break up. Asking for Blaine who was just a shadow of his former self.

anonymous asked:

Hello! so i need to ask you a favour, due to everyone leaving the klaine fandom and blogs being abandoned I thought my best option at someone helping me find a fic would be you :) i cant remember much it was probably skank/badboy!kurt mm maybe nerd blaine? Or just canon. kurts friends with quinn she knows hes falling for blaine and doesnt like it so she tells B all this lies about k hooking up with a lot of ppl and B believes her and goes on a date with sebastian bc of that pls helpme! Luvya

Hello! Before I answer you, I just wanted to let you know about my fic rec blog - it’s the KlaineCrissColferLibrary.  It’s very well organized, and my co-moderator and I love helping readers find fics all the time. So, next time ya need a fic, please send us a message over there.  Thanks!  Here’s your fic:

Heartstrings Verse by @holdingdaylight

Kurt is just trying to disappear. But when he meets Blaine, he learns that isn’t ever going to be an option.

TDB Podcast: Episode 26 The One With the Razor Glass (Original Song)

Alright – the episode you’ve all been waiting for!! Fantastic original songs! Stripping Nuns! Bird Funerals! And a kiss that rocked world.  This episode has it all!! 

Host: Spaceorphan18

Guest(s): @ckerouac @snarkyhag @alianne

Download : iTunes

Podcasts will be posted every Sunday (usually in the afternoon) and I’ll put a tab on the main page where you can find a list previous podcasts.   You can also follow me on soundcloud, iTunes, or track the tag: tdb podcast.

Also, since I’m moving to iTunes, I have no way to tell how many of you are tuning in, so I really encourage you to reblog this post! Thank you

caramelcoffeeaddict  asked:

pretty sure the fic totallyawesomeharry is looking for is actually a slave!Blaine fic. "Worthless/Priceless" (archiveofourown*org/works/296983)

YES! Thank goodness for AO3 allowing you to look at the entire work - the find function is wonderful!  That’s it!  And it’s a great story! Thank you!

Worthless/Priceless by Anxioussquirrel, captain_pihkal

Kurt buys a beaten and abused Blaine at a slave market and helps him get better.

A brand new design for my personas/mascots!

Name: Chatton (Kitten in French)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"

-The more upbeat and positive of the two, Chatton is usually found eating, watching TV, drawing, or sleeping. She likes anything animal-related and loves listening to music.She is in many fandoms.

-She can play piano and dance swing (because swing dancing is awesome) and really likes over-sized sweaters. She also really likes her cat stockings and her cat hairpins.

Name: Chat (Cat in French)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5" (he’s a bit shorter than previous designs)

-The more mature and serious of the two, Chat is usually found writing stories, drawing comics, or reading. He constantly nags Chatton to study more, but in reality, he dislikes it as much as her. He likes horror and mystery novels and watches too many horror movies for his own good.

-He composes new songs at random for Chatton to practice on the piano. He is also trying to learn how to animate. One day, he wants to write a bestseller series, or at least become a really good artist.

Author Asks

RULES: Copy and paste this into a new text post, fill this out, and then tag 3 authors you want to learn more about.

Tagged by @dont-stop-believin-in-klaine. Thanks!

Where do you publish your work? I just to be just, but I’ve expanded to AO3 and Tumblr as my main ones. 

What medium/application/etc. do you write with? 90% of the time, I draft out my stories- especially the long one-shots. The other 10% is me writing on the laptop as I go about answering a prompt or writing something I thought of.

Do you collaborate with others? Yes! @fezwearingjellybananas and I have an ongoing AOS Captain America AU going (and then we made another Marvel AU with DC characters recently. It’s amazing). I also talk a lot with other Captain Canary writers to bounce ideas around.

How much editing do you do before you publish? Usually I do a read through as I draft, and then another after I type it up.

Do you listen to music? Oh my gosh, yes! I love writing and listening to music. Although if Flares is playing, then get ready for sad feels.

How do you decide what to write about? Most of the time, I take prompts and fill them (and get asked for more). Sometimes, ideas will strike me and I can’t help but write about them.

When do you write? Whenever I find time, I will pull out a notebook I have on hand and work for a little while.

How often do you write? As often I can find time, I’m writing. Unless I get distracted.

Do you take requests? Why/why not? Yes! I love to take requests. It’s fun to write something and see how it lines up with what the requester was hoping for.

Is there a genre or type of story you want to write but are hesitant to? I can’t think of anything at the moment.

Any inspirational quotes, videos, tricks, articles, etc that help you stay motivated? If you’re basing a fic off a show/movie, rewatch a few episodes as you write to get the vibe down. Also, listen to music that fits what you’re writing. That really gets you in the mood.

Go to page 7 of your WIP, skip to the 7th line, and share 7 sentences.

(From the Heaven Sent/Hell Bent CC AU)

“The world is not a fair place, Mr. Snart.”

“Don’t I know it,” he said, uncrossing his arms. “It’s full of crooks, just like me. And I’ve just stolen the one of the most important things here.”

Druce exchanged a glance with his fellow Time Masters. “You’ve been nowhere anything valuable.”

Snart smiled. “That’s what you think.”

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Here is some non pokemon stuff for now.
I actually am a huge Kpop fan and one of the groups I like is B.A.P.
Not that long ago they had a world tour and I was at one of their concerts.
Beforehand they released the information, that there would be boxes, so you could give presents to the members.
So I decided to make every Member his Matoki as a little figur.

I will upload all Matokis but today we are starting with the youngest: Totomato / Zelo

anonymous asked:

Hiya could you give me a list of sugar daddy Blaine please?

Sweet Little Sixteen by brokenlovesong

Blaine is a 32yo businessman picking up young guys at bars for onenightstands. One night he sees a beautiful boy looking lost. 16yo Kurt reveals he has a boypussy and is a virgin. Blaine takes him home and fucks him. He decides he wants it to be more than one night and they make a deal. Lots of sex, relationship development and denied feelings.

IDK if they’re necessarily “sugar daddy” fics, but there are some great fics in our wealthy!Blaine tag!

Plus these two:

If You Leave, Don’t Leave Now

One and Only