HELLO~!! I’m participating in it klaine book project 2015!!
I had the great honor with the many artists!
…. Last year, knew that this last chance :*)

I was a fun and happy time, when I drew this.
This was great significance. Finally, a glee…..((T0T))

K&B is always, love the my prince u0u)_♥♥♥♥

Thanks you! 

Glee Episode Tournament

Hi guys! As something fun to do going into the fall, the-multicorn and I have put together an episode tournament for fandom.  With a schedule forthcoming, everyone gets the chances to vote, via tumblr, on the match ups, and week by week, over the next few months, we’ll update the winning episode until an ultimate winner is declared!

Brackets 1 & 2

Brackets 3 & 4

Brackets 5 & 6

Brackets 7 & 8

You can check out the full brackets here: Glee Episode Tournament And you can always check that out to see the episode standings.  (Ignore the Glee, Actually win, I’ll fix that.)  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask!! 

More details–including a full schedule—coming soon.  This post is mostly to get an idea of how interested people are, so please reblog if you think you’ll participate!! 

Fic: A Classic Game


~1000 words, PG-13ish, part competition and part dumbasses in love.

“Since when do we own board games?” Blaine asked from across the living room. They were unpacking their last few boxes, happily back in New York and ready to conquer the world.

“Since Dad told me that some of the best nights of his life were spent playing board games with my mom during power outages, and he wanted us to be prepared,” Kurt replied, turning away from the bookshelf he was organizing. “I didn’t actually see what he got us, what’s in there?”

“Life…Monopoly…Trivial Pursuit….ooooh, Twister!” Blaine said, holding up the white box with a giddy smile. “This was the one game I could always beat Cooper at, not to mention the rest of the Warblers.”

“Oh, really?” Kurt asked, arching an eyebrow. “Then it might interest you to know that I once beat both Mike and Brittany when we had a New Directions Twister Tournament sophomore year.”

“Was that a challenge, babe?” Blaine said, getting that saucy, confident look on his face that always got Kurt a little aroused.

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Just when I thought I couldn’t love them anymore. I mean how cute is this pic? The way Blaine is looking at Kurt’s cheek like he wants to forget the camera and whoever is holding the camera and just pounce. And Kurt is giving that face he has during the beginning of You Make Me Feel So Young duet; as if surprised by Blaine’s affection but in truth is just luring Blaine in. Ahhh boys you don’t know what you do to me. 

I wish they had released these pics before. I sometimes wonder how many pics of this couple are still hidden. Can you imagine? We will go about our lives, and sometimes our dash will have a gif and we will smile over Klaine. 

But then every so often a new never been seen picture of Klaine will pop up and it’s like we are right back to 2012 flailing, staring and giggling over a pair of boys that captured our hearts years ago…

A Little Pick-Me-Up

Written for todaydreambelievers prompt: (AU or Canon Compliant)  Blaine and/or Kurt using cheesy pickup lines on the other.  For example, could be to seduce or being funny but can be whatever you’d like, wherever you like, whenever you like.

Kurt contemplated the two women in front of him, his eyes narrowed slightly as he swallowed the final mouthful of his drink. “So what exactly are the terms and conditions?”

Santana’s grin widened. “All general cleaning of shared apartment areas will be done by the two of us for the next month.” She glanced towards Rachel who was nodding emphatically.

“To my standard?”

“To your standard,” both said, holding up crossed fingers.

Kurt leaned forward slightly, resting his chin on his fingers. “Ok,” he said after a moment, to which both Rachel and Santana responded with a loud ‘Whoop!’ and high five. “What exactly do I have to do?”

“You have to go up to the next guy who walks through the door and say this,” Santana held up her phone, showing Kurt what was written there.

“You know what,” he said, letting out a chuckle. “That could be a whole lot worse.” Turning in his seat, he directed his eyes to the entry of the bar. No cleaning for a month. He could do this.

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Opening Yourself Up To Cheer

By Januarium & Art by wthispattysimcox

Also on AO3

Kurt was excited when he first met Blaine Anderson, on the first day of Kurt’s third year at Wapakoneta Summer Cheer Camp. Blaine had been unpacking in the cabin when Kurt had arrived, still wearing his own clothes. Kurt immediately noticed how put together and stylish he was. That, the copies of Vogue Kurt saw in his suitcase, plus the polite way Blaine introduced himself was enough to send Kurt’s heart pounding against his will. He’d introduced himself, making sure to make himself sound as impressive as possible because, well, he really wanted Blaine to like him. There weren’t so many guys at camp, and Kurt wasn’t close with those that were. He had his girls, and it wasn’t something he hated, but in Blaine he spotted some sort of potential kinship.

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My submission for klainebookproject !!!

 WEE so happy i can finally share these pieces with you all~!! I remember we were discussing the book and i immediately shouted ‘ SPACE KLAINE I WANT SPACE KLAINE’! It’s one of my favourite klaine aus and i’m so glad i got to do it! 


That’s Not Tomato Juice – Kurt’s dorm roommate, Blaine, seems to have a serious addiction to juice boxes. However, not all is as it seems. (ao3)

notes: now that I have the go-ahead to share, here’s my small contribution to the Klaine Book Project 2015! the artwork that accompanied it was done by the lovely Veerle ( plume-artwork​ ); she also helped out a lot in coming up with the concept - and other concepts that may never see the light of day.

ps. there are still a few damaged copies of the book, so check out the page if you’re interested.

“We need to talk,” Kurt says as soon as his roommate walks in the door. Blaine pauses, eyebrows raised, and nods slowly, closing the door behind him. Realizing this moment of hesitation, he adds, “Unless you have something important to do first.”

“No, it’s…” Blaine shakes his head, then smiles a little. “It’s not important. What’s going on?”

“It’s about our fridge,” Kurt says, indicating the appliance with a wave of his hand. He notices Blaine stiffen and stand up straighter, as if bracing himself. To ease Blaine’s sudden nervousness, he continues, “It’s not that serious. It’s just that my friend brought a cheesecake for us, and unless you really want to eat it all right now, I have to keep it chilled.”

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Fic: Some Enchanted Yard Sale

Summary:  It must be his lucky day.

A/N: This was my little contribution to the klainebookproject 2015. I’m so happy that I got to participate in this project, and I’ve had a lot fun writing this.The art for this was created by magicalplaylist, who is amazing and so much fun to work with! I’ll link to it once it’s online. :) I’d also like to thank the wonderful mods for this project who put so much time and hard work into organising all of this and putting it all together.

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