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So @chrlieweasly and @wiledwolfstar tagged me to post selfies or whatever, but like 83% of my personal pics feature me being an embarrassing asshole, or making a purposefully awkward face, or throwing up the cunnilingus sign at the gym, so yeah. This is the best I could do. RIP. If you’d like to join in the fun, tag me so I can see you! <3

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It makes me LOL when you call other people dude bro. you're so over compensatingly masc but trying to be femme. You only date people who are masc and only uplift femmes to look good online. You work in a gym and you are such a douche from every part of your persona. Dude bro scumbag to the t. Dude bro.

brah u got me


Hot doctor in LA named Eric. Only into “masc, straight acting, chill dudes,” but loves to have slim, effeminate twink Asians over at his place for fun. Lives in Arcadia, California. He’s an “exclusive” top but LOVES sucking uncut cock. “Total” top but whip out an uncut dick and he’ll drop to his knees faster than you can blink. 

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Is it bad to have a preference if you're pan? People (irl) keep saying that its bad for me to have a preference for male/masc-aliagned but the only reason i have this preference is because i have been bullied/manipulated by several female/fem-aliagned people and they keep saying that's a bad reason to have a preference and it's making me feel really bad :'( (am i a bad person for having this preference?)

absolutely not!!! oh my god, you are nowhere near a bad person for identifying as pan and having preferences!!!! no matter the reason for the preference, it is valid!!! you are still a valid pan!!!! I’m sorry about what you’ve gone through, and that people try to invalidate you and make you feel bad for having preferences. pan people can have preferences and types just like anyone else can. being attracted to all gender identities does not mean that we are attracted to every single person of every gender identity or that we are attracted to each gender identity equally or in the same way. a pan person can be attracted to all gender identities, but experience attraction for one specific gender identity more than others. it doesn’t have to be, and most likely will not be, split evenly. just like how pan people don’t have to date and/or sleep with someone of every gender identity to be pan, pan people don’t have to be attracted to every gender identity equally or in the same way to be pan. you are a valid pan and you are not bad person for having a preference.

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I'm curious.. why are signs like capricorn and scorpio seen as feminine signs when overall they come off as highly masculine? & Sagittarius and Libra and Aquarius all come off as feminine. Like I know it's separated by element but it doesn't make any sense. idk I just don't see it at all, I've never thought of elements as fem/masc, only particular signs and what their main traits are. I'd see air more feminine than earth honestly

Scorpio and Capricorn are receptive to the environment around them.  That is what makes them feminine in nature.  Take a look at them through the perspective of ascendants to clear up the perspective.  Capricorn and Scorpio Ascendants are wallflowers and won’t reach out and engage socially. Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius are Masculine Extroverted signs that like to go out into the world to be apart of it.  This is just the nature of the signs; no if’s and’s or butts.  It’s been this way for thousands of years and it will continue to be for a million more.

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So I'm a white masc. trans male. Would you be against helping me out with my transition or do you only seek to help minorities in the trans community? Iv noticed you're against other companies that mainly help masc. trans men so I was curious your stance on this.

I haven’t ever said at any point that I would be against helping white trans men. In fact, I’ve aided many in the last couple of years. I’ve sent out countless binders and clothing packages, raised nearly $2k for someone with my team, and have helped comfort, share information, etc w other people. In general, I’ve done a lot in the form of reaching out to the community as a whole.

I’m not against companies that mainly help trans masc people. I’m against companies that advertise themselves as being for the whole community when their spaces aren’t safe for trans feminine people or POC.

I’ll even break it down. Here’s a short list off the top of my head of things that make so called “inclusive” companies/spaces unsafe:
-language tailored solely towards masc people(guys, dudes, bros, brothers, etc)
-services tailored solely towards masc people(only doing top surgery or binder fundraisers)
-lack of intersectional commentary/dialogue(not recognizing trans masc privilege, passing privilege, white privilege, class privilege, able bodied privilege, access to resources, etc)
-products made solely for masc people(only having the usual “unisex”(usually men’s) shirts available, not using language inclusive of nonbinary identities)
-failure to have representation of POC, trans fem ppl, ppl w disabilities(only having white trans guy after white trans guy on your feed and only choosing popular white trans people to promo for you)
-culturally appropriative products/models(white models with “dreads”(mats), taking cultural items that aren’t yours and using them for gain of profit or for profit that doesn’t benefit that culture directly, etc)
-appropriating AAVE(being non black and using: fam, my guy, lit, gang, crew, bitter/salty/thirsty, and other terms popularized by the black community)

Not the shortest list but a good start.

I don’t /only/ seek to help minorities within the community. But, as you have also recognized, most companies do not give a shit about POC or trans fem people. Not to mention how that intersects with ableism, classism, misogyny, patriarchy, sexism, etc.

My goal is to create spaces and aid organizations that are safe for the entirety of the community. My goal is to ensure that those who see companies that don’t give a shit about them, that actively prove day in and day out that they don’t care about POC or trans feminine people, know that there’s at least someone who sees it and cares that it’s happening.

My goal is to be an ally and to be a leader. And sometimes being a leader means doing uncomfortable things–like the countless conversations I have had with white trans men to tell them why what they are doing is harmful. Or like all the personal growth I have had to do and still have to do to be a better ally. Or being thoughtful and understanding when I’m called out and working at being better.

My question to you then, is how do you see all of these companies solely catering to white masc people and you don’t care? Doesn’t that seem unfair? You feel like I won’t help you because I create dialogue on intersectionality, but how do more marginalized members of the community feel when they have zero representation, zero help, and all of these people keep trying to pretend they are aiding them? Have you ever thought critically about that?

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just wanna say, saying someone isn't attracted to nonbinary people but only women and men is not cool. cause, you can't tell who's nonbinary by looking, and some transition and some don't. so if we are all vastly different in how we present our gender identity, this means: They aren't not attracted to nonbinary people due to their preferences (e.g. femme, breasts, masc, etc.) but only BECAUSE we are nonbinary. just no. if ya uncomfortable with dating nonbinary people just say so.

This is a great point! That’s why I would never rule out being attracted to non-binary folks as a whole because they’re so varied and have vastly different gender presentations. We have an article on EF that talks about how not every NB person “looks non-binary” because gender =/= gender expression.

I’ve definitely had crushes on people I assumed were binary and then later found out they identified as non-binary. AKA a lesson on why I should never assume people’s gender.

You guys asked for it, and now there’s dateatransguy, a dating blog for trans masculine people looking to find that/those special someone(s), whether it be romantic or queer platonic. I ask you all to please read both the FAQ and Submission Guidelines pages. 

I thought about whether I wanted to make a dating blog only for trans guys but ultimately decided that anyone who would date trans masc ppl may follow, but only trans masc ppl may submit. 

Only people sixteen and above may submit and any minors who are messaged by anyone more than two years older than them should let me know so I can block them. 

I expect mostly trans masculine people to follow either way, especially people following this blog.

I made that icon on Paint so please forgive that it sucks.