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You guys asked for it, and now there’s dateatransguy, a dating blog for trans masculine people looking to find that/those special someone(s), whether it be romantic or queer platonic. I ask you all to please read both the FAQ and Submission Guidelines pages. 

I thought about whether I wanted to make a dating blog only for trans guys but ultimately decided that anyone who would date trans masc ppl may follow, but only trans masc ppl may submit. 

Only people sixteen and above may submit and any minors who are messaged by anyone more than two years older than them should let me know so I can block them. 

I expect mostly trans masculine people to follow either way, especially people following this blog.

I made that icon on Paint so please forgive that it sucks.

tilthendoftheline  asked:

hi! i've been trying to improve my nb wardrobe (i'm dfab masc pre-t and only recently started having an income that supports me buying a few new pieces of clothing) and wondered if you or any of your followers had advice on tank tops? i like wearing tanks (to show off my tattoos obv) but it's hard to find styles that don't show a binder. i've tried gc2b's tank binders but i'm kinda fat and don't like how tight they are across the belly to wear on their own, tho i like them with a top ls shirt.

I wear this binder in black mainly, although I have just ordered this one in nude after a friend recommended it. 

On the right is me wearing a very unisex-style women’s tank. The binder definitely does peek out, especially at the lowest point of the neck hole. On the left is actually a men’s sleeveless t-shirt but because the shoulders are narrower than mine it looks very tank-like. This style doesn’t show the binder at all and definitely reads more masc. Hope this is helpful as you treat yourself to some new clothing! Anyone else have any good tank tips?

By claiming that in order for straight people to like us or understand us, we need to be like them in very specific, stereotypical ways (or that if we are like them we must be “acting”) Emmerich and anyone else who uses the term “straight-acting” – including the legions of men on hook-up apps whose profiles read “Masc 4 Masc” and “Str8 acting only” – is affirming all of the lies about who we are (and who we aren’t) that we’ve been raging against for as long as we have been a “we.” In fact, isn’t this what the heroes of Stonewall were ultimately battling? Didn’t they finally say “enough” to the constant tormenting they faced for being different from what society expected and demanded of them? And how stupendously offensive to take the story of these brave warriors and attempt to repackage it so that straight people can find a way to comfortably stomach our rebellion.

No. Enough.

—  If You Think ‘Straight-Acting’ Is An Acceptable Term, You’re An A**hole | Noah Michelson for the Huffington Post Gay Voices

Let me rant for a minute

This has been bothering me since last night, but the gay community’s idea of “too girly” or “masc only” really pisses me off. First off, anyone with a penis who identifies as a male is “masc only”, and there is NO SUCH THING as “too girly”. There may be guys who are too sensitive for you or who don’t share common interests with you but saying a guy is “too girly” is a problem with you. It shows that you aren’t comfortable with yourself as a gay man and want to go out in public with a guy who people will suspect is just your friend and who doesn’t remind you that you’re gay.

Please please please stop using terms like “too girly” or “masc”.

so ive been thinking about this a lot and i think im gonna start going by Cai or Ada and im gonna start using They/she pronouns. Please only use she/her pronouns if you like know me and we’ve talked before. if i dont know you, please just use they. thank you all so much! im really trying to further my transition.