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isn't it kind of not really feminist to associate the colour pink with being feminine anyway like pink is a colour it's for anyone it doesn't necessarily have to be a fem or masc or whatever idk idk i thought your spread was lovely anyway

ya I mean I get the gender roles thing with the pink being associated with girls and blue being associated with boys in our society but honestly I think anyone should be free to like any color they want like it’s not that big of an issue?? Like you’re not a bad person if you’re a girl and pink is your favorite color

beautiful french words ✿
  • ange – angel (masc.)
  • baleine – whale (fem.)
  • bisou – kiss (masc.)
  • brindille – twig (fem.)
  • brûler – to burn
  • brume – mist (fem.)
  • câlin – hug (masc.)
  • chaleur – heat (fem.)
  • chatoyer – to shimmer
  • chaussettes – socks (fem.)
  • chouchou – my little cabbage, said as a term of endearment (masc.)
  • citronnade – lemonade (fem.)
  • citrouille – pumpkin (fem.)
  • coquillage – seashell (masc.)
  • croquis – sketch (masc.)
  • dépaysement – the feeling of being in another country, the weird feeling you get from things being different from what you’re used to.  (masc.)
  • doux – soft
  • écarlate – scarlet
  • éclatant – brilliant, dazzling, gleaming
  • effleurer – to touch or brush against
  • empêchement – something that keeps you from doing something (masc.)
  • épanoui – blooming, joyful, radiant
  • éphémère – ephemeral
  • étoile – star (fem.)
  • feuilles – leaves (fem.)
  • flâner – to stroll aimlessly
  • floraison – bloom (fem.)
  • grelotter – to shiver
  • hirondelle – swallow (bird) (fem.)
  • libellule – dragonfly (fem.)
  • loufoque – wild, crazy, far-fetched
  • luciole – firefly (fem.)
  • myrtille – blueberry (fem.)
  • noix de coco – coconut (fem.)
  • nuage – cloud (masc.)
  • orage – thunderstorm (masc.)
  • pamplemousse – grapefruit (masc.)
  • papillon – butterfly (masc.)
  • parapluie – umbrella (fem.)
  • pastèque – watermelon (fem.)
  • piscine – swimming pool (fem.)
  • plaisir – pleasure (masc.)
  • pleuvoir – to rain
  • plonger – to dive
  • retrouvailles – the feelings of seeing someone again after a long time (fem.)
  • sirène – mermaid (fem.)
  • soleil – sun (masc.)
  • sortable – someone you can take anywhere without being embarrassed
  • tournesol – sunflower (masc.)

daily reminder that gnc trans ppl exist and we arent just faking being trans !

a gnc trans boy who only likes to wear dresses and skirts and who does his makeup all the time is still a boy!

a gnc trans girl with short hair and who only wears masculine clothing and never presents feminine is still a girl!

being gender nonconforming is not a cis only experience and trans people who are gnc are still 100% trans and 100% wonderful


English has only a two level distinction: this and that. Older forms of English had a three-way distinction: this, that and yonder. 

Portuguese (and Spanish very similarly) have a 3 degree distinction:

  • near me (~here): este, esta, isto
  • near you (~there): esse, essa, isso
  • far from us (yonder~over there): aquele, aquela, aquilo 

French has only one demonstrative: ce/cet (masc.), cette (fem.), ces (plural), and one has to add an adverb of location to make it preciser: ce…ci, ce…là (ça). The same holds true for German and other scandinavian languages.

If you know the languages in blank, please help me fill them up. 

Nonbinary positivity time!

🐉 Nonbinary is a perfectly valid identity all on its own.

🐉 Nonbinary people exist.

🐉 They’re perfect.

🐉 Nonbinary people don’t need your permission.

🐉 Nonbinary people are welcome to use any pronouns they like.

🐉 Nonbinary people can be as fem, masc, or androgynous as they want and still be nonbinary.

🐉 There’s no such thing as a wrong way to be nonbinary.

🐉 Nonbinary people are magical and worthy of love and respect.

~Mod Kai 🐉

Cozy vocab in Portuguese

Note: Hey everyone! I’m kind of new here in the langblr community, so I decided to do this vocab list following some others I’ve seen around – Italian, Maltese, Swedish, German, polish and Russian. Hope this helps!

(masc) beijo – kiss
(masc) café – coffee
(masc) chá – tea
(masc) livro – book
(masc) filme – movie
(masc) abraço – hug
(masc) cobertor – blanket
(masc) travesseiro – pillow
(masc) cochilo – nap
(masc) calor – warmth
(masc) fogo – fire
(masc) suéter – sweater
(masc) conforto – comfort
(mask) sofá – couch
(masc) pijama – pijamas
(masc) gato – cat

(fem) meia, meias – sock, socks
(fem) lareira – fireplace
(fem) lua – moon
(fem) estrela – star
(fem) vela – candle
(fem) Chuva – rain

Abraçar – to cuddle
Beijar – to kiss
Cuidar – to take care of
Dormir, cochilar – to sleep, to nap
Ler – to read
Relaxar – to relax
Deitar-se – to lay down
Descansar – to rest

Confortável – comfortable
Doce – sweet
Delicado/a – delicate
Macio/a – soft
Agradável – pleasant

Here are some other lists I know of: Italian, Maltese, German, Finnish, Swedish and Hebrew.
Agender Chowder Headcanons
  • uses he and they pronouns equally
    • hates gendered nouns tho
    • just bc someone’s a ‘he’ doesn’t mean he’s a boy!!!!!!
  • doesn’t id as transmasc or transfem bc they’re not?? masc or fem???
  • doesn’t really id as trans until they get close to nursey 
    • the trans community’s not always great to nb people and chowder doesn’t experience a shitton of dysphoria so???
    • they just kinda think gender doesn’t matter
  • won’t wear makeup because having stuff on their face is sensory hell but chowder loves wearing leggings and skirts and flowy shirts and crop tops and impractical but fashionable layers and boots
    • they can walk in heels better than half of the SWV team and farmer’s teammates are super jealous
    • also they love glitter. so much.
  • has precisely 0 plans to come out to his extended family ever
    • his sister knows and his parents hear enough stories to suspect, but that’s as far as that’s going
  • has a lot of issues with traditional views of androgyny
  • he and nursey bond a LOT over being nb
    • like they were already close but nursey’s the only person chowder’s ever really related to abt this
    • “you don’t like the trans community?”
    • “well i’m not a white binary trans person so….”
    • “that’s fair.”
  • farmer’s bi af so coming out to her wasn’t that big of a deal
    • they are The Cutest Queer couple and everyone is super jealous
    • everytime someone (at pride or queer club or whatever) goes “this isn’t for straight people” they are ready to Fight
    • (chowder’s a goalie y’all they’ve got mad reflexes and a fair amount of anger why is everyone surprised that they give as good as they get?)
50 Beautiful French Words
  1. ange – angel (masc.)
  2. baleine – whale (fem.)
  3. bisou – kiss (masc.)
  4. brindille – twig (fem.)
  5. brûler – to burn
  6. brume – mist (fem.)
  7. câlin – hug (masc.)
  8. chaleur – heat (fem.)
  9. chatoyer – to shimmer
  10. chaussettes – socks (fem.)
  11. mon chouchou – my little cabbage, said as a term of endearment (masc.)
  12. citronnade – lemonade (fem.)
  13. citrouille – pumpkin (fem.)
  14. coquillage – seashell (masc.)
  15. croquis – sketch (masc.)
  16. dépaysement – the feeling of being in another country (masc.)
  17. doux – soft
  18. écarlate – scarlet
  19. éclatant – brilliant, dazzling, gleaming
  20. empêchement – a last minute difficulty (masc.)
  21. épanoui – blooming, joyful, radiant
  22. éphémère – ephemeral
  23. étoile – star (masc.)
  24. feuilles – leaves (fem.)
  25. flâner – to stroll aimlessly
  26. floraison – bloom (fem.)
  27. grelotter – to shiver
  28. hirondelle – swallow (bird) (fem.)
  29. libellule – dragonfly (fem.)
  30. loufoque – wild, crazy, far-fetched
  31. luciole – firefly (fem.)
  32. myrtille – blueberry (fem.)
  33. noix de coco – coconut (fem.)
  34. nuage – cloud (masc.)
  35. orage – thunderstorm (masc.)
  36. pamplemousse – grapefruit (masc.)
  37. papillon – butterfly (masc.)
  38. parapluie – umbrella (fem.)
  39. pastèque – watermelon (fem.)
  40. péripatéticien – wanderer (masc.)
  41. piscine – swimming pool (fem.)
  42. plaisir – pleasure (masc.)
  43. pleuvoir – to rain
  44. plonger – to dive
  45. retrouvailles – the happiness of seeing someone again after a long time (fem.)
  46. singulier – so odd it’s one of a time
  47. sirène – mermaid (fem.)
  48. soleil – sun (masc.)
  49. sortable – someone you can take anywhere without being embarrassed
  50. tournesol – sunflower (masc.)
heads up

i’m gonna be trying out he/him pronouns for a little bit so yeah! i still like they/them, but i’ve been thinking about it lately and i want to see if i like masculine pronouns. i hope you all have a good week!

Mask of Center

I mostly present as masculine of center

Like I would wear a paper mask

And pretend it makes me safer

When I use the pants bathroom

When I call out people who misgender me

Like it adds legitimacy to my

Defending my gender identity.


Cause every time there are two

Bathroom options and I have to chose

I opt for the pants, although I am perceived as an invader

As someone who has to be confronted.

I am told that I’ve entered the wrong gendered space

Which is pretty insulting cause

Either you think I can’t decypher signs on doors

Either you think you know my gender better than I do

I face the insult added to the injury

Cause in the skirts bathroom, no one

Thinks twice to gender me as female.


Thus I present as androgynous as

This weird way of protecting myself.

You see, androgyny is the equivalent

Of a gender role for us non binary folks.

And androgyny is a better sounding

Synonym for masculine of center ;

That is, a tale of menswear and

Dapperness and button-down shirts.

The word “androgyny” evacuates the power dynamics

In our fem-erasing queer communities…

So I’ll call my gender expression what it is:

It is masculine of center.


Anyways. I wear this mask of center

To fit into another neat box

Although I came out of the closet

To escape those two tiny boxes I felt trapped in


What the fuck am I doing ?

What’s the point of being out if I am limiting myself

To a gender expression that only suits me some of the time

Mostly so I can pee and correct people ?


Maybe it’s okay because I

Am doing what I have to, to survive

In this binary, binary world

But it means lying to myself.


I want to present in a truly androgynous manner

Wear button-down shirts and long skirts

And bright lipstick with a van dyke beard

And Doc Marten or high heels

Depending on how I feel


I want to live my beautiful complex gender

Instead of hiding it behind this mask of center

I want to truly be gender non conforming

I want to look how I feel

Instead of being scared

I want to breathe not bind

And thrive not hide.


Alexis, November 2015

trans and nb ppl don’t have to be conventionally attractive to be respected.
trans and nb ppl don’t have to look “”“like their gender”“” to be respected.
trans and nb ppl don’t have to transition to be respected.
trans and nb ppl don’t have to be publicly out to be respected.
trans and nb ppl don’t have to dress masc, fem, or androgynous to be respected.
trans and nb ppl should have their gender and pronouns respected no matter what.

fun latin word(s) of the day

silvesco (3) (sihl-wehs-ko) – (of a vine) to run wild

silvestris, -e, adj. (sihl-wehs-trihs) – wooded, overgrown with woods, woodland, wild

silvicola, -ae, masc/fem (sihl-wih-coh-luh) – denizen of the forest

silvicultrix, -tricis, adj, fem. only, (sihl-wih-kuhl-tricks) – living in the woods

silvifragus, -a, -um, adj. (sihl-wih-frah-guhs) – (of the wind) forest smashing

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Okay this is extremely important. I am FUCKING PISSED because YouTube is censoring all videos of the lgbtqiapd+ community especially the trans community!! They are age restricting packer reviews, binders, funny parody videos, hormone updates, top and bottom surgery updates, dysphoria discussion, support groups, trans resources, gender neutral/masc/fem clothing/passing videos, and even coming out videos. It's like they are trying to erase us when people need to this information desperately.

Yeah, I know. This kind of queerphobic bullshit is ridiculous.

They are getting a lot of backlash from it though, so there is a small chance they might come to their senses and fix the new restricted mode so that videos with queer topics aren’t automatically hidden.

But I mean, it’s not like people are going to stop using YouTube, no matter what they do or don’t do. So I suppose they feel they don’t have anything to risk by doing things like this.