Reign Episode 11 Thoughts

Warning Spoilers Ahead:

  • So Catherine ’s Family is the Mafia. She was like a Mafia Princess before being Queen, that explains so much about her her blood lust, etc.
  • Henry really did love Catherine and she him, but their pettiness and distrust grew to much and it broke both of sad.
  • Henry is ruled by his hormones. But at the same time is ruthless and cunning when need be. He already knew about the Pagan connection and would do anything to keep it under wraps.
  • Nostradamus is alive and shows his loyalty to Catherine. We got to see a little more of their friendship which was nice.
  • Clarissa!!!! She is Catherine’s daughter and to be quite honest, she did not look that bad when they finally showed her. She is smart, but also at the same time damaged. What happens next I expect to be very tragic.
  • Bash showed some of his skills with horses this episode. He’s got mad skills. 
  • Bash shows he rules with his heart and will protect the woman with his body and soul and what woman would not want that for a partner. I mean how many times already has he already bled for Mary?! He would kill his own father for her! Also his speech to Mary was all about love (“claim’) not ruling a kingdom.
  • Mary’s "My heart is Open” to speech to Bash was true for her. She is doing things that she would never have thought of doing with Francis and she realizes who Bash is with all his brashness and bluntness and still wants to be with him. And I’m not going to lie the look on his face when she said “my heart is open” was amazing. It was combination of relief and happiness.
  • The ending had a lot going on, from Catherine’s family abandoning her and asking her commit suicide, to Catherine’s attempt on Mary life, to Clairssa’s saving Mary and Catherine and revealing her face, to Bash swooping in and pulling Mary out of the poison tub while the guards just stood there and watched, it was all amazing. The emotions on Mash’s face when he helped Mary out of the tub and realizing he almost lost her was amazing and good job by Torrence Coombs.

My only grip with this episode is we never found out how Nostradamus healed after Clarissa knifed him in the neck.

Also on a total shallow note Catherine looks great with her hair down and should have it down more often.

Over all good episode, it had a little mystery, a little romance, and a lot of blood.

Thoughts on "The Consummpation Episode"

So after having a few days to let things settle in and let the shock and sometimes disgust go away I just wanted to say a few things about the episode. So just in case you haven’t watched it yet, depending where you live or just real life as gotten in the way of your viewing pleasure, be warned spoilers ahead.

Okay first off I like to say this episode was brutal, parts of it was cold and had to much crammed in for a one hour show. So much so that the main character seemed out of character. The reason why I say that is because one minute Mary is breaking Bash’s heart and literally a few seconds later is running to find Francis. WTF?! Does that seem like the Mary we have seen for the 12 episodes before that? Because it does not  to me, she barely showed any remorse before walking out on Bash and running to Francis. That was cold. Especially since she just told Bash she loved him and she told her mother earlier she was starting to love Bash. Then during the consummation scene she barely shows any hint of horror or sadness that Bash is being forced to watch. Once again does that seem like the Mary of the last few episodes? Now I know there is on the Director’s cut version which shows a little bit of hurt or something from her, when she sees Bash. But that version of the episode did not air on the network and was not seen by millions of people, so for me that does not count.

As for Bash the man had his heart broken by the woman he was just going to get married to, kicked out of his home by his douche bag of a brother, yes Francis became a douche in this episode, because if you slept with your supposed love of you life’s best friend, possibly more than once (it was never clear if Frola had separate rooms when they were riding back to the castle and the fact they were packing their things from the same bed makes me think it was more than once) and lie straight to Mary’s face about protecting Bash and then kicking him out, makes you a douche. Bash did nothing, but love the woman he wanted since the very first episode and want to be with her, to protect her, and to love her. And what he got was a broken heart and became a man on the run because somebody wants to kill him, all for loving Mary. Also lets not forget his father Henry, who is a  man-child, who made his “favorite” son watch the women he loves have sex with her new husband. If you did not cringe through that scene, something is wrong with you. That scene broke my heart for Bash in so many different ways. He lost everything this episode, his love, his family, his home and may he now kick every-bodies ass.

Some other points of interest:

  • Lola looked as uncomfortable watching the consummation scene as anyone and judging from future spoilers she is the one who is going to get the short end of the stick for her relationship with Francis. Which is  a shame, since she is always the strong sensible one and one moment of weakness is going to hurt her.
  • Catherine and Marie were great together and Catherine planning her own beheading was fun to watch. Also the mention of her daughter was nice. Bring on the other kids because Catherine and Henry had more then just three sons.
  • I wish we had more time with Mary’s mom, but at the same time I’m glad she is gone because she is one manipulative witch.
  • Nostradamus screwed up, now how is he going to fix it or is he? And Clarissa…the first born lives!

There are other things, but this is post is getting long already so I will sat that this episode had so many plots, even though small compared to wedding, that it felt rushed. To many character and sub-plots and not enough time. I will say I’m glad the wedding issue is over and done with. I’m just curious to see where the story will go next. Will we ever see Bash and Mary in a relationship again? I hope so, for me those two are the more interesting pairing and to be honest a sexier one. :)