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A Third Party (Masamune X MC X Yukimura)

They insist so vehemently that they hate each other, but when your Lord Masamune and his famed Sanada rival collide, a fiery spar turns a different kind of heated, with you caught in the crossfire…

WARNING: Kind of NSFW-ish(not fully smut but maybe I’ll write it someday) and OOC a little bit I guess

Also, tagging @thedaydreamingotaku, sorry if my writing’s disappointing lol but I hope you like it^^

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Cosplay: Sengoku BASARA  


TokiCos was such a blast!! Thanks for all the lovely photos! <3

 Date Masamune → Mabs、 Photos→ひでさん恭介さん

Masamune: The Blade of Light

Sketch of Raleno Cinoten’s main weapon: The legendary sword, Masamune!

Forged in an age long forgotten, and passed down from generation to generation, the Masamune is said to carry a mysterious empathic power that synchronizes itself with its master, even gradually changing its form to suit that of its wielder.

For all its strength and capabilities, it is also said that the blade chooses those worthy to wield it, and is quite fickle about it, too: Those who attempt to even hold it without having earned either its favor, or the utmost trust of its chosen wielder, are immediately repelled by an unseen force.

Though the power of the Masamune is heralded as a force of light, the truth is, it actually balanced by two counterparts, the Blade of Darkness, Muramasa, and the Blade of Null, Murasame.

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SLBP angst anon here! I loved your Okita fanfic. I was hoping you'd do something similar for SLBP. The hero always steps in at the perfect last moment it would be intriguing to see how things would turn out if they were a second too late

  • MC x Masamune
  • a/n: Get ready for the feel train + sorry it’s so short!
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Masamune knew she didn’t have enough time.

He felt her go even slacker in his arms as he carried her on his back, her weight shifting to her right as she would slip off at every frantic step he took. He hoisted her back up, only for her to repeat the same moments later.

“Suzume, hold on a little longer.”

His words were a silent prayer, he hoped he didn’t get to her to late.

“Lord Masamune…!” Kojoru called out, dashing over to Massamune and Suzume.

Masamune felt Suzume twitch at the call of his name. Maybe in relief that it wasn’t a enemy. But what she couldn’t see was the look in Kojoru’s eyes. He knew all too well that she didn’t have much left to live if they didn’t get a antidote.

“Have you found my mother?” He asked, trying his best to keep his voice level and calm, but his words were harsh as he asked.

“No, not yet…” Kojoru trailed off.

“Damn her…!” He hissed, gripping Suzume’s legs in his hands in anger.

“Lady…Yoshihime is here,” He heard Suzume pant from behind him, her hot breath landing on his ear, the smell of poison leaking from her lips.

He need to find his mother.

“Yeah. We have to get her to give us the damned antidote,” He responded, hoping that she wouldn’t respond any further to save her energy.

“I’m……sorry…..thank you,” She replied, and he felt like a thousand swords have been stabbed through his chest. She didn’t ask for this, no one would. All he wanted to do was protect her and he sent her to her death because of his crazy mother.

“I don’t need a apology from you,” He responded, sending his hurt expression towards Kojoru so she wouldn’t see his pain. Kojoru sighed, exhausted at the cat and mouse game of their relationship and Lady Yoshihime games.

And with that Masamune and Kojoru dashed through the castle grounds again, ripping every screen door apart in hopes someone would be inside, in hopes of Yoshihime being somewhere inside with the antidote.

“Just hold on Suzume…I’m not going to let you die.”

He hoped his words he spoke would be true.

“Lord Masamune, let me carry her.” Kojoru offered, slowing down to stop and take Suzume off his back.

“No!” He yelled, gripping her closer to him, “I’ll carry her.” He felt Suzume grow heavier and heavier in his arms, and fear started to ripple though his body.

“I know….I’ll be okay…” She whispered again, her words softer than before he was sure Kojoru thought he was talking to himself, “Lord Masamune…”

“What is it?” He asked, stopping once again as he waited to hear what you would say.

“I’ll be fine….so, please….Forgive Lady Yoshihime…forgive your mother…ok?” Of course, Suzume couldn’t see the shocked expression on his face while she continued, “I still….want you two to reconcile someday…” As she finished she broke out into a dry cough, droplets of blood landing on his uniform that seemed to burn right through to his skin at the touch.

“I know, I know, don’t try and talk,” He responded.

And with that Suzume slipped off his shoulders, her back going slack and falling as Kojoru reached out and grabbed her, Masamune twirling around and them both gentelly laying her on the floor.

“Suzume! Suzume!” He called, his hands reaching to shake her shoulders.

“Her breathing is still shallow,” Kojoru said, “We don’t have more than maybe a few minutes,”

Clap clap clap.

The sound of echoing claps caused the two to turn their attention to none other than Yoshiaki, a smug and triumph look on his face as he look down at the two around Suzume.

“Oh my! What a speech Masamune,” He called out, a hand already on the hilt of his sword, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“…” Wordlessly he stood up, his sword drawn and ready to fight.

All Kojoru could do was watch as the two men faught. Blade to blade, neither one backed down. Masamune’s hopes of clearing up the family misunderstanding between his mother and her brother were thrown away once Suzume was on her death bed. He didn’t care for the man, didn’t care if he hurt his mother even further. First his father, than his uncle. How many family members did he have to kill to keep peace in the Date clan?

With one fellow strike his sword lodged itself in Yoshiaki’s chest, the great commander and samurai kneeling before him as he threatened to plundge it deeper.

“Where is my mother?” He growled, eyes level with Yoshiaki’s as his sword slowly slipped deeper into his chest, causing a long, agonizing grunt to leave his lips as he offered a quivering smirk on his face.

“How do you think,” He begun, coughing up blood, “Yoshihime will feel about this?”

As if on queue she appeared behind a pillar, her hands tucked away in her sleeves, eyes wide in shock as she did not predict the outcome before her.

“Where the hell is it!?” Masamune yelled, yanking his sword from Yoshiaki’s chest and turning it to his mother, “I don’t care who you are, where the hell is it!?”

His cried pierced Suzume in her heart. She knew he was desperate, but all she wanted was for his family to get back together, not fall apart because of her.

“M-Masa…mune,” She called softly, a call that would never reach his ears as her eyes rolled back into her enternal slumber.

“Lady Yoshiaki please!” Kojoru called out, causing both of them to turn to him, “Suzume is––”

Before he could finish he rushed to his mother, practically dragging her to the ground and revealing the antidote from her sleeves before running to Suzume’s side. He uncorked the bottle and pressed it to her lips, but most of the liquid seeped out the sides, not even going down her throat, “Damn it!” He yelled, taking the contents in his own mouth and pressing his lips to hers, forcing it down her throat.

He never thought that their first kiss would be their last.

She laid there on the floor in a pool of blood and sweat, her kimono disheveled and dirty, her hair askew beneath her. She didn’t deserve to die, to die here, in this state.

“Suzume please!” He yelled, his voice cracking and shaking from the tremors of fear running through him, “I love you! Please, don’t leave me!” He called, his head resting on her chest to hear no heartbeat, feeling no rising or falling, “I love you…”

Kojoru could only look on as Lady Yoshihime stood up, a confident smirk on her face, “Now you understand how I felt,” She chided, crossing her arms over her chest.

“…” He didn’t respond, only turning to slowly glare at her, a desire to take her life in his eyes as she backed up in fear.

“How you feel?” He asked, now standing up, “My father died a hero! His dying words were for me to protect the same wench that killed Suzume and started a war in our clan!” He yelled, walking briskly over to her as she threatened to run away, his arm reaching out and twisting hers behind her back to keep her in place, “You think you are this great almighty figure, that my fathers death meant no one could be happy, because you were alone. You are better off dead,” He spat out, shoving her away from him in disgust.

“And what were Suzume’s last words I heard?” He asked her, turning to look back at said girl lying on the floor next to Kojoru, “That I were to reconcile with you. You. A horrible person.” And with that he picked up her limp body, soldiers running in to announce their victory. Turning, he looked back at his mother, “Don’t come back to the Date Clan or I will strike you down.”

His final words, hurtful and piercing as he carried Suzume back home, where she belonged, where he should have kept her out of harms way.