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Continuous Masa’s Sequel Interview from official Tenka @koi_game_koiran Twitter!

Note: I’m sorry for any wrong and off translation since I’m a learner, please correct me for any mistakes *bow*

Shigezane: In celebration of Masamune’s sequel distribution/delivery, an interview about Masamune would be conducted by me for everyone.
Ibano: Again, you neglect your own castle and then, doing something like that…
Shigezane: Ji too, participate in this.

Ibano: Me? Well then…Masamune-sama growing up to be a man full of wisdom and wise even from the time he’s very young.
Shigezane: Somewhat he does not possess a lovable nature/cuteness/charm though.

Ibano: Too eager/earnest in his lesson, I think my body also becomes tense in teaching him. 
Shigezane: Ah- Surely.
Ibano: Compared to him, Waka (young master) is…
Shigezane: Yeah, yeah…how about me?

Ibano: He cannot be calm and settle down no matter how much time passes…
Shigezane: Ji, I’m good. Let’s talk more about Masamune…
Ibano: Ah! That’s right. Therefore, Waka, like Masamune-sama…
Shigezane: Daaa! I understand already!

Shigezane: Why is it every time Ji talks about me, it turns into preaching?
Ibano: Waka, I hear you.
Shigezane: Geh! It’s nothing…! Let’s go towards the next interview!

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The boys playing Love Scramble and discussing the things the boy you’ve set as your leader says on the home screen.

Yamato as your leader will say how he’s forgotten to buy sauce (I’ll need to see if this is true later!) and the others make fun of him for that!

Edit: Forgot about Kyohei! Sorry, Kyohei! Was too distracted by Kojuro’s cuteness :3 Yamato then points out that Kyohei says something about whether you want to try his special fried rice. Then Akito says that nothing is as amazing as Masamune’s home screen comment…

Masamune as your leader will ask ‘Kojuro, what’s happened/what’s wrong?’ (Need to test this as well!) So here’s faithful Kojuro screaming at the screen going, ‘Masamune-sama, I’m right here! Masamune-sama~!’


Date Masamune x Katakura Kojuro CGs Preview

Note: I’m a learner myself, so I’m sorry for any mistakes of translation.

Date Masamune

MC: “Masamune-sama?”
Masa: “…It seems we need to warm up even more.”

With a tender whisper quivering at my eardrum, the next moment his warm lips is at my own lips.

MC: “Mmn…”

The kiss at first was only a peck, gradually turning into something sweet and enchanting. Those hot and passion feelings are poured into the gap of slightly opened lips, and his tongue softly sucks me in.

MC: “Fuu…mmnn…”

Gently, but intensely; he seeks to grasp my hand and I return it by gripping it back tightly. My cold body gradually warm up from the heat that Masamune-sama carries through his tongue.

Katakura Kojuro

MC: “Kojuro-sama…!”
Kojuro: “…!”

Due to his injury, I jump at him without reservation. As Kojuro-sama returns my embrace, his back (bottom) falls behind and reaches the ground.

Kojuro: “Ow…oww…”
MC: “Welcome home…!”
Kojuro: “…Yes, I’m home.”

Kojuro-sama’s large hand surrounds my back. Being happy with that warmth that I wait the whole time, I reflexively put my strength into my hands and hug him even tightly.  

Kojuro: “Ah…”
MC: “Kojuro-sama…”
Kojuro: “Wait, Mimi-san? I guess I’m still in pain…” 

Yogi and Cousin AU :) -headcanons

Lately I noticed that I love quite many characters very similar to my precious Yogi from Karneval. :D So I thought that it would be so cute if all of them would be part of one family, cousins. :D  Where all cousins are tall, positive, sunny, kind adorable blondie princes.  Besides most of them have quite messy har. :D Thehehe. 

So let’s see who are part of this cute family in this Cousin AU :D (or more like: Club of 8 cute blondie princes) 

♥ Yogi (Karneval) - cricus cousin (and an actual prince :D)

♥ Agemaki Kei (Otome Youkai Zakurro)- soldier cousin

♥ Tamaki Suoh (Ouran high school host club)- host cousin :D

♥ Kise Ryouta (Kuroko no basket) - basketball cousin

♥ Masamune Matsuoka (Aoharu x Kikanjuu)- again host cousin, but also host with toy guns :D

♥ Natsuki Shinomiya (Utapri) - singing prince cousin

♥ Apollon Agana Belea (Kamigami no Asobi) - god (OF SUN!) cousin

♥ Dino Cavallone (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)- mafia boss cousin  

Can you imagine their family meeting?! omg! I would just melt and have nosebleed on the same time. :D So many cuteness, hottness and positive energy in one place!!!! And ah all of them would along sooooooo well. :D i’m sure all of them are the best friends. 

I guess I missed for sure some characters who would also fit to this family because of look and personality so sorry then :*


ちなみに「too hot]は「セクシーすぎる」の意味がありますww


The transformation from Benmaru to Yukimura is an amazing thing~

Also, a quick translation:

Kojuro: “Masamune-Sama, as your next opponent is to be Sanada Yukimura, please be careful.”

Masamune: “Oh, Benmaru? We had at it a ton when we were brats.  So don’t worry, Kojuro!”

Yukimura: “Masamune-Dono!”

Masamune: “Yo, Sanada-“


(hot damn)

In Japan is already the 21th, so, from the deep of my heart, with tears in my eyes, I can finally say….


I have lots of things to say, but I don’t want to make this a long post, so I will only say thank you. Thank you for being an awesome series, I never loved anything like Basara. Thank you for everything, thank you for giving me a goal to reach when I needed it, thank you for always give relief to my spirit, thanks to all the fandom for being so gorgeous, thank you for my new friends, thanks to people who share things and translations, thank you for the new fandoms I got in because of a connection with the series, and last but not the least, thank you for giving me a man to love. 

Uhuhuh, I’m gonna say it *u*


and remember, loving things like this, is always a form of love, of true love.


Yeeeek!  >u<  Someone posted Benmaru gameplay!  >U<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Ahhh!  Poor Benmaru!  "Chichiue-sama…!?  Chichiue-sama-a—!?“  ;o;  I know Masayuki is just training him, but way to make your son feel abandoned.  -.-;;;  "Gambare, Benmaru!”

OMG.  Bontenmaru is CRAZY!  >u<!!!  And by “crazy”, I mean, how can he be so immediately awesome?!  *o*!  How is he so successful and fluid with such a reckless and wild fighting style?!  *u*  Ohmaygobs…  Even when he was little, Masamune-sama was already so cool…!  ;u;  I can’t handle this!  ;u;!

I really like this gameplay, switching back and forth between characters, and more frequently than most games that switch character perspectives.  Gives them both equal weight, in terms of using gameplay mechanics as storytelling.  (Or “narrative mechanics” or like “mechanics as metaphor” as per Extra Credits.  At least, I think those terms apply here.  o.o?)  You can really feel character establishment and protagonist-sympathy for both of them simultaneously.  

I hope Kojuuro shows up to scold Bontenmaru about running off.  LOL


It had been a few weeks since the formerly “wandering” Archangel had joined The Dokuganryu’s Army after visiting Oshu and her secret getting out. Though she found one one as well and joined Date Masamune’s army with her sword skills and supernatural senses. Though much of it was that she was tired of being alone…some was that she wanted to see how his dream played out.

Currently Angel was going through some stances and exercising that she had been learning. Oblivious to anything around her she was just in normal clothing minus her jacket and moved through motions with her swords, concentrating on what she was doing. 

Closed RP|masamune-sama-dono| Visit


“Hey.” Tiff greeted the boys at the table before sitting down with them. “I got some good news. My friends said that they’re coming tomorrow before the game.”She said as she pops open her energy drink. “So one of my friends said that she’s going to meet me here after school. So it’s better since you guys going to do afternoon practice, right?”

Before she came to school, she heard word from other students that there’s going to be new transfer students coming here. Though, she didn’t pay attention to it as she has other priorities. 


The sun was beating down on them in the summer heat. Yet, they were still out in the fields training. They had been at it for about an hour now, and even Kojuro was ready for a break. Anyone would start to wilt in this heat. 

Next time he’ll make the suggestion that they should train closer to the evening. That way it would be cooler, and nothing helps you sleep better than a hard training session.

“I think that should be it for today Masamune-sama. It’s only going to get hotter as we proceed.

Closed RP| masamunesamadono


After last night with having Masamune sleepover at her place, Tiff Kouki Seon came back to school as if nothing happened. Just her usual self. Carrying her sling bag and drinking a energy school while walking through the hallways. 

Though, there were questions that were bugging her. The idea of why Kojuro didn’t tell Masamune that he used to be dragon and the existence of Rave’s race, tengus. A bird-like race originated from here, Land of the Rising Sun; Japan.

If she can find Kojuro around. She might have to ask so that way she can figured it out herself.

Lost in her thoughts, she bump into the Right Eye himself!

Closed RP | Aftermath


It’s been a after month since the siege of Toyotomi castle has passed. The Raging Voltage remember it as a great victory for Date clan but it wasn’t a great victory as it came with a great loss. 

The death of Kojuro Karakara under by the hands of the Toyotomi.  No later the news of it has spread to other clans whom Date has relations with, either as enemies, rivals, allies and such. Clans like the Takeda, Uesugi, Maede, Chosokabe Oda, and a few others. 

As for the One-Eyed Dragon, the girl wasn’t sure what happens to him afterward but she can tell without a doubt he was hit the hardest. Many said that Masamune was look after by Kojuro since he was little. 

Here she was with her father in Tadeka are able to live peacefully as Lord Shingen is willing to give her father work within the castle. Tiff wasn’t sure and hesitant if she can visit him but then her father said that if she wants to visit the Chief of Oushuu for the caring for his well-being she must go. 

Then Tiff decided to visit Date Masamune at Oushuu. 

Closed for Masamunesamadono


“Ugh.” A young girl in blue with lighting symbols across her shoulder pads  sighs while standing by her post staring towards the horizon. So far, there weren’t any attacks or any invasion this past week since she dealt with all invaders . Because of this, the lord who owns this castle values the girl’s strength and offers her a position in army because of an accident. 

Tiff “Tiffia” Kouki Seon didn’t care about being famous and all that crap, she just wanted her father out of prison and away from all the trouble. Most importantly, away from persecution as her father is not a native to the Land of The Rising Sun unlike her former mother. 

Now here she was, wasting her time here even though there’s no problems. But rumors flies quickly as there was a young maiden who can defeat an group of 20 or an entire army  by herself done in swift and brutal fashion with little hesitation. Her powers was something to be feared as it was said that they descend from the  heavens where there’s lighting and thunder. Because of gossip, this attracts a bad crowd…

She was now given a nickname, The Raging Voltage.  As if she gives a damn about that.  Ugh…she just hopes this day goes without a problem.