墨村兄弟 (Sumimura Brothers), 2016
Brush pen

I love the family dynamics in the Kekkaishi series, and the characters are perfect excuse for brush pen drawing exercise! Here are the Sumimura brothers Masamori (age 21) who can kill people by walking into them, Yoshimori (age 14) who is obsessed with baking, and Toshimori (age 9) who is the most normal and well-adjusted one probably. 

Also appearing in this drawing: Kurohime, Masamori’s giant koi; Shiguma, Yoshimori’s SPOILER who had a 33% chance of being a 20+foot tall cake with legs if Yoshimori hadn’t been talked out of it; and Madarao the family dog/ghost wolf.

Yoshimori disobeying Masamori 

Masamori: Why can’t you even once in your life actually listen to a thing that I tell you ?!!

Yoshimori: Because you never even try to listen to me!! You never listen, you just stand there like you know better…Always acting so damn self-important…!!! Who was it that brought me here in the first place…If you’re gonna keep on acting like that, then why don’t you just beat this guy already?!!

Kekkaishi Chapter 161 pages 15-18

Kekkaishi: The End

Just finished reading all 345 chapters of Kekkaishi…. and I can quite honestly say it made me sad. I started reading the series only a few weeks ago, pulling the first five volumes off the shelf on a whim. At first I was apprehensive, I mean, look at the art, its old style. But when I started reading it and understanding the characters, oh it was just downhill from there. I just couldn’t get enough.

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