masala chai tea


Allow me to present the best masala chai in India: Krishana’s Tea. It was a really nice little place and the shop owner prepared the tea in the traditional way by crushing the spices with a big rock on the stone. You could taste all the spices in one sip and it was just like one of those eureka moments when you realized it was the best masala chai tea you’d ever tasted.

chaoswitcheris  asked:

I dunno if you knew this, but what the western world calls Chai is called Masala. I only found that out after working in an Indian restaurant. ♡♡ I hope you're having a good night!

OOOoooohhh!! I did not know that but i have seen Masala on ‘Chai’ tea packaging before!! Im from the UK so .. Masala to me is a Curry so … Im  bit less confused so thank you!! <3 

just another day of malaysians ruining every language they speak for the purpose of punning.

eta: oh good there’s more

the signs as herbal infusions
  • Aries: Orange Choc Ceylon
  • "Amazing orange and chocolate aroma leads to a gentle black tea with subtle chocolate notes"
  • Taurus: Caramel Oolong
  • "Classic oolong tea with a sweet twist of caramel"
  • Gemini: Ginger Masala Chai
  • "Classic masala tea with a cardamom and cinnamon spice blend for a warming infusion"
  • Cancer: Cheerful Raspberry Hibiscus
  • "Hibiscus pieces, with rosehip & raspberries to create a wonderfully colourful and uplifting herbal infusion"
  • Leo: Earl Grey Twist
  • "Classic earl grey tea with a twist of Australian lemon myrtle"
  • Virgo: Lemongrass Lime and Ginger
  • "Fine citrus notes of lemon myrtle and lemongrass with ginger and a hint of lime for an infusion that brings instant clarity"
  • Libra: Romantic White with Rose
  • "peony white leaf tea with rose for a delicate, slightly sweet infusion"
  • Scorpio: Sensual Sultry Chai
  • "Whole cardamom and fennel seeds, pieces of cinnamon and Australian mountain pepper leaf for a tea that is a little spicy and so warming"
  • Sagittarius: Chamomile & Orange Blossom
  • "Egyptian chamomile tisane laced with the honey sweet scent of orange blossom"
  • Capricorn: Luscious Licorice
  • "Aniseed myrtle has been paired with licorice root, peppermint and fennel seeds to create a sweet and vibrant blend"
  • Aquarius: Soothing Mint and Lavender
  • "Organic mints and lavender flowers, with a finishing touch of Australian peppermint gum leaf"
  • Pisces: Delicate Green Jasmine and Pear
  • "Smooth Chinese green, full of health giving properties with a cool pear twist to bring you back to earth"
  • *Tea flavors from Madame Flavour