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Today is #NationalPopcornDay so I just had to make some lime + chaat masala popcorn that I’ve made dozens of times since I’ve been here. Flavored popcorn was a strange idea to me when I moved to America, but in the last couple years, I’ve tried dozens of various kinds of savory and sweet popcorn. Trader Joe’s has some Masala Popcorn too now, although that hints more towards garam masala more than chaat masala.

Those who don’t know, chaat masala is a famous spice blend. It’s not super spicy, but hints more towards tart. Goes great with anything fried, snacky goods like pakoras or forever gold: chaat.

an east african thot's thoughts on mississippi masala

the long history of south asians in east africa is not one brought about by colonialism; their presence is not new, nor is it necessarily foreign in the way whiteness is in the region. the indian ocean stretching out along the coast of somalia, kenya, tanzania and mozambique had cemented a trading relationship  leading to groups settling alongside our coasts and mixing and creating new dialects, fusing cultures along the way. globalisation had existed in these coasts long before western jargon had found the words to articulate this movement. gujarati and hindi found their way into somali and swahili vernacular alongside arabic linguistic influence. our languages, food, cultures often serve as reminders unto ourselves of our intersecting histories, however, this supposed blissful time was complicated by british colonialism, when tens of thousands of south asians were brought to east africa to build the railways.

my grandmother’s phone cards were spent speaking to family who had relocated to various countries along the coast. my relatives sprawled from somalia, kenya and tanzania. as an east african diasporic woman, my family and friends living in the coast gave and continue to offer me me slices of home through long distance calls about the ongoing local matters including the never-ending politics (which i usually found no interest in), who got married and the gossip that ensued, complaints about economy as well the tensions between an understood us and them

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I was invited to a traditional Indian dinner at my Best Friends home. It was delicious! we had homemade Indian chicken masala and indian cookies and other Indian treats. Indian Music pour through the room! and my friend wore the most beautiful sari I have seen! my Indian princess is wearing a good reference of her sari. I enjoyed it very much! everyone was so happy and lively. I adore Indian culture since I was a kid and I can’t believe I actually experienced something this beautiful.  


These are from a very old drawing i was trying to do but i don’t think i’m ever gonna finish it at this point :P

Anyway have transparent pony doodles :3

Btw sorry for the lack of posts since i moved to this blog, i’ve been a bit sick lately and i haven’t found enough motivation to draw something seriously, i’ll try to fix that in the next days.