In his first battle with Bobby Flay in New York, battle rock crab, Morimoto famously declared that Flay was “not a chef” because Flay stood up on his chopping board after completing his dishes.
—  Morimoto telling it like it is: Bobby Flay is No Chef

So I’ve been designing very simple Team Iron Chef America t-shirts! I figured I’d post the designs I’ve made so far here together. Links to the t-shirts can be found in recent posts in my blog.

These picture shows the FRONT design for the Team Flay, Team Chairman and Team Morimoto t-shirts. (The shirts are black, so the Morimoto fish will show up much better on it)
(Namely, I’m on Team Flay, my sister is on Team Chairman and my fiance is on Team Morimoto)
I will be making all the Iron Chef teams, even a Team Brown and Team Brauch!