Mientras los hombres sigan masacrando a sus hermanos los animales, reinara en la tierra la guerra y el sufrimiento y se mataran unos a otros, pues aquel que siembra dolor y muerte, no podrá cosechar ni la alegría, ni la paz, ni el amor.
—  Pitágoras.

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I don't know why, but I feel like if Pap and Metta were to go to see a horror movie, both would want to try and act brave for the other. But two would end up just holding each other and screaming the entire time instead.

You right, but I think that depends on the horror movie.

Let’s not forget that Papyrus constructs puzzles and rigs traps for a hobby and Mettaton is a LITERAL CHAINSAW WIELDING MANIAC. If the movie has any campiness or outlandish methods of conflict, the dorks might actually enjoy it.

useless facts about the founders of the US

george washington: had so many deadly diseases that no one knows how he survived to presidency. p sure it made him infertile. also basically caused the french and indian war by accident

thomas jefferson: was so obsessed with ruining aaron burr that he oversaw every part of his treason trial. made someone run back and forth between the courthouse and his home to keep him updated. is #inconsistent in his political ideas 

james madison: dropped out of college bc of anxiety and lied about it, telling everyone he’d been studying independently. tried to save the south from total agricultural dominance but was stopped by hi bff Jeffyson who was hot for farmers 

john adams: shocked everyone by doing the right thing and volunteered to be the lawyer for the soldiers in the boston masacre trial. when his wife wrote him a letter suggesting women may have rights in the new america, responded “that’s adorable” and probably told his friends

alexander hamilton: published letters under a pseudonym calling burr a ‘cataline’, a reference which implies mass murder, political conspiracy, and incestuous rape, because burr had taken his step-father’s senate seat #nochill

hercules mulligan: was somehow an effective spy despite being a very well known rebel (in every fucking comittee and member of sons of liberty) bc everyone loved his clothes SO much that they were willing to risk it. saved george washington from 2 assassinations mostly by accident. 

aaron burr: major speculation about if he wore silk when he dueled with hamilton bc they thought it could deflect bullets. everyone though he had a haram and warned he’d steal your virgins and pretty boys

benedict arnold: betrayed his country bc sempai didn’t notice him; was constaly ignored for his victories, got lots of texts from washington of ‘who dis?’, and was probably mistaken for benjiman talmidge frequently. 

baron von steubon: was too gay for europe. had a legit haram of pretty boys approved by president washington for his service in the war. is the reason one of adams’ sons ran across harvard yard naked. 

nathan hale: worst spy ever who no one should have let outside. they say he was hanged bc he was a spy, but i’m pretty sure they were angry his last words were such a sick burn

ethan allan: not always furniture. came to fight and had the fucking BEST time, may not have even known what the war was about when he joined

paul revere: sybil ludington road twice as long, through the rain, and over rough terrain to tell the local militia british troops were coming. went on with her life knowing she was better than everyone else

abigail adams: is the reason vaccines happened in the US which, coincidentally, is the only thing that kept the american troops from dying outright. salty as fuck and would have been a better president than her husband 

No sé qué hago queriéndote, en mitad de una indecisión que lleva meses callándome, matando lo poco que tengo para sobrevivir en un invierno que arde en la piel. Tengo conmigo una locura que bordea la desesperación y que lleva tu nombre como un sello. Pero te estoy queriendo contra todo pronóstico, como si no fuera suficiente la avalancha de contrargumentos que a veces me entierran. Y me esfuerzo por encontrar algo más que una salida: una oportunidad, aunque ya hace tiempo que no hablemos. He soportado ya suficientes guerras y masacres internas. Y de nuevo, contra todo pronóstico, yo logro sobrevivir, muy adentro, precisamente en el mismo rincón al que ya no diriges la mirada.
—  Sentimientos Indelebles | Heber Snc Nur
Yo hablo con Dios de vez en cuando, porque también uno necesita de consejos de un viejo renegón. Yo hablo con él y me aconseja, aunque me dice que lo estoy haciendo mal. Yo hablo con él, pero no en iglesias y le pregunto cosas como, por ejemplo: ¿Quiénes van al cielo?
Y él solo me responde: todos.
Yo hablo con él como si fuese mi amigo, como cuando habla aquel niño que no come todos los días o aquella mujer que fue violada y no sabe cómo aceptar lo sucedido. Yo hablo con él y tampoco entiendo muchas cosas: injusticias, hambre, escasez, masacres, muertes, injurias; pero creo en ese viejo renegón que nos hace la vida difícil. Yo creo en ese viejo, aunque no todo el mundo crea y se jacte entre sus brazos una biblia que solo lo lleva porque es una moda pero, en realidad, en su vida diaria viven peor que los demás. Es cierto; creo en un Dios, pero creo en un Dios que no hace distinciones de clases y que, si existe el cielo, todos iremos a él porque todos somos hijos del hombre.
—  Jorge Muñoz
Accidentes, guerras, muertes y masacres… conflictos bélicos y políticos; las noticias son un cóctel depresivo. Estamos más propensos a ver sangre y no flores
—  Mateo Choisseull