TIckets MUST be purchased in advance! Tickets will not be available at the door.

Friday May 29th @ 8:00 pm
354 West 45th Street, New York, NY 10036

Taking a departure from the last obscure OVA screenings, this month will be showing the award winning but lesser known film, Mind Game. Mind Game is the second film of Masaaki Yuasa, who is widely known for directing the television series: Kabia,The Tatami Galaxy and most recently Ping Pong. Yuasa’s unique visual language and storytelling merge through his experimentation with rapid fluctuations of styles, mixing between crude photo animation and drawn exaggerated movements. Please join us as we celebrate the early work of an undoubtedly influential anime director.

Plot Summary
The film follows Nishi, a loser who has a crush on his childhood girlfriend. After an encounter with the Japanese mafia, the film follows Nishi as he journeys to heaven and back, and ends up trapped in an even more unlikely place. Nishi (and some friends) attempt to break out of their trap, and discover what it truly means to be alive along the way.
by ann

Running time: 104 minutes

English Subtitles

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The trailer for Masaaki Yuasa’s KICKSTARTED animated short, “ KICKHEART.” I love this guys work. Can’t wait for my rewards to arrive in the mail. #MakeStuff