masa loft

Masa Loft (121511)

After our Service Marketing presentation, me and Roppe randomly decided to eat at Masa Loft, a super cute resto located infront of the NCKU Kuangfu Campus.

Its not exactly my first time eating there, the first one being when me and my Multinational Operations Management groupmates/classmates decided to celebrate our victorious presentation to Ford execs. 

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That photo above was taken last January 2011! I remember myself saying I would go back there, but never did-until now.

It is still awesome. I wanna live there.

Nice design aesthetic. Did I mention that they have a library inside and an open movie area? Modern + Comfortable. Its so comfy there, it would make…

…you want to watch something while eating (hihi). We watched the latest episode of New Girl (yey for free wifi).

I ordered this German Sausage salad with vinaigrette + Honey lemon tea.


Bumped into our former Taiwanese roommate, Sylvia! Who promised to take us out one of these days and catch up. 

Masa loft is on the 3rd floor. Located upstairs (4th flr), is this bookstore I’ve been wanting to checkout for the longest time, so we dropped by to check it out. I’ve been hunting for unique stickers to put on my laptop, pero FAIL, all there was inside was Chi books…no stickas!!!

Good thing their elevator front was noice. :P

And oh, we got this old school looking lollipops from Masa loft, gratis!

<3<3<3 for Masa Loft! Will be going back there on the 23rd to attend a symposium on sustainable development.