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5 Tips to help you successfully shuk up

By Naftali Ehrenkranz

My Masa (journey) in Israel has taken me to all corners of the country. But sometimes it is what is closest to home that leaves the longest and most lasting impression. The shuk. Let’s face it: if you’re in Israel, you’re going to find yourself in the market at least once.  It’s hard to stay away from this magical place filled with a huge variety of delicious fresh food and a unique culture of its own. The colors, the smells, not to mention the middle-aged Israeli men angrily yelling their prices to you, conjure up an experience that is surreal and addictive. You just can’t help yourself.

But now it’s been half a year and you’re getting sick of leaving the shuk with an empty wallet and little to show for it EVERY TIME. Why are you the only one who seems to spend a couple hundred shekels every time you enter the shuk?  And why does that guy at the bread stand keep giving you that weird look every time you pass by?

Well, here are a few (five, actually) tips to help improve your shuk experience.

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