Beer of the night - Grey Lady, brewed with spices. From Nantucket, MA. I can definitely taste some sort of spices and I like the taste. It’s a refreshing beer.

The Grey Lady was sent to my house by littlerunnergurl​. The box may have been addressed to Sheila but I’m the one who signed for it. He who signs, drinks. The UPS guy noted the contents, smiled, and said “You have a nice weekend.” He didn’t tell me to tell my wife to have a nice weekend.

I bet LRG picked this one because it’s named for her (you know, before she gets her hair colored).

Just for fun, because I’m all about having fun (when I’m not trying to conserve energy), as I drink this beer tonight not only will I remember that it came from LRG, I will imagine that LRG is serving it to me.

Ma’am, another Grey Lady. I’m thirsty so be quick like a littlerunnergurl, please. Oh and be a dear and clear these empties from the table. I’m thinking about getting some nachos too. Or would you recommend the boneless wings? Are they hot? I’ll think about it. Hey, where’s my fresh Grey Lady?


Received my LBT 6094A in MAS Grey today, to replace my 6094B Slick in Multicam. Fits my Large plates perfectly (despite it supposedly being sized for Medium plates), and the color’s awesome, slightly darker than it appears in the photos, and it matches my AR’s paintjob very nicely. The regular 6094 is a bit more comfortable than the Slick, since it’s got the extra padding on the shoulders and it’s hardly any heavier, but it is a little bulkier, though it’s still pretty low-profile if you set it up to be. 

You can stow a full size handgun in the radio pouches if you so choose (pictured with my CZ P09 w/ TLR-1), and it’s got a built-in Kangaroo pouch up front that you can fit three mags in with one of LBT’s inserts. I’ve got just regular old issued double-mag pouches with Esstac KYWI inserts until I can decide on how I want to run my magazines.

First impressions are nothing but positive, I can’t wait to get out and get it dirty and sweaty and see if those great first impressions hold up.

doctor--grey asked:

Can I request some murder sandwich fluff with lots of cuddling and general adorableness? :D

I woke up and wanted a kid fic, so a kd fic you will get!

Washington woke to the press of lips against the nape of his neck, the press up into his hair then up his jaw. He woke to the feeling of hands crawling up and over his back, pressing and tickling over the skin as it went. Wash moaned, groaning and turning his head to catch the lips with his. Arms wrapped around his torso, like vice grips they pulled and held him against the man’s chest.

One kiss turned to two and two turned to three—quick, simple press, pucker and release. Three turned to four and Washington was able to roll, turning to face the man who held him so kindly. Four opened to five; five turned into tongue and eyes sliding closed a slow casual slide of tongue in the early morning light washing out over them through the curtains.

A nice breeze through the open window catching on the feather light curtains and causing them all aflutter. It was calming, a wave of stillness—a peace floating, washing him up onto shore.

The bedroom door creaked further open and the cat bell around the feline’s collar jingled as the animal bounded into side and under the bed.

Five turn to six—returning back to a press, pucker and release. Six turned to seven, eight and nine when a child pushed his way into the room and climbed all over the figures in bed.

Round, wide away eyes stared down at the pair and grinned. “Why’s Daddy Felix sleeping on the couch?” The little girl pulled back the covers and wormed her way in-between the two men.

Wash groaned, not wanting to move away from his partner but did so anyways—he could never say no to cuddles from his daughter. Pretty little thing with curly brown hair and brown skin, he booped her nose and she giggled. “Daddy no,” she giggled tucking into the Washington’s partner as he started tickling up the back of her neck, placing butterfly kisses to the tips of her ears. “Papa help me!” she cried, laughing and trying to bury herself in the chest of the other man.

“I heard cries for help,” Felix shouldered through the door with his typical morning swagger—nothing giving way to the fact that came home drunk after a night out with some buddies and couldn’t even make it to the bed. His hair was a frightful mess that only a shower would fix.

“Daddy is kissing me!” the little girl shrilled as she finally started to cover her ears. Her laughter weighting over the three men and pulling at their lips until all had some variations of a smile.

Felix jumped, flopping onto the bed and into the pile of bodies, “oh no,” he replied monotone, eyeing his two partners. “Whatever shall we do.” Again with more monotone, the grin pulling at his lips had the little girl howling with more laughter.

“No Daddy Felix!” her little hands pressing against Felix’s lips. “Papa Locus, help me!” she cried and the man she was tucked into finally took pity—he patted his partners away from their daughter, gathered her in his arms and lifted her from the bed as he rolled out.

“Did you eat?” Locus inquired, patting out of the room and towards the kitchen.

The little girl nodded, “Daddy Felix got me cereal when I woke him up.”

Self-Publishing: No Degree Necessary

Because writing is so competitive, today’s authors are getting creative in the way in which they find their audience.

Self-publishing has taken off, that’s no secret. Bestsellers, from Fifty Shades of Grey to Wool, began as self-published books. Recently, the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), in the UK, even began its own masters programin self-publishing. A full-time student can complete the program in one year; when he or she graduates, they will have all the skills needed to edit, design, publish, and…

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lillie-grey asked:

When you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes <3

lillie-grey You, ma'am, are an exceptional human being, truly. There are precious few people in this world who know how to listen, and you’re one of them. (I’m so glad you’re tickled by my swear rants instead of appalled. You have no idea.) We haven’t been chatting for long, but I feel as though it’s been forever. You'e frustratingly kind, asking how I’m doing even when I’m trying to be the one checking up on you, and quite possibly one of the most empathetic people I’ve ever met. I’M ALSO INSANELY PROUD OF YOU FOR MAKING IT 30 DAYS WITHOUT SMOKING! 

black-throatedblue Dude. I’m pretty sure I’ve never done anything to deserve you as a friend. You write the most amazing reviews ever AND you’re a super talented author. Our epic epistolary relationship may be new, but every time I see a message from you I squee a little and can’t wait to see what new thing you have to say. I ADORE spitballing about writing with you, and I will never be able to adequately tell you how much I appreciate your hand-holding and encouragement when I’m having trouble with my own stories. I’m so glad we had that horrible episode where we started to snark each other in the tags and finally started talking to each other.

freifraufischer Oh, Katherine. Where do I start? You were my fifth follower ever and it took me a long time to work up the courage to talk to you because i was positive you’d followed me by accident. I’m glad I came to my senses. You’re always patient with me, putting up with my random questions in the middle of the night and my crazy slow fulfillment of your snow queen prompts (which are fun but challenging to write). I enjoy reading your metas and your responses to other people’s asks, even if I don’t always agree. You make me think, and that’s a quality I cherish. 

thisisamadhouse MARIE, MY DARLING INTERNET TWIN! I have enjoyed getting to know you over the last few months! You are a delight to talk to, and I owe my gif communication skills to you, oh gif master. I’m so glad we found each other and can commiserate over shift work, celebrate outlaw queen, and cheer each other on as we write (or don’t write because we’re too tired after working twelves!). You were my first friend on tumblr, and you will always hold a special place in my heart. (And I did get your last message and I will respond to it when I’m not posting/queuing this from mobile!)

outlawqueenluvr Jess, you are amazing, and not just because we share a name! You’ve been so supportive of me and my writing over the last few months, taking time from your busy life to read over my work and offer comments, and putting up with my crazy work schedule when trying to meet. You’re a brilliant writer and a ray of sunshine. I admire your eloquence when putting up with fuckery that would make other people lose their cool. Your enthusiasm for life and writing is contagious, and I’m ever grateful to be a party to it. 


MAS Grey 6094 Appreciation Post

Ordered a multicam 6094A during LBT’s father’s day sale, and shot them an email asking if MAS Grey was available, and if it qualified for the sale. Got a note back saying that it didn’t qualify for the sale (it’s not listed on the site and is normally a special-order), but they had a few in stock, and would send me one at the sale price anyway. Can’t wait to get it.

Bottom line, LBT is the shit.

MAS(Maritime Assault Suit) Grey was introduced into the SOF community as a color variance that would provide optimum environment blending for our Sea, Air, Land Teams. Shades of grey have a history of minimal identifiability, working well within most environments, due to its lack of visibility/contrast across the color spectrum.

All photos grabbed from Google Image