Night Dream - UtaPri ☆ Lyrics and Translation

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve tried my hands at translating some of the UtaPri songs. First in the list is Night Dream from the Shining Dream CD. I’ve noticed that translating songs is at a whole different level than text. I really love Night Dream as a song (most my seiyuu and character biases are part of Night Dream). Again, I don’t claim to be fluent in Japanese, but I do love translating. Comments and feedback are welcome if necessary!  If you use these lyrics/translation anywhere, credit would be appreciated

The post is split in Japanese, Romanji and English. I used the formatting of the booklet for the voices:

  • Ma : Masato
  • To: Tokiya
  • Ce: Cecil
  • Ai : Ai
  • Ca: Camus

So without further ado (really long post ahead)

Edit: Day Dream can be found here

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