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Vintage/retro posters: SONGS THAT 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER REALEASED IN 2014.(without beside you and out of my limit)
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Do I have an explanation for this? No not really

Saihara’s Dragon Maid!! Ft Ouma as Tohru and Himiko as Kanna.

Hat-less Saihara sprite by @photoshopronpa !!

Gods and guardians AU part 1

Summited by @lorena12me . Edits done by me, hope you all enjoy!

I couldn’t stop writing, I needed something that diminished the pain of the Angst MarcoAceSabo created. 

I’m going to use this for the MAS week in December, so I’ll  only just post the first chapter here.


He was too exhausted. Painful blisters inhabited his feet, hands, and face, where the sun and the elements had burned and damaged him for days. He was starving, but even before he thought about food, his mind begged for some liquid.

Even so, the young black-haired man refused to surrender. He clung to life tooth and nail, desperate, exhausted but still too stubborn to simply let himself die and become animal food.

Expelled from his own tribe, the man knows that it was an indirect death sentence. The desert is all that surrounds him and the water they gave him when they forced him to leave alone only lasted him a few days.

He had walked on when it ran out, never stopping past some rest at night. 

Finally, his knees can no longer support the weight of his body and they bend, throwing him face down on a mound of sand.

Why cling so much?

He lets out a sigh, aware there are birds in the sky above him, waiting for the moment when he dies to feast upon him. At least someone will be happy.

Listening to the beat of his heart, he finally despaired enough to allow himself to cry. The sacrifice of his parents had been in vain.

All would be in vain.

Please, someone, help me.

He sobbed into nothingness with his last strength.

I want to live.

He closed he’s eyes, trying to resign herself to the fact that this place would be his grave when suddenly, he felt a breeze of fresh air caress his hair. He forces himself to open his eyes again.

On a stone in which he had not noticed before, there are two figures.

He is surprised because there is a huge blue bird in front of him. Its wings are enormous, accompanied by three golden tails that are dragged along several meters of the desert floor. The light is reflected on it, making the feathers look like they are flames … wait … they are actually flames.

He doesn’t understand very well what is happening until he sees the bird’s companion.

An earth dragon.

It is blue, with a tone much darker than the bird, but brilliant. A pair of ripped green eyes stare at him sternly, and the scales on his body look as hard as the legends tell. Capable of breaking swords and making him immune to almost any attack.

It’s this moment a legend comes to his mind.

The Guardians of the paradisiacal land.

Moby Dick.

The place where all creatures and magical beings lived with each other until the end of time. It was said to be hidden somewhere in the deep desert of Jaya.

They had responded to his call.

He struggles to get up from crawling position and settle down until his knees support his weight, helped by his hands nailed to the sand.

He looks at them, with determination and despair mixing in his eyes, making his plea.

“ G-guardians … please save me.”

He bows his head in submission, waiting for the answer.

The first one to move is the Phoenix, being closer to him, ducking his head until it is right in front of that of the dying boy.

“What will you give us in return, yoi?” It asks, voice curious. 

Ace looks back and sees that the dragon is coming too, interested.

“Anything you ask of me and I can freely bestow upon you.”

He knows that a plea can’t be taken lightly. He can’t offer something he can not give. It would be an insult to try to buy favor with the guards with lies and ones that would be seen through quickly at that.

The blue dragon lets out his forked tongue and tests the air around him. Then it nods pleased. The Phoenix makes a chirping sound that sounds like a song.

“Your body” The dragon speaks for the first time, green eyes on his being.

“Also your loyalty”  adds the Phoenix and its flames are brighter now

Finally, the two exhale the last condition together.

“We want your reason to live, forever.”

It doesn’t sound bad, fairly fair, it’s what Ace thinks (he’s about to die after all) and begging these mythical beasts is so much better than asking for the mercy of his own people, who destroyed his family and sent him to his death.

Extending his hands toward them he says:

“My body, my loyalty and my reasons for living belong to you forever. I swear it.” 

He tilts his chin up demonstrating his firm determination, unwilling to bend before them.

After what seems like hours both nod, accepting his offering.

The flames of the Phoenix are thrown at him, and they surround him, getting through his nostrils and his mouth open. He was not being burned alive but it was strange, he felt his wounds and blisters disappear, as well as his hunger, thirst, and fatigue.

The dragon was also doing something, but he couldn’t see what it was because the lights danced in his vision, and they suffocated him with energy revitalizing him almost with violence.

After a few minutes, it was too much for him and his conscience decided to abandon him.


After the War

The only thing I’ve ever wanted is for these losers to be happy


The documentary Eight Days a Week really opened my eyes a LOT to why the Beatles stopped touring.

It’s become so accepted that they stopped touring because they were sick of it, but the fact that there were bomb threats at their shows in America and they had to be transported in steel meat trucks is so inhumane.

For people that were regarded so highly at the time, it’s so surprising that they were treated like items.