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For @stanuary Week 3: Memories

“Why doesn’t he know who I am?”

Ford looks away form the woman. “There… there was an incident and he has memory problems… you have to remind him of who you are.”

“Where are we going?” Stan demands as he climbs into the cab after his brother.

“Patience,” Ford replies with an excited grin.

“You know I only have a limited amount and I’m saving it for the kids,” Stan grumbles.

Ford rolls hie eyes with amusement and looks away from his brother out the window. His brother’s been asking what they’re doing in Jersey all day and his insistent questions have yet to cease. Ford can’t help but feel amusement in the entire situation.

Just you wait. We’ll get there soon and you’ll be happy over the surprise.

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Ford Safety Week Day 1: Young Ford and Stan

Aah, I’m a day late! Nonetheless, here’s my first submission for Ford Safety Week, since I can’t not draw Ford being happy.

I also couldn’t not add Ma to this picture. Sure, the prompt didn’t explicitly name her, but where would her boys be without her as their mama? 

The context for this picture is that Ma decides to take her sons to visit some family away from the shore for the holidays. It’s the first time they’ve ever seen snow, and needless to say, they’re pretty blown away.

I’ve always liked to think that Ford loved snow and winter ^^

Tbh I mostly drew this picture because we just got our first snowfall where I live, and snow just makes me so happy. This was as good an excuse as any to express that love!


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The documentary Eight Days a Week really opened my eyes a LOT to why the Beatles stopped touring.

It’s become so accepted that they stopped touring because they were sick of it, but the fact that there were bomb threats at their shows in America and they had to be transported in steel meat trucks is so inhumane.

For people that were regarded so highly at the time, it’s so surprising that they were treated like items.

It’s that time of year again!

Starting December 14, there will be twelve days of Sherlocky fic-writing excitement coming your way.

Whether you’re a seasoned fic writer or this is your first time, whether you tackle only a few of the prompts or try to cover them all, whether you write drabbles or 221Bs or ficlets or full-length fics, you are welcome to join us in this challenge. The list of prompts is below–one for each day leading up to Christmas–and how you choose to interpret them is entirely up to you. Just be sure to tag your fics with #12 days of fic mas 2016 so that other people can find and share them!

  • December 14: Letters to Santa
  • December 15: Candy canes
  • December 16: Family gatherings
  • December 17: Fairy lights
  • December 18: Snowman
  • December 19: Eggnog
  • December 20: Home for the holidays
  • December 21: The perfect gift
  • December 22: Starting a new tradition
  • December 23: The Yard’s annual Christmas party
  • December 24: Christmas Eve
  • December 25: White Christmas
Hour Four : Inside & Out

Prompt : “An angel with the Dark Knight. How ironic.”

A/N : Lol I was listening to the HSM soundtrack when I wrote this (4 of 24)

Pairing : Bruce Wayne x Reader

[•] [•] [•]

Tonight was the annual Gotham Halloween Gala, and like the pass several years or so, the Wayne family was invited.

Upon arriving, you ushered your children, husband, and honorary father-in-law in position to take a group picture on the red carpet. “I expect all of you to look like you at least like each other,” You said mainly to your sons, “or else no patrol for a week.”

“Yes, ma'am.” “Yeah, yeah.” “Yes, mother.”

You smiled, satisfied with their answers and smiled brightly at the flashing cameras.

After pictures, you and your family made your way inside before Jason could complain about how empty his stomach was. Out of your five children, Jason was the worse at keeping his public image intact. It was a wonder how no one knew he was Red Hood yet.

On the way, Bruce placed a warm hand on your exposed back and leaned close to your ear, “Have I told you how unbelievably beautiful you look tonight?” He whispered.

You smiled and placed a kiss on his cheek. He’s been telling you how amazing white looked on you ever since you put the dress on. However, you never had the chance to reply as Alfred did it for you. “I believe you have, Master Bruce.”

You released a breathy laugh, “Thanks, Alfred.”

He smiled, “It’s always a pleasure, Miss. Y/N.”

“Goddammit!” Jason cursed loudly, drawing disapproving looks from the people passing by. Some stopped once they realized that he was one of Bruce Wayne’s sons. “They don’t have any chili dogs.”

Damian scrunched his nose, “Why would they serve such…trash?” He said, drinking his sprite as though he was drinking champagne.

“Mama!” Jason whined, and you sighed. His actions as Red Hood made you forget that he was still a huge momma’s boy sometimes.

When he was younger, you didn’t mind and you still didn’t, but he was almost in his twenties! He shouldn’t rant to you every time something goes wrong.

Bruce chuckled, “Our son is calling for you, Batmom.” He told you, using the nickname he and your children used when they were dressed as their alter egos.

“Like I didn’t hear him.” You mumbled, nudging your husband in his side softly before turning your attention to Jason. “Yes, Jason. What is it?”

“Can I go buy some chili dogs?” He asked with the most adorable puppy dog eyes ever.

“I’ll go with him,” Cassie injected, shifting uncomfortably in her costume. She really regretting wearing it tonight.

You rolled your eyes, “Sure, but you two better come back afterwards.” Jason and Cassie exchanged a quick high-five and literally ran out of the building.

“An angel with the Dark Knight. How ironic.” The familiar voice belonging to Jim Gordon said, smiling as he and his daughter joined your reserved table.

He had found out about Bruce’s secret identity a long time ago. Barbara was dating Dick after all. It was only a matter of time.

“I’m surprised you let them go, mom.” Dick said, wrapping his arm around Barbara after greetings were exchanged with the Gordon’s.

“It’s better than having him go on and on about it for two hours.” You said, shrugging.

“She really is an angel, isn’t she?” Bruce said, smiling lovingly down at you. “God only knows what I would do without you.”

You smirked, imagining a frustrated Bruce chasing around four boys and one girl around Wayne Manor. “Let’s not think about that, sweetheart.”

starcoweek2 day 7: AU of Choice  (the beauty and the beast au ) 

y asi finalizamos  la starcoweek2 mis queridos amigos , fue un honor y un privilegio compartir esto con ustedes , espero tener mas weeks asi , los amo a todos , muchas gracias por su apoyo (likes , reblogueos , comentarios)  gracias chicos de verdad , espero les haya gustado esto tanto como ami!  


Mark: Eddie, I really think we should go..
Eduardo: What? Are you kidding?

Eduardo: You know what happened to him because of them! Are you just gonna let them get away with not owning up to that?? Hell, they should all be in prison for that, Mark!
Mark: Last I recall, none of them were inside that robot. We’re done here, there’s no danger. Let’s go.

Eduardo: I can’t believe you. You don’t even care, do you?

Mark: …

Monster!Tom 3/5


Caejose Week 2016
Day 3 - Caesar Lives

I wanted to see you one last time