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if they had an extra hour to get to know each other before gettin to the lions.


CHAPTER 1: The kid who fell of the tree

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In case you’re out of the loop and wondering why nobody wanted a Patriots victory…

[series of tweets from the nazi Richard Spencer.

Upper left: “A Patriots victory is a victory for the #AltRight. #Patriots #SuperBowl”

Upper right: “Brady and Belichick are about to win bigly for Trump, the #AltRight, and White America!”

Lower left: “I was born in Boston, Mass. I’m proud of the NFL’s Whitest team! #superbowl”

Lower right: “For the White race, it’s never over. #SuperBowl”]

Believe it or not, these aren’t even all the tweets Spencer made praising the Patriots for all their white players and “winning for nazis”.

Stan Twins Timeline

Early 1950′s 

Stan and Ford were born around this time to Filbrick and Ma Pines in Glass Shard Beach, New Jersey

Early 1960′s 

Stan and Ford spend most of the time exploring the beach and making the Stan O’ War, vowing to one day sail away and go on adventures together

Late 1960′s 

Stan and Ford are in high school 

Ford gets a chance to go to West Coast Tech 

Stan, heartbroken about losing his brother, makes a mistake and out of anger he breaks his brother’s project 

Filbrick kicks Stan out of the house and his brother betrays him because of this 


Stan spends most of the time up til 1982 trying to start a business to make money (but each attempt turns out bad and he even went to the Columbia jail) and somewhere early along the way he met Carla McCorkle, who left him behind. 

 Early 70′s 

Ford attends Backsmore University and decides to study weirdness in Gravity Falls


Ford arrives in Gravity Falls and studies the things there. Along the way, he also meets his partner Fiddleford H. McGucket 


Ford meets Bill Cipher, who helps him along his investigations and tricks him into making a portal leading into the Nightmare Realm 


Fiddleford goes insane 

Ford slips into madness 

Stan comes to Gravity Falls after his brother sent him a postcard to come and help him 

Stan and ford get into a huge fight after Stan refused to hide journal 1 and the fight caused Ford to be pushed into the portal and vanish for 30 years 

Stan creates Mystery Shack and fakes his own death to pretend to be his brother and vows to keep up with this scam till he can save his brother


Stan keeps the shack running and keeps working on bringing his brother back 


Stan rescues Ford from the portal 

Ford, however doesn’t forgive him and still dislikes him for what he had done 

Later on, after Stanley risks his memories for everybody, Ford realises his mistakes and errors 

Stanley recovers and Ford makes everything up to him and his old partner by telling Fidds to submit his plans to the government and Stanley by going on adventures with him. He and Stan finally get to do their childhood dream and they went on wonderful adventures together :*)