mas band

è solo un momento
di crisi di passaggio
che io e il mondo
stiamo superando

He be shoppin for Killy in Killy’s clothes (aka buying a store’s worth of chocorobos for his boyfriend) 

[IM SUPER SORRY FOR NOT POSTING IN AGES!! I have been really busy with band practice and then track and doing field events until around 6pm so ive just been super extra exhausted lately. (also im not sure if i drew Killua’s shirt right, I had like 30 mins to draw smthn so I couldnt really pull up a ref aaaaa)]. 

Ma dernière bande dessinée, Perséphone, s’apprête à arriver à la surface
de la Terre le 19 Avril. Les personnages de l’histoire, qui n’ont pas vu la
lumière du jour depuis un bout de temps, se tiennent déjà prêts. J’espère
que vous aurez l’occasion d’y jeter un oeil. Perséphone, en bonne
mégalomane, ne décroche plus de son propre livre.


My comicbook Persephone will be available in bookshops and on the
internet by the end of April. :) 楽しみ。

Signs as Lynn Gunn Tweets
  •  Aries: “When our new music drops I want you all to Youtube: “Babies, Toddlers & Power Wheels compilation” and play one specific song along to it…”
  • Taurus: “ Pretty much everyday I find myself in awe thinking: “what did the world do to deserve the magical beings that are women? :’)"”
  • Gemini: “Oh my loves, cant you see? The new era has just begun.”
  • Cancer: ” Thought I had blood on my lips. It was just chocolate.”
  • Leo: “ Unknowingly manifesting heartache one song at a time.”
  • Virgo “Lyft driver wisdom.”
  • Libra:  “Do you ever like just get really overwhelmed thinking about females because like wow”
  • Scorpio: “ Apologies if I sound like a dying cat tomorrow (more than I typically do). It’s because I was making Mexican food at 1am… #worthit #sueme
  • Sagittarius: “If i don’t mean it, I won’t say it.”
  • Capricorn: “I dont want to live forever but I hope my words can.”
  • Aquarius: “Go play with a ball or read a book or something.”
  • Pisces: “When you feel it, don’t ever let it slip.”