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Why do you care if miles represents his black side ? I think the whole point of the character being bi-racial was a gimmick to please some of the fans , he shouldn't even have a Hispanic last name that proves the gimmick even more

What kind of question is this? I care cause I’m black and latinx and if you’re gonna be using our racial identity to drive stories in your comics at least do us justice it’s really not that wild a concept..

I just wanna say this as a fan of both and as it being my post that started it all iron man won a few times doesn’t that count at all ? Although I know it’s due to comic science but hey a wins a win

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Iron man is a hero

magneto is a villain.. usually.. most of the time

How often do bad guys actually pick up a win in marvel?

It’s rare. And even when they do they usually get their arse handed to them a few issues later.

When i do comic book battles i don’t look at the character. I look at the powers and abilities they have (or had). There is NOTHING Stark can do to hurt magneto. His shields can deflect nuclear blasts (and apparently survive planet destroying explosions). But there’s plenty mags can do to hurt stark.

Like i’ve said before

If a writer wants a certain character to beat another character it’ll happen. They usually just have the character who gets beat conveniently forget he can do certain things and act like a wally.

It’s called Plot Induced Stupidity

some examples

Nearly any situation should be easily solvable by The Flash, since he can move hundreds and hundreds of times faster than anything else on earth. Yet he constantly forgets to use the full potential of his superpowers until it’s time to end the story. Abilities the Flash consistently forgets he has: running faster than light, speed stealing, infinite mass punch, etc.

The flash should be able to stop all crime in the world in a micro second

and also

The thing beat namor

PIS at it’s finest.



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Tim wasn't a robin anymore I just thought it was kool oh and he's not even a drake lol

x.x we don’t talk about that. It never happened. Nothing Scott Lobdell has done ever happened. 

I’m living in ignorance and refuse to accept any of that as canon. I am quite happy in my ignorance because I grew up with Tim Drake. He was /my/ Robin. He was my Robin for 183 damn issues of Robin. No one. Not DC and sure as hell not Scott Lobdell is going to take that away from me. 

He was Timothy Jackson Drake (eventually -Wayne) and he was a nerd who played Dungeons and Dragons and Final Fantasy. He was someone I could relate to but he was incredibly smart and he figured out who Batman was all on his own. He didn’t fail in that endeavor and he didn’t endanger his family by completely fucking up and stealing money from Penguin. That’s my Tim Drake and as far as I’m concerned he still exists outside of Gotham with Stephanie Brown and Cass Cain and he picked this stand-in to take over for him when he left because he needed to know Bruce would be ok. And that is my headcanon and no one will take it away from me. 

Sorry. This wasn’t originally supposed to be a rant… I’m sorry. I’ll sink back and be quiet and good now. 

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Why don't you like dc ?

I just can’t get in to them. I do like some DC. Mostly Batman and some superman. And some crossovers. i did enjoy the Justice league cartoon as well.

I tried with the new 52 but the ones i was reading started losing quality quickly.

I just prefer the characters in marvel. And the events. And the writers and artists.