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Jenelle & David: Barbara wasn't watching Jace she just let him wander off and be by himself so we took him to protect him from this HORRIBLE MONSTER of a grandmother he has!!! She doesn't pay attention to him god he could've gotten in trouble!!!!! ... Also Jenelle & David: let both Jace and Maryssa play outside in the street with 0 supervision while they stayed inside their bedroom doing god knows what, not paying any attention at all to the two little kids outside and completely alone...

The hypocrisy with them is so real.

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I wonder if they are going to try to use having custody of Maryssa to try to get Jace back as well. Honestly I don't think that a court would give David&Jenelle custody of any child unless they had no other option maybe Maryssa's grandparents were not challenging David taking custody cuz they don't have alot of money to provide for her like they would want and they think David will provide for her better than they can with all the MTV money. I think J&D just want M so she can be a babysitter.

A perfect family image is important to them. They will definitely use Maryssa to try and show they are ready for Jace. I’m sure there is a lot to the custody situation we don’t know. The Ashley did say Maryssa’s mom has a lot of problems. With Davids protection order dropped and him being able to see Kayden, he probably seemed fine for custody.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARYSSA! Hahaha so today Jessica, Taya, Mel, and I surprised Maryssa with a blow horn and some balloons :) We totally scared the crap out of her and it was hilarious. We brought her breakfast and balloons(with Tiana the black princess haha) and candy and a cake. After that I went back to bed and then went to work for 6 hours. Kind of a let down after all the fun. Got the book The Last Song, cant wait to read that!