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Ask #1 (maryoftheangels): there’s this fic… #1

Hello, I am kind of desperate trying to find a fic I read while ago and can’t seem to find (I could’t find it in the tag). It is one where Dean is turned into a woman temporarily by I think a daughter of Gabriel, and where also Castiel has to stay in physical proximity to Dean temporarily because he is developing a soul or something like that. Thank you

Found by marvel-louslyDefy Any and All Expectations (unofficially recced here; added the sex swap tag!).

Ask #2 (anon 20): there’s this fic… #2

Can you help me find a fic? i think you recc’d it a while ago. It was human!au and like they were roomies and dean had a baby and Cas had some kind of mental illness that they had to hide bc it was future dystopia a lil? Maybe? And Crowley was married to Anna. And they may have run away to canada? I’m sorry I checked all the tags I could think of but I got nothing :( 

Found by homewreckercasMade of Earth (unofficially recced here [includes a download link]). We haven’t read the fic, so the only tags were ones we gleamed from the summary (best friends). We’ve added the kid!fic and roommates tags! :)

Ask #3 (crowleyforkingofhell2014): bisexual!dean + parent!bobby

Any fics where Bobby ends up raising the boys for whatever reason and dean like embraces his bisexuality? Thank you!

Ask #4 (johnlockwhovian1): canon!dean in mental hopsital

Hey I’ve been searching everywhere for a fic which is like season 5 episode 11 when Sam and Dean search for a Wrathe in a mental hospital and was wondering if you knew of any Destiel fanfics where in Dean doesn’t get better and Cas visits him? Or any Destiel tics where Cas visits hunter!Dean after he goes mental:) x

Ask #5 (thanksforthedestiel): there’s this fic… #3

Hello! I was on here a couple of weeks ago and ended up finding a fic where Castiel was Deans resident for his new job in a hospital. I can remember the name of the fic but I want to read it again and I can’t seem to find it anywhere on your blog! I couldn’t find the fic anywhere in the medical professional tag. It was either one the was reviewed or just posted. About 2 weeks ago now. Cas was a cardiologist. Dean lived with Jo for awhile too if any of that information helps at all

Here’s our medical professional tag so you guys know which fics it isn’t. 

Found by meowlingquimm and alullabytoleaveby:

Lead By Your Beating Heart [M, 97,700 word count (WIP)] medical professional

After a night of celebrating (heavy drinking) with his brother surgical intern Dean Winchester discovers that his resident, talented Cardio surgeon Castiel Novak, is…well a huge douche bag…kind of hot but still a huge douche bag. A douche bag that he’s stuck with for the rest of the year, that’s if he survives the year without Castiel killing him and making it look like an accident. So why is it that an easy friendship forms between the two men that swiftly becomes something Dean never expected to find when he moved to Chicago.

Ask #6 (wiringuptheuniverses): tortured!dean

Are they any fics with Cas torturing Dean or Cas watching as Dean gets tortured?

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