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Name- Mary 
Nickname- Mar, Marylan, mearbear, Meredith… – it’s not but I’m called these instead 
Birthday- April 23
Sign- Taurus
Favorite Color- Green, Orange and White 
Time right now- 1:35pm
Average Sleep hours- 5-6
Lucky Number- 23
Googled Last- a deer being shot at … It’s not what it looks like, I swear!! 
Blankets slept with-1
Favorite Book- Hush Hush 
Bands- 5SOS, Pentatonix 
Last Movie I Saw- Human Centipede 2 
Dream- I had a tumor…
What I’m wearing- Friday School Dress Up Wear ._.
Tattoos I want- “DYZKEI” across my face 
Favorite Tv show- Walking Dead 
Sexuality- Straight
Dream Trip- Around the world.

Thank for the Tag!!

I’m tagging you (the reader) :) Have fun!