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2017 Top Games of the Week Recap: Week 1

Whew, folks, that was a heck of a first week. There were many, many exciting and games to watch and some of the best were saved for Sunday and Monday. Extra Week 1 treats. Unfortunately that’s all we get, the NFL will take over those days until the season is over.

Let’s get to recappin’ starting with the Top Ten.

The Top Ten Games of the Week

10. Maryland 51-#23 Texas 41

The first big upset of the weekend, Maryland came to Austin and totally upended the Longhorns. The Terps completely dominated Texas for the entire first half, if it wasn’t for defense and special teams the Horns wouldn’t have even scored in the first half. UT found a rhythm offensively in the third quarter, but the damage was already done. Maryland stayed a few scores ahead for the duration. It’s a disappointing start to Tom Herman’s career with Texas, which had seemed to promising. The Terrapins’ shocking performance should shine a little light on a program that has been in the shadows for a couple of years now. They probably still can’t compete in their division, but they’re clearly making progress.

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2017 Top Games of the Week: Week 1

GUYS IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!!!! College football is now officially back! Week 1 has some very tasty offerings including one of the most anticipated opening week games ever. It’ll make my Top Ten Games of the Week a bit less of a mystery, but that doesn’t matter. It’s a huge deal.

So, my usual games of the week is getting tweaked a bit more this year. I’ll have the Top Ten Games of the Week like usual, and I’m keeping the 5 Group of 5 Games of the Week. I’m changing my FCS Game of the Week to Notable FCS Games because a couple of times one game just wasn’t enough.

The Top Ten Games of the Week

10. Maryland at #23 Texas

Series Ledger: 3-0 Texas
Last Meeting: 42-0 Texas 12/23/1978 Sun Bowl

This probably won’t be an interesting game but there’s a decent amount of interest. Maryland probably won’t be very good, but based on recruiting they’re supposed to improve at some point, right? It’s Tom Herman’s first game as Texas’ head coach and that in and of itself is a big deal. The Longhorns are ranked despite finishing the 2016 season 5-7. It’s a testament to the hype Herman is bringing to the program (and the laziness of the AP pollsters who could have picked a more deserving team).

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